Monday, December 31, 2012

Taking stock and restocking and getting stock..

and stuff. Well it's the last day o the year and it's one of them milestones when you stop and think and reminisce and look to the future and all that. And make resolutions. I've done that before in fact I do that pretty often, close to once a year actually, and like many others I have failed to keep them except for the time I made a resolution to make a sandwich. I made one with a day I think. There are so many things I need to do, many things I should do and lots and lots that I want to do and in fact I'm always making little resolutions to myself to do all of them at some point or some date or whatever.. and I pretty much always fail to do any of them.. So.. in general in the new year I'm going to get a job, a proper one, get fit, get educated in many ways, music, languages, nuclear physics whatever.. get involved in the local film and theatre community if it kills me, create a multimedia empire with my own web show, films, and general stuff which I write, direct and star in and are all awesome. but I probably won't do any of that. Hope you all have (or had) a great time this New Year's Eve and have a fantastic new year.. even though it begins with the great dreaded Jan but don't get me started on that.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

all these people!

Poor kitty.. doesn't know where to go! So.. we've just started hosting a couple of couchsurfers, for the first time. It's a time of year where people do stuff, and this part of the world is particularly popular this time of the year.. new years and all that, so we had tons of request. At the moment.. 3 people sorta.. 2 people staying the night and one tomorrow, maybe the other one back.. not sure.. right now.. they're out, doing visitor type things, so it's rather quiet here and kitty has a bit of peace but, it's kind of strange. It's not guests who you know, its' not an official hotel/hostel type thing, it's something kind of in between and something kind of entirely different, so I'm not sure how you do this, really, but I think we're learning... early days. January will be slow so this is kind of a well.. crash course in it all, and then a break from it, I assume. Of course.. we've got our own things, for this festive party season.. last night went out to meet a few other of these surfer people, both hosts and guests, residents and visitors.. had drinks, talked, that sort of thing. And tomorrow night is Monday, and also NYE.. still figuring out the options there but I'm sure there will be booze and fireworks.

Friday, December 28, 2012

A return to normalcy.

I keep thinking there should be such a thing as normalcy, though I've never seen much evidence for it. In any case we're currently in that strange space between christmas and the new year which are a few normal days that feel somehow like they shouldn't be, or something. It doesn't even really make all that much difference in my personal life, but it just feels different. What feels different to what I don't feel qualified to say but it's somehow different, though it really shouldn't be. There's so much I need to do, so much I want to do. None of it really direct, like.. need to go and purchase this or that or meet with whoever.. it's all.. stuff I really really really really should do, and some which are a combination of want and should, but now being merely 4 days before a new year I've got myself an excuse to just wait those few days. I shouldn't use this excuse/these excuses for there are many, because once I get to the date where I should do this now.. there's a reason to leave until the next Monday, and then I don't think of it and then.. well.. then it's not anywhere near the milestone anymore and well.. there's like a kind of normalcy already set in.. and.. well.. enough of this. It's a lovely day and this might just pass over to the weekend for once. Seriously.. we had a 5 day long weekend and the day the 2 day post xmas week starts it decides to get all pleasant and stuff.. it'd be nice if it at least carries over to Saturday.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

checking of the list..

apparently there's a sort of boxing day bingo checklist thing. I don't know if it's a thing but it's a thing I just saw, so, sort of a thing. Most of the squares deal with stuff that doesn't apply here in our household, being a couple of expats not living near relatives no kids not in the US (or UK where this particular checklist thing I have before me seems to originate from) so.. pretty much all but a few that reference drinking, in ways usually considered inappropriate, ie breakfast, and well.. drinking more. Those, I've already done a little bit.. I reckon there'll be enough of that to make up for all the rest. Oh and eating leftovers. The first thing I did, even more the booze. Still got more seasonal movies to watch, so might add that one to the list in lieu of one about someone's auntie. Hope everyone had a fun christmas if they bother with that stuff, a pleasant regular day if that's what it is and a peaceful time where no one bothers you if that's what you wanted.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas..

and may God bless you all ;)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Oh so quiet..

It's very quiet. Not necessarily here, there's noise, tv.. music occasionally.. not necessarily in this building, not during the day, for although it is an official(ish, well I think official) holiday here, there's been drilling and banging going on. Started really early too, it was still dark, not that that is saying much. I mean... just quiet. Quiet out there.. no people, few cars, trams few and far between actually only night trams by now, reduced christmas service. Oh and nothing's open so.. if I were to take a walk outside, and feel like popping in somewhere for a drink, I may have to walk pretty far. There should be shops, and the hostel across the road but.. not much. It will be quiet in general this christmas.. I probably mentioned it, something about orphans having found families, I don't mind, I kinda was glad but it would be nice to, like, be around other people. It's also good that there aren't any other people, I mean.. other people.. what for? It will be merry enough I think, as long as there are some shops still open by the time we go for that walk.. got no booze in the house yet.. hmmm.. *gets shoes on and stuff*

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Guess there will be a Christmas..

shit.. better get things ready.. not such a big deal, most of the orphans we host (yeah they're not literally orphans, they're just people who.. well, have other places to go on christmas but would rather come here, usually) would either rather be somewhere else it seems because they haven't contacted us, or are working.. or something. so, just the immed fam. Cooley will like that. Still stuff to do, haven't even put the tree up yet.. actually, don't really know where the tree is. And it's here again for another year. One woke up yesterday and found the world and all that happens year after year.. still going on. Yes I know.. I know, it's old news (if you even know what I'm referring to by this point) and no one's talking about that whole end of the world thing anymore but I like.. lost a day ok. I was completely out of commission all yesterday and I'm a bit behind. And I wasn't even hungover! Didn't drink anything.. well except for a tiny bit of sake but it was food poisoning that got me of all things. Well anyway.. feel better now and the world is still here and christmas is coming and it seems that everything is ok.. for now.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Any second now.

The world is supposed to be (was supposed to, will) ending (end, change immeasureably, stop supporting life) today. Something the Mayans said. The world will stop working, or change in a way that life is unrecognizable from what it was, or change in such a way as we humans will not continue to exist on it anymore, or turn the page on a new era.. one of.. I dunno enlightenment or something. Or maybe it'll change in a way that will not even be noticed by the population of today's earth.. except for maybe one person, living in the hills somewhere. Maybe that's already happened. I'm pretty sure none of the other things have, yet. There's still some hours of 21/12/12 left in most of the world's time zones, so I'm not completely ruling out any of the noticeable things happening, although.. except that I'm about as sure this prophecy means exactly nothing as I am sure that there are no purple elephants on the moon.. which is pretty damn sure, but still. I'm under the impression that some people believe there was some kind of cutoff.. some time, in some time zone somewhere, when this was all supposed to happen by.. and that's already gone by, so maybe we're past the danger. I can't be sure though.. except for that, I consider the likelihood of whatever it is that's supposed to happen happening to be about as likely as... well I might have already mentioned. Anyway.. if I'm still here tomorrow, I'll post again. If not, well, so long farewell.. auf wiedersehen and ciao. Have a fun night. I'll try to drink a bit.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

You try to do something good...

So.. I was trying to get everything all really nicely cleaned up before Erik got back, partly because I'd turned the place into such a dump while I was here alone and partly because I'm just thoughtful and awesome like that. Among other things (many other things) I cleaned up the desk with the computer and all the accessories.. and I wanted to do it properly.. so I unplugged everything, and moved it all. you know, instead of just wiping around it like I usually do.. everything's sparkly clean and whatnot.. s I put everything back, plug everything back in get back on the computer and.. THE INTERNET DOESN'T WORK! It says it works.. but it doesn't do anything useful like.. connect to anything. So I try all this unplugging and replugging and restarting and all that bullshit, doesn't work. I go out or rather stay out in the pub downstairs cos they have wifi for the express purpose of getting online, and it doesn't work? I keep waiting and waiting, getting another beer and hanging out.. when the only reason I'm even there is to get online, no other reason at all.. can you imagine! Well.. the next day.. this is yesterday I get online for a bit, finally. Look up Erik's flight for he was due home, no useful information, try to find what the problem with the internet is and find nothing that helps, and some info about a meeting I hadn't previously bothered to jot down. Erik was due some time yesterday afternoon. while I was out, mostly waiting around for the guy meeting me to be ready, I was expecting a message from him, as he should be back in Prague now, that is if the flight was on time and it was that flight which I was skeptical of because when I looked it up it seemed to not exist.. but all the same I waited. Had the meeting, something about promotion so it seems I'm doing a bit of work just before NYE (if there is one) whatever it is. Still no Erik. I'm hoping that, he's come back but his phone is screwy so he's at home when I'm there. Come home, he's not here. Oh and the internet still doesn't work. So I sit here, hours go by, if he was on a different later flight, and the flight was late, and his phone is screwy then it explains it, but what are the chances of all that happening? And the internet still doesn't work though I manage to make it do a few things.. not including connecting to the sites I want to.. and I'd really like a way to get info now. Then he shows up, turns out he was on a different, later flight, the flight was late, and his phone was screwy. But he was home, so all good. Internet still not working, and we fiddle around with it in the eve.. getting closer but not managing to make it work.. at this point it didn't matter as much. Today I somehow managed to make it work. I just did, don't ask me how. And Erik is home and all seems fine. At least we got a day and a half now to hang out together, drink a bit, and be merry.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh yeah.. the world.

It's supposed to be ending in what.. 3 days now? Don't know what time or what time zone of that time this whatever it is is suppose to happen.. did the Mayans specify that? Well anyway, if in fact the world does end or there is such a profound change in our life here on earth that it's like.. really different, then, I spose I should do something. Something big, something I haven't done that I always wanted to do. I did have an idea for something, it was really cool and would be awesome and excellent, but I probably won't do it/am not doing it.. I think it's a big much to take on really, to do properly, and I don't have my hats, I mean my people. It kind of depends on the world not really ending or changing in any significant way that would precipitate the nonexistence of youtube, for instance.. anyway. Luckily, I won't be alone and me and Erik will have a few last days to hang out together and at least get drunk and stuff. That is if it all ends.. I mean, it's possible we will be drinking again while celebrating Christmas in a week.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's a battlefield.

I'm sure someone somewhere at some time has said something along the lines of "the greatest battles are with the ones you love", or "there is nothing so fierce as those wars we wage in the home" or "you always piss off the ones you live with" or anything that means that sometimes, the people (and/or four legged furry creatures) who are closest to you and who live with you can really make your life difficult, more so than even the like.. really big things. That's what it's like here. I may have been banging on a lot recently about how I'm all alone and lonely and oh so lonesome etc.. and I still am, with the exception of a particular four legged furry creature. It is said four legged furry creature I wish to speak of now. Cooley, the cat. She is a master a psychological warfare, mind games and general super brattiness. You see.. she, like most sentient beings, likes to eat. It is necessary with our living arrangements for the humans to feed her, and well, we try to feed her at regular times, and the right sort of food and not too much. She doesn't always agree with our methods, especially the not too much part.. but also the.. feeding time not being earlier than we wish to get out of bed. Or the middle of the night. She likes to use her particular set of skills to get us to do what she wants.. She scratches things, rips up paper, knocks things off tables or just stares. If all that fails then there's the endless meowing. Needless to say, this can get vexing. It's gotten worse the last few weeks I've been on my own here, I don't know why but every night, again and again and again, she scratches, stares, meows, knocks, stares, meows, rips, taps... once to get me up to feed her, then again to get me to give her more, and then again.. and often again. Just before bed and then again or twice during the short night before I get up because I just can't sleep. Oh yeah.. I'm not getting enough sleep. I try to stand up to her, not to feed her too much, hoping that eventually she'll just settle down and go to sleep, but she doesn't. She just stares. Or scratches, or knocks, or meows or.. you get the picture. I haven't been getting much sleep lately.

Friday, December 14, 2012

A lingering headache, a couple of ideas, and quite possibly a new possibility.

I met someone the other night. Someone I'd never met before or even seen before if you don't count this "workshop" thing I went to a few weeks ago which he was also at and we soon figured out we'd both been at. One of them internet meet up things, yes, those people in the computer really do exist! Anyway, about a theatre thing. So apart from having the opportunity to go out, somewhere a bit more glamorous and in the city, to hang out with a real life person and one who isn't the only other real life person I've so much as spoken to recently, the possibility of having new friends, actually new friends, there's something that might actually happen. A play, something I would be involved in. Of course, this isn't the first or even second third or fourth such meeting I've had, with someone about something theatre or film or in anyway creative industries related and it would be the first or very near it such meeting which actually turned into the thing that the whole meeting was about, but at this stage there's still the possibility, and really, as long as there's something on the horizon for me, some time in the near future, it keeps me going. And I had a fun night, got pretty drunk and had a terrible headache the net day, which is a weird combination of good and bad. I'm gonna say it's mostly good.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 is the number o the...

yeah everything. If I do this correctly then it shall include year, month, day, hour and minute. I might even fluke second but I doubt it. This is the big one. After this, there will be no more. If the Mayans were right, there will be no more anything, but next year being the big scary thir.. er.. 13 year.. *goes a bit shuddery and stuff* not only being that one which I've learned to shun, but, well it's more than 12 so more than the number of months that there are so more than.. well we can't do this anymore and for dorks like me it will be a shame. I mean.. 89 years from now it all starts again, but I doubt I'll be still dorking it all out until then. So today, particularly the hour, and specifically a certain minute, are a big deal, during which I'll sit here looking at the computer and the phone and whatever else has the time, doing not much but thinking about what a big deal it is. Happy day o' twelves.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Start Spreading The Cheese.

I had one of the most frivolously annoying visits to a supermarket today. It was one of those things that is not pointless you don't want to mention on it, or even dwell on it a second after you're in the moment but extremely irritating in that way that totally small things that don't affect anything anywhere are. Just too many people, and people who happened to be right in my way every time I turned, hovering right over whatever produce or product I was just then interested in checking out. I told you, pointless, no big deal, but why were those people there? Every single time I needed to turn to a particular spot, there was someone standing spread out, with a huge trolley, somehow taking up as much space as possible so I couldn't go past? Vexing I tell you. And then the in store radio station belts out Frank Sinatra in anticipation of being in New York. I could have been there you know, right now, I could have been there had I not wasted my year not making any money. Now I'm here, alone, talking to the internet while my better half as they say in the parlance of these times, is living it up in that very city, or at least, physically there and doing a lot of wandering around alone, though he is getting to meet with people and go to bars and stuff. I want to meet with people and go to bars and stuff!!! It doesn't even have to be in New York, I'd be happy to go to the bar downstairs and meet with people and drink beer. I actually could do that because chances are there are people I know there, and maybe I will, who knows. Just another pointless day.

This is weird.

I knew this was going to be weird. This solitude, this, isolation, this.. whatever it is. A normal person would treat this differently, a normal person would have more contact with the outside world, by necessity and just, because, they're normal. I just have, weirdness. It's really weird, it's weirder than I thought it would be, I think. It's so weird I don't even notice that it's weird. It's just weird.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

*language gets more lol-esque each passing second*

yeah, I'm here alone. Well with the cat which isn't exactly alone actually not at all alone. Haven't spoken to a real live human since yesterday early afternoon. I've texted, I've chatted ie typing in a comment box in reply to other people typing in comment boxes, spoke on the phone to someone from the bank who told me something about needing to put something in the account, which I already did but I think that's what she said anyway.. and, yes, talked to the cat. Other than that.. nothing. It will be like this for a while.

Not really much to write home about really.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

One last night o company.

Tomorrow the man leaves for just over 2 weeks.. plunging me into an existence of solitude. That is if you don't count the furry little meowing thing that lives here, who does definitely count, and all those internet people out there, who when you're me count an awful lot. But still.

I like, almost had a job and something to possibly do in the company of other people, that is human people, the ones that physically exist, but that didn't work out, so it's gonna be how I thought it would be, barring another such unlikely even of me.. err.. being around other people. I mean, there are people, ones who I probably will see more than I otherwise would have which will probably be on the "a lot" side.. but still.. ya know.

I'll probably start keeping some irregular hours, in any case. And the place might get a little less neat too, although it doesn't exactly pass any grownup standards of neat at the moment.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Parade O' Dudes.

It's just been one of those days. Things break, screw up, don't work again for the third time in a month, wait for guys to come and fix it.. then have someone knock on the door to fix something that was screwed up by them (hole in the wall.. may have mentioned it) which he already partially did.. leave, come back, later than he says he's going to...

It's taken up my whole day! Sitting, waiting, not able to shower or get ready cos I think they're going to show up any second.. then they don't show up any second or even any minute.. have the door buzz and knock multiple times, the poor kitty has been behind the stove most of the day and is afraid another dude will come by.

And I had to do things! Things, that needed doing!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

There's time yet.. just.

It's one of those days. You know, that day that comes every year, where everyone makes a big deal about you, and gets you drunk, sometimes there's cake, and you're a year older.

I mean every day is one of those, for many people, but we each get only one. Mine is today. Yes.. another year older. All I'm saying about that is, not 40 yet. Ok ok, I'm 39 today. 30 fucking nine that's like almost 40!!! That's like the Patsy Stone's fake age that she was for most of her 40s and possibly longer but.. 39!

Well.. age aside, it's my day and I get to go out somewhere nice, and drink, and have lots of people post on my Facebook page. It's not so bad. And it's still not.. you know.. actually 40. "They" say life begins at said age which I am not yet, no that's not this birthday, and well, I'd kinda like that if it was true really.. it would be a good excuse for the pathetic utter lack of achievement I've attained for this not spring chicken age I've arrived at.. and if I start then that would also mean I've got another whole year of pissing about, maybe preparing a bit no mostly pissing about..

but I feel that "they" overstate it, and probably are just saying that because well.. they feel like they're old, which I'm not yet because I haven't gotten there yet. I might do a Patsy and stay with this one for a few years, I was 29 for a while actually.. or I would have been if I could have gotten away with it, but.. well. I'll see. Anyway, I'm off, well not now but later and might not be able to sign in later or tomorrow so if I don't see you until then Happy Birthday to me. ;)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Relatively easy come, even more easy go.

I almost had a job. Well I was closer to getting one than I have been for a long time, well.. since the last job I had. Not as close as the last almost job before the last job I had, which was only for one month.. (the job only lasted one month, I didn't fuck up and get fired or anything).. as I actually worked at that one, one full plus a bit shift, and got a job with them but somehow a change in management made them completely forget about me..

Anyway.. I saw a posting, answered it, actually got a reply, which is rare in itself, had a meeting, seemed to be going well.. went along on one of the tours to see what it was about for it is a tour guide job and.. well.. someone else got it, and there was only one position they had to give see.

So that's it for that.

At least the domicile is slowly being pieced back together, finally got the washing machine fixed, the hole in the wall is one step closer to being sealed properly, and a dude is fixing the water heater which got screwy again a few days ago.. well still heats water but the heater hasn't been working. Of course it's been a particularly cold couple of days, but the point is we're almost back to fully operational, that is if nothing else screws up before it's done which could take longer than this current visit and the 2 for the other issue.

Oh whatever.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Physical Reality.

You know how there are these people right? I mean.. people. flesh and blood beings, they're actually the ones that put together all the stuff on the internet.. they created it, they make the sites and many many many of them are behind all those icons and usernames that post stuff and reply to stuff and chat and stuff on said internet.

Yeah, they're real. I'm actually one, and i know a few. I suppose I know many.. not so many who I associate with unless there's a specific reason like.. a job or something, there's one, and then a few more I see on and off.. one of those just left the city..

what I'm trying to say is, I'm largely alone in this vast (ish) city of mine regarding relationships with these "people" I speak of. I stay sane most of the time because a combination of one of them, being very close to me, and around a lot.. and regular communication with the icon and username people plus a certain real life non person furry creature around.

Well.. one of those will not be around in about 10 days, not so long, about 2 weeks, but long enough to be without this particular aspect of sanity protection. As it will be the only one of these which are a) real as in really there physically, b) around a fair bit and c) actually human and able to carry on a conversation that isn't about tuna.. well.. ya know, might be online a fair bit. Just sayin.

Monday, November 12, 2012

And for the most exciting news of the.. month.

Some goobers put a hole in our wall. Yeah. Didn't even leave the house, didn't do anything, barely spoke to anyone, but, something happened.

There we are, lying in bed in the morning when some worker dudes next door start making ungodly amounts of noise. And ungodly noises they were too. It started with hammering, then some drilling, then they hammered a bit more and then did a combination of both. It was some time before 8 when they started, and well.. needless to say things were already pretty vexing.

So we get up.. it's about time to and really, with that going on, you at least need to have a coffee.

Well to cut a not all that interesting and already too long story short, one of these dudes knocked a hole in the wall. I was first alerted to the fact by the cat running into the bedroom, eyes wide with terror after a particularly loud noise in for a particularly noisy work crew. I go into the kitchen, and there it is, hole in the wall, with rubble and shit on the floor. Thanks.

I alerted the dudes to the fact, through the wall, seeing as there was now a convenient little porthole to talk through.. and they tell me "yeah yeah, I know". And then of course they came over immediately apologizing and getting right down to fixing it.. oh wait, no they didn't, they ignored me after that. We called  the landlord, eh said he'd get on it.. and some hour or so later one of the guys came in and did a rudimentary fill in of the hole. Still looks like crap, but at least I didn't have to listen to them yammering after that.

And that's pretty much it. Next time something happens I'll be sure to write again.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

I think sometimes..

and then I stop. Why bother.

*goes back to sleep*

no really.. I spend most of my time musing, worrying, going over things in my mind, fantasizing, hoping. More than I should really. Even getting things down on paper ie the keyboard to the computer screen is more than I am able to push those thoughts. Further than that, they rarely make it.

I'm whining again. It mightn't seem like that at first but that's exactly what I'm doing. I'd like to get out of that habit one o these days.. haven't managed to just yet. Could be a while.

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Another week gone by.. well technically just starting and..

nothing. Nothing changing nothing going on nothing on the horizon.

It's partly my fault.. mostly my fault ok all my fault. I t's me that's the problem, me me and all me. There's things going on out there, not necessarily great things or things that suit me or things that would work out of rme but they are things. And I'm not part of them because of me.

I'm not part of things I'm not creating things not doing any things.. no things. There are no things!

Life without things is like.. I dunno. Not much.

I may feel more positive by the next time I write.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

*feels a bit clever for once*

I've heard of this one!

lily-livered - Weak or lacking in courage; cowardly; pusillanimous.
But surely, for your own sake, you will not be so lily-livered as to fall into this trap which he has baited for you and let him take the very bread out of your mouth without a struggle.
-- Anthony Trollope, Barchester TowersHe had skin as white as a lily, but he was not lily-livered; he was as strong as a champion at the Shrovetide games.
-- Geoffrey Chaucer and Peter Ackroyd, Canterbury Tales a pretty well known expression I expect..and like many, was first coined by Shakespeare..
The liver was supposedly the seat of passion and was typically dark red or brown. Since a lily is pale and light-colored, a lily-livered person was weak and passionless.
hmm... don't know why he had to pick on lillies.. I think they're rather nice myself.. but, whatever.

anyway, Happy November.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

And the traditional...

spooky Halloween pic.

Tonight she shall rise..

Have fun folks..

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

And here I sit..


Not much happened since I last.. since the last pointless offering on this blog. There are a few possibilities out there, might be promising and it'd be easier to get somewhere with that if people didn't just show up expecting to be let in to do just one thing on the computer which turns out to be a rather time consuming thing surrounded by other time consuming things and some just hanging about..

It would be less of a problem if one didn't turn up exactly when one's momentum was getting going and one wasn't someone who has so much trouble gathering such momentum in the first place inorder to get such things done.. but, you know. One did. And one is.

.. but seriously people.. show up when you say you're gonna show up, or don't fucking show up.. it's simple.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mix in a bit of white and you got late October.

It's snowing. I know that's not so unusual, it's getting near actual winter and in some places it regularly snows this early, like properly.. but not here, not usually, not that I remember. I mean.. I think I've experienced snow as early as October.. the late part before, technically, but very light, turns to rain and doesn't stay. I think.

This one is well.. light, seems very wet and has been going for over an our already. It might not stay long after that.

Interesting to see the white flakes falling on the yellow leaves and a light film of white on the roofs.. should take pictures before it all goes away I suppose.

Carry on.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's vegetarian, so it's healthy!

You, when you have a dinner of creamy cheese on foccaccia with cream.. and some veggies of course, but don't forget the creamy cheese, and the cream, and despite feeling full enough already have a desert, for once, which consists of a creamy mousse with cream.. well.. you tend to feel a bit stuffed, and possibly over lactosed. Is that a word? Well if it isn't it is now.

Had a nice dinner I have to say, all veggie, so as I said it's healthy, and I"m totally not a couple o units heavier now than I was a few hours ago and am not going to have stomach problems from too much heavy dairy consumption. As I said I enjoyed it.. well.. sometimes you gotta do it, and it's a birthday day so, if not now, when.

There was a hat involved. Tat might not mean anything to anyone, but there was.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another year, another day, another..

event, another drink, another.. I dunno, afternoon of feeling like there's plenty of time left for stuff until I realize there isn't.

Went along to a "do" last night. Sort of an intro/meeting/ er.. event or "do" if you like for some of Prague's artsy fartsy specifically to do with film and theatre people. Saw and spoke to a bunch of people I know, for about a minute, listened to some talkers, and left. Didn't change much but I thought I should go anyway.. so I did and well.. nothing much, as I already sort of communicated.

I was halfway determined to get out of this.. I dunno, place I am where I'm more than only just outside of all of this stuff going on where I'd like to be, or at least get going with my own creations, which are all up there, in my head where they've been for years now, always more being added but.. well other things got in the way. So I suppose tomorrow, the rest of my life, the next phase, the part where I finally get up and do all that I've been meaning too, everything I've always wanted and that needs to be done. After a good night's sleep.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The disappearing city.

Misty October day.

Been very foggy here.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I'm sitting here thinking just what I've been doing lately and I come up blank.

Oh yeah, I've been out a few times, maybe once, did a lot of reading stuff and learning stuff on the comp, I've done a lot of washing, the time consuming sort and.. well, as you see it's nothing to write home about, ad certainly nothing to blog about.

So.. I write nothing. I mean I could write about.. you know, subjects, or like, stuff... but I can't thik of any stuff, or a subject. So I don't write, or alternatively write about nothing. That's what I'm doing now. The latter.

Carry on.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

They fixed it!

I'm now again living in the land of the civilized. Well relatively so, still no working washing machine and I haven't bothered to wash all the dishes that have piled up, and the usual mess but I was able to shower. The dude was a bit late, and took a long time, and talked on the phone a lot.. same dude too.. the plumber, but, in the end he was successful. Life is much better with working stuff. Other than that it's been an uneventful day, but I thought I might mention that. Carry on.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's always something.

Here I sit, in layers, layers! At home, feeling very... er stinky. Still better than yesterday.

If it's not one thing. It's something else. Often it's still that thing as well as something new. At the moment it's the hot water heater. It's not working. Hence the wearing of layers as it's decided to become cold, like, proper preparing for winter cold, as in turn on the heater during the day or at least for a bit to let things heat up cold.. and of course.. well. And I haven't showered. Not recently.

It all started back on Sunday, otherwise known as Dorks With Beer Day. Others would call it an anniversary, but ya know. We planned to do our usual yearly (except for last year when we were in Paris) visit to U Medvidku, to have beer, cheese (me anyway) and just hangin out.

Some time during the day (before I'd had a shower) I tried washing some stuff up in the kitchen which I'd let pile up cos.. I could do it later, and the water didn't get hot. I went and checked the heater and there was this red light on and I fiddled around turning stuff on and off and etc etc etc it didn't work. Erik tried the same, and it didn't work, so we knew it was time for a guy.

Our landlord was able to get a guy, a plumber (thought that was slightly odd) in that evening. Not enough time for a shower before going out, but it was just one day then, so we cleaned up as good as we could.. and off we went. It was an afternoon beer having cos the football was on you see..  by that I mean the American kind so E wanted to be back or his game..and we needed to be back for the guy so.. had a lovely time, drank some beers, I had too much cheese, we took photos and acted like dorks.

Came home, settled in. Was a bit cold, but tolerable. The fixit dude came and well.. there was a part he didn't have you see, and was almost certain this was the problem and he'd be back tomorrow (yesterday) with another one and fix it.

The night carried on, I got some more beers. There was football in the other room, and me in this one drunkenly playing youtube videos and Facebook updating. Quite a fun night, despite everything.

So yesterday I woke up with a headache, but didn't think I was feeling too unwell. I'm often fooled this way, and it turned out, after trying to be up for a while, I did feel too unwell. Fixit dude came earlier than I thought he would, didn't feel like having someone in the flat, but I figured, he'll fix it quickly and then I can take a shower, and have heat and it'll be a little more comfortable.

It wasn't quick. What he thought was the problem wasn't the problem, so he fiddled around more, spoke to some guy on the phone. Then he went to get something from his car. Came back and fiddled around more, talking on the phone and such. Finally.. he told me he couldn't do it and call a proper expert (a not plumber) and they'd get back to me. Well.. I'd resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't going to happen, but I just wanted him to leave so I could lie down. Or rush to the toilet and puke in peace. he asked to use the toilet just before going, so he goes in, fiddles around with something, speaks to someone on the phone again and takes FUCKING AGES!!!!

Then he went and I was able to lie down, at least.

Now it's today and the proper dude is coming tomorrow. It's cold in here, I may havementioned that, I'm wearing layers in my own home and I feel very grimy. I might have mentioned that already too. As well as that someone upstairs is working on their flat, very noisily. I do feel much better though.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Speaking of swallowing the canary..

Just posting to say tomorrow I will be doing something. This something may lead to some thing, a thing that isn't such a big deal but a kind of deal it is, and most likely won't anyway but nevertheless i should do it. I as of yet have not organized the doing of this or prepared in any more than a half assed way but I will regardless be doing it. I expect some time tomorrow or later, to be asked, "what about that thing" in which case I wil answer "it went well", or "it didn't go so good but who knows?" or "I think I did ok but that doesn't necessarily mean it led to anything" or, "yes I got it" or "well, didn't go so well but I'm glad I did it" etc etc etc.

I will not be answering "er.. didn't actually do the thing". No I will not be giving you that answer.

*goes off to organize said thing and prepare in a more substantial manner for thing*

*doesn't actually but will, promises*

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The end is nowhere in sight.

They seem to have decided it's winter. Or at least, autumn proper with winter closely nipping on it's heels. It's cold. May not be that cold, but cold enough, and being only autumn,and earlyish autumn at that.. it's just the beginning, months and months of this but colder, and probably with a lot more weather.. I see no end in sight, I mean, the end of the world comes before the end of this no light, heavy jacket season.. yes, we're hunkering down for the winter, the weather gods have spoken!

Speakin of the elohim* I've finished Genesis and now I'm on to Exodus. Veru entertaining, and quite eye opening, if a little er.. well not so much surprising as.. well, troubling. Might do a review at some point, we'll see.

*see what I did there? see what I did? seriously did you, I hope someone saw cos I did something there.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

*note to self*


Seriously. Do stuff. All the stuff not just some of it, or if in fact you don't have time to do all the stuff and it is a fact that you don't, organize your time sensibly and choose a combination of the most important things along with those things which are the easiest and least time consuming, without a huge whack of wasting time in between, before and after and instead of. You will get it all or most of it or enough of it so that some of the other things are no longer necessary.

Just do the stuff.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I may become a biblical scholar after all..

you know, I've tried once or twice to read the bible..  you know that book that's supposed to be the central whatsit of that big religion thing that so many people in the world, and specifically any part of the world I've ever lived in (at least culturally if not very much in the following it properly way of things, not here where I live now anyway, but whatev) make such a big deal about but.. I got as far as genesis.. something something, very early. They start going on about someone begat someone and I start to snooze.

I mean it's not that I have the most honorable intentions for reading the thing. I've already decided it's rubbish, and the whole religion it (well partly, along with the whole institution of the or various churches which is/are not necessarily entirely true to the bible, if random stuff I read has any truth to it) er.. yeah the religion that follows it is at best something that has no value for me, and at worst an oppressive, murderous, regime which wants to control everyone.. and mostly somewhere in between, but I don't care to follow it, or indeed believe in the basic premise of a magic guy up there who controls everything who is simultaneously super nice but also a total dick. My main reason for wanting to know what's actually in the thing, apart from the best known stories that most people know is.. well, just knowing stuff. It's a load of rubbish but it's an important load of rubbish to the western world, and it's good to know something about what people believe, if most of the time it's filtered through various writings by preachers over the ages but anyway. And it can tell us something about the people and the culture of the time it was written.

Just what am I bleeding raving on about already! Well it's this. The Brick Testament. The bible told with lego people. It's awesome.

Monday, October 08, 2012

I can feel the silliness coming on..

this is probably not news to most people and has probably been going on for a week, weeks, more than week by now? but I have "literally" not been outside this flat since, forever, like, when I got back from Israel.. well not exactly but I haven't been anywhere to civilization during opening hours for anything that isn't a bar for.. some time, and if I have I haven't been paying attention but anyway I went out today to a supermarket to do the usual getting stuff one needs for one's abode, and yep.. it's started...

oh I saw chocolate santas.. christmas, that's what I'm talking about.. they're starting the stuff for that already.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Another avenue of pleasure closed off for me.

Regular readers of this blog will know, and recognize me as an artist, they may suspect that I am quite brilliant in more than one creative capacity, and if they saw, heard or experience much if any of my accomplishments they would know so.. or possibly they would, hard to tell, as I've done little as of yet, but it's all in there..

well.. recently I've been in a bit of a slump, no acting jobs, nothing to write about, not much going on with "the project" (you know the one where I'm supposed to do tons of videos and stuff yeah that one, if you recall I used to write a lot about it and promise a whole lot).. it's not that different than it is usually, but it is vexing all the same.

I always had photography though. There's always something to photograph, I can do it on my own, in my own time, and present it to the world via this web thingy with no need for input from another living soul.

You do need a camera for that though, and one that works, and for good photography you need a camera that isn't necessarily an excellent super expensive one, but one that works quite well, which doesn't wear  your batteries out after a few shots, or that doesn't work at all if you haven't charged the batteries at least in the last half hour or so, whether you've used it or not. I don't have one of those.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

I guess I used up all my doing stuff quotient..

for this year..

that is, my doing things, being involved in stuff with people, going places, working at all.. being on the map o people in this city who act and do things related to film and whatnot... I mean, I have done a lot this year, for me, hardly anything for a properly involved person but you know. for me it's a lot..

now I got nothing. I got nothin!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Just a pic

Not here folks..

Cos I don't have anything to say.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I think I need a holiday..

or at least a journey somewhere, a movie, something interesting to do. Something to take pictures of. Otherwise I'll just stay here and.. oh whatever.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Normalcy has been restored.

We have like, normal life going on here. Yeah, what does that mean even, but it does seem that the breaks between me doing something of note, that takes up a lot of my time and energy, and/or keeps me away from the computer, has been going on a lot of late, more specifically since the beginning part of late summer, ie August.

I know this because today I finally uploaded a photo that is not from one of these big month long employments, or traveling far(ish) away for a significant amount of time, or traveling not very far at all for a short time things...

I realize normal people probably don't base things on criteria like this, but those people probably always have normalcy. I only have normalcy sometimes, ok relative normalcy most of the time, but some kind of normalcy is it.

Yeah I have had a few beers this very early October Monday evening. Why would you ask such a thing?

Sunday, September 30, 2012


It's already the end of September already near the end of the year already autumn almost winter, and I haven't done a single thing. Literally haven't doe a single thing.

I mean I've done stuff, but there's all this other stuff.. and all this stuff that I was supposed to do and need to do and expected well not exactly expected but wanted to have done by now..

yeah I know, why do I even bother I mean I don't bother but why do I even bother updating. well cos.. cos I feel like it.

That's all.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Well it wasn't quite 20 years..

One can now again enjoy a nice whiskey or vodka or other spirit containing more than 20% alcohol here in the Czech republic, legally, provided it was not brewed/bottled in 2012. Oh did I happen to mention you couldn't.. well not unless it had been bought before or brought back to the country from wherever you happen to be..

Ok, it started when a couple of weeks ago there was some tainted alcohol being sold here. Apparently fake booze, laced with industrial cleaners or something horrific like that, in regular bottles, so you can probably guess it was pretty fucking poisonous, and some people died, and many got very sick. As you can imagine, this was quite a big deal. This was just before I left for Israel, and it was a big story while we were gone.

Just before we got back, prohibition was introduced. We returned to a city full of jazz and bobbed hair and rolling down stockings and ok, I exaggerate, but hard alcohol was not allowed to be sold.

Beer and wine's status stayed the same as it was, so life for us here changed remarkably little. Some spirits and liqueurs were still available, and bars got inventive and had cocktails with.. like other stuff. There were witty jokes on bar signs, offering non-alcoholic cocktails.. and prohibition parties with flappers on their signs, back in those temperately warm mid to late September of 2012 days...

Then today it finished. Any spirits made before the cutoff.. I guess any from 2011 can be sold and served again. That's still a lot of booze that will be gotten rid of, and it seems as if my first guess when I heard about this was right, it was a mostly  to put a freeze on selling alcohol so that all the poison shit could be gotten out of the system, and would not continue for very long. It's still not completely over I guess, and a lot of places have lost a lot of money over this.. but, one must be as safe as possible, one supposes. I mean without entirely giving up alcohol that is.

Monday, September 24, 2012

So much to do.. so much going on.

Opportunities. There are lots of them, it seems. I keep reading something somewhere that I know I could do, indeed be good at, and if I present my credentials, what there are of them, in a good light, I could be in with a chance depending on what criteria decisions are made, how formal/informal this stuff is, of which I have no idea, and if I went forward with even half of it, I could be doing pretty well.

So far I haven't. That is, I haven't compiled letters, updated cvs, posted my details. I will, I just haven't yet. Yes, the sooner the better, and for some of these things the proverbial boat has possibly already sailed but.. I don't know what's holding me up.. I just can't. Well I can but I'm not, and I don't know why I'm not.

I should. And I will. It may not be early enough, and it may not be enough but I'm sure I will. At some point.

You see how hard it is to be me?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's all downhill from here.

We're at that time of year. And by "we" I mean those that live in a place that is not too hot for weather, and in the Northern Hemisphere. I don't know what percentage of the world's population that is, but it's a large percentage of the population that we (there's that we again) pay much attention to. Sorry Southern Hem, I know what it's like, I was once one of you.

It's the official beginning of autumn, the equinox, the time when days start getting not just shorter, but shorter than the average. It's getting colder the leaves are getting yellower, things sort of get more mellow and quiet. At least that's how I seem to be experiencing it. I mean, it also spells a time when I really need to get off my ass the get doing something, you know, like work, but after a month on a film crew, and 2 (albeit one of them was for just under 24 hours) trips out of the country in 2 weeks, I feel very settled. There's a better word for what I feel but I can't think of it.

It's not so cold and this weekend has been quite lovely, looking anyway, didn't get out too much, but that's alright, there's plenty of autumn left, and some of it still might be warm and sunny enough to really enjoy. I'm waiting for the leaves to start falling in enough numbers that you can walk through the streets on brown leaves all the way, there's no point if you can't do that, really.

So happy autumn everyone. And happy spring everyone else. And for everyone else, enjoy the warm weather.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Where We Were

Jerusalem Old City..

Israel. Jerusalem. Old City.

Back doing things.. and stuff.

Don't laugh. I was doing things, and I am again, sorta.

Went to a casting this eve.. a sorta, get to know y'all for the year sort of thing, I think. For a film school was quick and painless.. I think it's more to give the students an idea of what's in the city than anything. I think I did ok though.

Gonna get back to hat business soon.. and when I say back I mean, start finally doing something, or rather, get the various things we're doing in a state that's presentable. If you don't know what I mean by hat business, which you don't, well, hopefully you will soon enough.

A lot of hats in Jerusalem, btw, very interesting ones too.

Oh yeah, just before I left I had a meeting, you know with one of them imaginary internet people. Seems that they really are just int he computer, because the meeting never happened. Oh he said there were reaons, but I know the truth.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Home Again.

Just got home, now, well about an hour ago, an hour and a bit ago.. somewhere near an hour ago give or take, from a one week, or almost one week trip to Israel.

Went to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, swam in the sea, danced in clubs, spent a lot of time in a house, chopped vegetables, got attacked by a dog. Stuff like that happened.

Kind of tired right now because we stayed up last night to catch an early flight and haven't gone to bed yet, I expect I'll sleep at some point, but might have more stuff like details and photos later. Probably will.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Those people.. they claim to be real people!

You know how there are these.. "people" out there, for want of a better word, that are like people except they're on the computer, and you see them, you chat to them, might get to know them pretty well and talk regularly, get to know things about them, see pictures where they look like real people, know things about them like they have families and houses and stuff..

well they're real people. It's true. I figured this out a while ago when one of them turned out to be real and lives with me now, and then I met another one of them, but that's a while ago, and the people went back to being little icons with user names and all that.

Now, I am supposed to be meeting another one of these alleged people, who has apparently, with his family come to visit our fair city. Imagine that! Another one of them is a person, a true person that walks around and stuff. That makes 3.. well, if this one turns out to be like, real and stuff. I suppose we'll see.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This is what it looks like.



Monday, September 10, 2012

And the word of the day is..

I dunno.

Purgatory? It's kind of where I currently am, that is if you overstate it severely and call something a thing that is very unlike what it is. I guess.

Right now I'm in between things, I could say. I've been trying to get things done, because I'm off again in a few days, and have things I need to do before then, and other things I'd like to do but it doesn't help when the monitor just stops working in the middle of stuff does it? Well? Does it?

It doesn't. It does give me an excuse for not getting things done which, tbph, would likely not have been completed or even began had the monitor kept on going as it should. I have other reasons for not getting round to stuff. Well not so much reasons as it's what I always do, monitor or not monitor.

The monitor is working again now, btw. Not on this comp,m it's working on the other one though, and the other one is one this one, which works.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Note to self.. don't piss off the "service man"

Well.. we went to Nurnberg, just for a day, or a bit less than a day, did a lot of walking around, saw a castle and some other things, ate a bit, not much, cos there are not shops there, and.. had an interesting bus ride home with someone called Bara. She didn't make it all the way to Hlavni Nadrazi however.. the bus attendant or whatever you call her did not like her from the beginning..

to be fair, she was kind of annoying. Very annoying, drinking.. and smoking I think.. not allowed on buses of course, talking very loudly in Czech, English and a few words of German, well 2 which she kept repeating and well..

so that was fun. And overall Nurnberg was ok, it was kind of because of a mistake that we went there anyway, and it's a nice town.. no veggie places were open though, and today, a Sunday, very little was open in general, oh and like I said they have no shops.

But it was nice and I have a lot of pics.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

I guess the next stage begins..

Off on an adventure today. This might be worthy of.. something. Did a bit of "shooting" the other night but due to our organization.. er, there wasn't any, we didn't get exactly what we wanted and will have to revisit the whole thing.. still, I think we learned something that night, well, that one should ideally be organized.

And there was a screening last night of the film of the play, the one with the play within the play.. I did it in April. The night was kind of.. well, it ended early, and we got there kind of late, when everyone, almost everyone was gone. I did get to see the ole director and we had a good old chat about the those days of shooting.. *gets all wistful*.

Today I'm going to Nuremberg, Germany. Just for the day really. It came about because well.. bit of a mistake and we have this ticket so we're going. So it should be fun and it'll be something new to photograph.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I'm not sure..

I know what to do with myself.

Oh dear, it doesn't take long to get back into the swing of.. nothing really.

A few things coming up though.. a lot actually. Got a shoot tomorrow.. *doesn't say anything about it or anything* ok it's a shoot for one of my projects.. finally.. it should be simple, don't have the means to do something like the film I was just working on, but it'll be good to be out there, making.. er, well what we're making, again.

Then there's a premiere of the movie/play I was in in April.. then a trip to Germany, and then..

well, we'll see.

So it's probably just as well I've been pissing around the past few days, it's the only rest I'll get. Well there you go.. I've used my time wisely :).

Monday, September 03, 2012

Just being me.

It's been a dull day. I have a million things to do.. literally a million and I've only just sorta started on one of them. What else is new? Well, I got another message reminding me of the depths of bullshit that is being me.. something I need to sort out tomorrow. Same old boring bullshit.

I have no idea what's in store for me the next few.. months. Well.. I know of a few things but apart from a few trips coming up.. I don't know. What will I do.. how will I.. er.. earn? It's all a mess right now because instead of some very important things I should have been on top of weeks ago, I'm only now thinking about how I should be doing them now, while not really doing the other stuff that's also really important.

I get tired of being me sometimes.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

In hibernation.

I tried to sleep late this morning, but a certain furry little creature wouldn't let me. I have trouble sleeping in anyway. I managed to get more than 6 hours but I'm pretty tired and have been all day.

I'm guessing the next few weeks are going to be rather lazy relative to last month, which isn't actually anything to sneeze at because.. well.. most people's lives who don't work in mines or whatever are lazy compared to that, but, although I have tons of shit to do, I'm reckoning I won't.. forget that.. got lots to do and I'm gonna do it!

Hoping that will motivate me..

Friday, August 31, 2012

Well I think I just made a movie..

and by that I mean.. I played a small role.. a very small role which may or may not have been for the most part positive let alone essential, in the shooting of a low budget film which now is going into post production to be shown to the world.. whenever.

but still.

I'm very tired. From the whole month and from getting up ungodly early this morning to go to church... after going out last night and drinking and dancing and stuff.

It was a weird day.. as most last days of these things are.. though whether it was stranger than the average day on the set of this thing is hard to measure. It started off strangely gloomy for what should be a fun, kind of silly day.. we got up way too early.. coffee wasn't ready, and it was raining.. and raining. and raining...

And then there were the mishaps.. another major continuity issue caused by one which was not in any way my fault if I may say loudly and clearly.. but

shooting went quickly and smoothly.. and it got better later on and the goofiness arrived in full force..

And now it's done and we can all get back to normal.

*tries to figure out just what that is*

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nearing the end..

I'm already starting to get wistful for this whole "movie" thing that I'm working on. At the same time I'm glad there are only 2 days left.. in the up til now very elusive church.

Yesterday was the beergarden.. and as can be imagined, one of the more fun scenes.. and days. I spent most of the day er.. hanging out in a  beergarden. Not to say I didn't work, but it seemed more like.. hanging out in a beergarden. A lot more people there, friends and whatnot.. and it was quite fun. Oh and beer. Not that I overindulged, but it was present.

Oh and I did a cameo. Again. Some sunglasses and a lot of hair did the trick.

And now onto the final 2 days.. what will they bring forth.. how will this all end up.. when will we ever see this movie?

One wonders.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I might just have outweirded my previous self..

It's going to be a tough decision to pick a single strangest thing I've done, a weirdest situation I've been in on the set of this movie, but standing in a crypt at 2am alone, in a pretty dress and white powder in my hair is definitely going to crack the top 10.

Yeah.. I did that. I'd give more details but that'd be giving away stuff wouldn't it?

So we were in the cemetery all night. Not the first group of people to do that, or indeed the first film crew.. so, big deal. Filmed some scenes with the scooby gang which I will be using from now on about someone(s) to refer to particular situations, which I won't explain further either, if I remember to, which I probably won't.

Ruh roh... well, didn't see any ghosts but I'm not really sensitive to that sort of thing. I was feeling rather tough and brave standing in that crypt for a couple of takes, not feeling the slightest bit nervous.. scoffing at the others who didn't want to do this little bit because of an uneasiness with the location.. and then, I stepped on something, a pile of dirt or something equally innocuous, and I was out of there like... well someone creeped out. So there you go.

Still 3 days of shooting left to go, well 4 if you include our day off which might/will be used for filming some make up shots with a "skeleton crew" of volunteers which I may have inadvertantly agreed to join.. but we're nearly there.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

We're almost there.

I had quite a fun day today. We did fun things, fun things happened, things that are fun to watch were watched, and photographed. I liked quite a lot of bits of today. I think I even liked today. There were vexing parts, and one part that particularly bothered me which turned out to be not as bad as I thought but might turn out to be something lastingly bad, but whatev.. mostly today was, fun, I'd say. This is entirely due to the aforementioned fun things that occurred that were fun to watch that were watched and all that. Not due to like, getting enough sleep, or feeling physically well or feeling like my life is going somewhere and meaningful and.. nevermind the last bit, basically, I should be in a way shittier mood, but possibly a combo of sleep deprivation, said fun things and general weirdness worked for me today.

Maybe it's knowing I have a late call tomorrow, and I can sleep in that's doing most of the "making one feel considerably better than one has been feeling in general of late". In fact, it might be the entire reason.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back Underground.

It's been a while since I took some very old or at least old looking stone steps down into a dark and  evil looking cellar to.. well, for any reason, but I did that today.

I kind of miss the ole Underground.. that which is underneath the Old Town Hall, with the dungeons and torture chambers, but you know, don't do that anymore.. not er.. you know, the tours. Anyway...

today as I was walking down some similar stone steps to a pub beer cellar.. yeah, not as exotic, it felt familiar. That is because it is not entirely unlike those that I used to walk down 2 to 5 times a week for a tour.. in case  you needed it spelled out.

It was dressed up as a crypt, in this instance.. And I gotta say, as far as I know crypts, which is pretty much nil, it looked and seemed pretty crypty. For the film, of course. We were shooting there all day, and once again, the air was not the best, and a lot of hacking and coughing going on.. just a day after the director wanted us to line up to get our photos taken for a magic doctor who can tell what's wrong with you from our face.. after being int he filthy attic for 3 days. I seem to have escaped the worst, but I did need to cough loudly after the cut more than once.

We started early, and finished late, and tomorrow will be the same, at least the start early part.. and I'm very hungry and very tired, so I should go and do something about at least one of those things.

Friday, August 24, 2012


it's kind of necessary. I mean, everyone knows, and it's obvious.. but you don't really realize it, or at least I never realized it in a particularly specific way until I was forced to spend hours in a hotel lobby in a place that literally has no air. Ok so it obviously doesn't have no air because I wouldn't breathe in there and I'd die, and I wouldn't be able to write this, but.. it has no air! I don't know if it's a hotel thing but thee other place we were int he other day was similar.

It might be the weather, been very hot, very humid, which made this morning's, and by this morning I mean the first part of shooting today which took until 4pm.. kind of uncomfortable. It was a kind of nice hotel though.

Going outside to the park I thought it would be cooler, more refreshing.. but though it was overcast with the threat of rain if not thunderstorms.. it was still really sticky and hot, not helped by the fact that I hadn't showered since yesterday afternoon..

and after some beers and some other strange things across town, with barely 6 hours to sleep if I want to get up in time to get ready for tomorrow's shoot.. out in the country..

I think that sentence was going somewhere, maybe, or perhaps that's all there is to it. It's late, and I need to get up early tomorrow. About it. And I still haven't showed.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just another day..

The street..

on set.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Before the red curtain.

It's weird, this movie making stuff. I can't even remember the morning, it seems so long ago. I'm sure something happened of note, but I can't recall what it was.

I remember the place. It was notable for being a lot more elegant than what we're used to, not saying a lot, considering we've been located in what pretty much amounts to a squat for a week, but this place is pretty nice, though it has a rather unimpressive entrance. I know some of what happened, shooting, waiting, listening, talking, being ignored, being in a small room with many people and lights on a very hot day. Sweaty. A lot of arguing and taking too much time for everything. I know that at one point the voices, the many voices, arguing, and talking at the same time became too numerous and loud that I had to leave the room.

Did a few scenes, not as many as were written down on the schedule, but did them. Lunch.. another scene and then I got roped into being in the midst of it all again. Just sitting, watching the performance, pretending I liked the song and the execution of. before a very Lynch esque red curtain. Many times. I had beer, so it was doable.. and I did a pretty good job, put some details and shit in there.. I kinda rocked this extra role, way more than my sucky job as a nurse last night.

It was quite fun overall.. one of the more enjoyable long stints of repeated takes of a scene in this whole gig.. though I already can't quite remember it clearly...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My moment in the spotlight.

Yeah. I got it. It was fleeting. Actually, I would say it wasn't even a moment, or rather, not really the spotlight.. let's just say, my split second in the background of a spotlight on someone else. A fuzzy blip in the background, if you like.

I mean I'm not complaining. Not exactly about that.. well yes I am but more that I was shit at it. Not necessarily the acting though that was cheesy and terrible, but my inability to act on cue and deal with props.

I don't know if it was that bad, and in fact it doesn't even matter, no one cares.

Everything else is as it was, it sucks, it's fun, it pisses me off, it isn't all that bad and there's a lot of good in it. I still want my life back, and to move on to something that fits me better. And to get more rest. That's saying something, after 2 days off and one albeit long and frustrating day on. Mishaps and fuckups of today included a minor problem with props that turned into a major drama, the usual taking way too long for every fucking thing, a location where we weren't exactly welcome and blowing the circuits of said location, time limits.. (which is ever present) and of course, my debut on screen for this film which was less than stellar.

But otherwise it was great. A bit hot though.

Monday, August 20, 2012

You know.. I like it warm and stuff..

but there's only so much of it  you really need... jeez.. today it got up to 37 degrees.. 37! That's really hot for those of you who use some non celsius form of measuring temperature.. figure it out yourself.

Fortunately, due to whatever we had another day off.. no filming today, a good thing as I imagine anywhere we might have gone would have been too bloody hot.. to point out something that should be obvious due to the content already present in the beginning of the post.

I've done very little today. I totally meant to do stuff, at least 4 different kinds of stuff at various times of the day, none of which worked out. Just wasn't feeling it.

Anyway back on tomorrow.. I think it should be a bit cooler.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Enough weekend for one day.

Well I had to work all day yesterday, Saturday, and it was an early start, and it wen ton long, and there were dramas and incidents and long waiting periods and all of that.. as usual. Up and down, what have yous.. scrans.. you know how it goes.

Today I was off! Which meant that last night I could go out until whatever time I liked.. so the minute we were finished.. actually after carrying some heavy shit down 3 flights of stairs without light.. I was off.

A new place. Well, a new business, in the space that had previously been another place, where I'd visited about a month before, on their closing night. It was the same place but a new place. I'll let you parse that one. I'm not sure if I used the correct word there, but it's after a few beers plus.. so I'll forgive myself for that.

Nice place. I found my friends in the garden, up some uneven stairs in the dark. Particularly fund walking down them with glasses and shit.. immediately had a feeling of deja vu there. A friend is working there so we went over, invited a few other friends to this opening/birthday party... quite a pleasant night.. although I got my toenail fucked up on the walk home.. not my fault.. I was just walking and a bigass motherfucking foot kicked into it.

And if we shouldn't already be getting a fee for promotion and advertising.. we went there again today.. inviting more people although they didn't come. I finally got to see the garden in daylight.. very pretty, and it was quite nice out there, although it's the hottest day I've experience since the day trip to Konopiste.

The best bit was the Scrabble.. no, the cook (who I've known very well for many years) and his drama.. his drunkenness, and his quip.. well not so much quips but just him saying things in all earnestness which was totaly fucking hilarious. Or playing scrabble stoned, or being amused by the cook stoned.. or being stoned. Might have got a bit stoned.

Anyway.. it was simultaneously relaxing and exhilarating.. well not exhilarating... er.. just fun. Enough weekend stuff to make a real weekend so I'm bright and ready to be back to work tomorrow.. shooting, wherever it is we'll be at. Yeah I didn't get the call sheet yet and we're not even sure about some location.. so.. whatever, I'll be ready when it's time to be ready.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Alone in a crowd.

This is the story of my life. I find myself in this position again and again. At this point in my life it's ridiculous, and kind of embarrassing, but every time I join something... do something, new job, new play, new class.. something I do every month it seems.. another thing that's ridiculous in my should be mature state, but whatever.. I find myself alone.

I don't know what it is. I know it's my fault. I don't care enough about people in the beginning, or don't work enough to keep up the whole friendship this, or I'm boring, or unlikeable or uncool.. but I just don't make friends easily.

Yeah, obvs it's something I do.. be standoffish or whatever.. because the others.. blatantly ridiculous. I know.

It also shouldn't matter so much, but if I'm going to spend so many hours a day and so many days a week in one place, where the majority of the hours I'm not actually doing something, int he company of people I can socialize properly with.. bit diff when there are about 3 of them in the whole world, but it could be solved by say, having stuff to do, or more normal hours, or even just not having to be around people so fucking much.. cos I mean, seriously, people suck, for the most part. You might have noticed yourself.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Million Things At Once

I lost my card reader, or at least I can't find it, which sucks because that means I don't have a card reader. I lost it the other day and found it, but this time it might stay gone. That sucks.

Still working on the movie, it has it's ups and downs, some in betweens, there's really so much going on it's hard to dissect the little bits and point them out, but I did pay for my keep so to speak today, and possibly saved us filming a good few hours of useless footage due to a wrong costume, then again maybe something else would have happened. I don't know. Anyway, here's a picture.


It's from the set.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The making of..

I'm thinking of a few different version of "the making of" insert title o movie, the one I'm working on at the moment.. and the word working is so broad is almost deserves quotation marks..

ok not true, I do a lot of stuff, and my notes, once I make them legible will be useful, and I do all sorts of stuff around the set, some of them my job or related to my job, and though I do miss some stuff, a lot of stuff in fact, I am doing some kind of work, for many many hours. So yeah, I am working.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, making a movie is.. crazy. I don't know if this one is more vexing and amazing and ridiculous than others but it's just, all those things and more. I wish I could remember one fifth of the details of what happens, but I could do so many versions of the making of.. the musical version is one I have in my head a lot. It would be pretty bad but that would be a movie by me, and I'm not even a first time director.

If I'm rambling I blame my state of mind, which is rambly at the best of times, and lack of sleep and working on something like this, which is vexing and crazy and all sorts of things I've already said in the last 20 seconds doesn't lesson the rambliness. Yes that's a word, I decided it is.

Now I'm going to go do something else.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Til 9 o clock.. 9!

I got to stay in bed until after 9 this morning. Amazing, I know. And it was perfect.. I really needed that.

We have 2 days off now and it's on the actual weekend which is pretty awesome. Of course, I have about 80 different things I have these 21 days to deal with now but I'll worry about them when I worry about them, for now, I'm slouching around just.. just being.

The shoot has been going ok, and by ok I mean millions of mishaps fuckups and broo ha has but things seem to work out somehow, cast changes, location changes, being rushed out by police, problems with catering, that's all happened in the last 2 days, but we managed to shoot some stuff and I think it might be alright.

I don't think I'm much better at this job than I was, every  time I think I'm doing good, taking care of stuff I miss something really obvious and get all annoyed and stuff but I do plenty on set and I think I serve some purpose. Maybe not the one I officially was chosen for, but it's something. I need to stop worrying so much about not being super about a kind of difficult job that I've never done before, I'm certainly not particularly suited for and really.. don't want to do ever again. Next time I wanna be cast dammit!

I still dream of getting a role as a bum in the background, or something similar, before this shoot is up.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Need. Sleep.

It's all early starts and late finishes, pickups from fuck knows where and travels to somewhere else. Many hours on set doing stuff, not doing stuff and something in between sometimes.

It's weird. I had one day off and I was all ambitious and intending to get all my files into orderly typed up spreadsheets or whatever those things are supposed to be in.. oh and I intended to get sleep. Well none of that happened, though I did go for a drink with a friend who had the absolute nerve to have a birthday the next day, making it imperative for me to stay out after midnight, when I'd already been drinking since pretty early to have a drink on his birthday. Honestly, people. No consideration.

So my day off didn't really help me feel rested and fresh the next day. More like, fucking hungover. It wore off after about 8 hours so the next 8.. (ok I exaggerate, it was only about 6) I was no longer sick but really really tired. We finished relatively early, seeing as the last shoot we'd had ended at 2am.. it was about 9 or 10pm. In any case everyone was ready for bed by the time I got home so due to that, having no light in my room and being really really really really tired.. and, what was I going to say? Oh yeah, 7am call for this morning, and a pickup at a completely uselessly fucked up place that's inconvenient to get to. Wasn't pleased. Tried to get something sorted out yesterday but didn't get through to the driver.. well, not until this morning after I was already on the way to the original lift, which I was going to be late for due to a stupid calculation on my part, all ready to call not him but the only person I had a number for.. I get an sms.. yes I can pick you up at (insert much better spot for picking up) just as the tram was about to stop there. So I get off.. have a bit of time to spare now.. and try to go buy a coffee, but I realize I didn't have my wallet.. but they'd already poured the coffee so I got one on the house.. sin't that nice? So.. interesting morning.

The day was full of drama and tensions, egos, pontificating and the usual.. well more than usual, but interestingly enough a lot got done, so, overall good. Oh and we had a meeting. Something about a family and football coaches and locker rooms. I'm wondering if it helped.

Now I'm here again, not getting my homework done, not getting to bed early and not.. I'm sure there's something else I should be doing that I'm not doing.

Monday, August 06, 2012

More on the same.

So I'm working on the set of this film and it's full of everything. Up and downs and in betweens, late nights and later nights the next night. It's been good overall. I'll never be great at this, at least, not on this shoot, but I'm not terrible. I'm probably not super suited to this work, but I don't think I'm particularly wrong for it either, I'm just someone who hasn't done this before who is learning as they go along, with a fair few people in a similar position regarding their work on t he same set, which makes for an interesting, if frequently exasperating experience.

And there are perks, getting your boyfriend to play a small role at the last minute is kind of fun, we get catering which is close to if not the best thing about this whole job and.. well I will learn something, if not necessarily how to do the job I've been assigned terribly well, but I will learn a lot of things, even if that thing is to never in a million years attempt to direct a movie myself. It's kinda hard. It's the sort of thing I'd love to have done, and really really really well and get all the praise and recognition, possibly fame and money for, but to do.. I'd have no hair left after about one day's shoot, I reckon, and I think I should try to keep that as long as I have.

Anyway, I have a day off which is why I'm able to even do this right now.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

And I thought it was going so well..

There were about 5 minutes yesterday, when I thought this was all going great. Well..maybe about 4 or 5 hours where I thought it was at least good.. maybe a few more hours where it wasn't really bad and I thought things were going in the right direction.

Yesterday, change of location after 3 days at the same, non problematic actors.. the kids, rather strangely, a lovely day, relatively smooth rolling. I was quite enjoying it on many levels.. oh I scribbled a lot of indecipherable stuff, and missed some things, but then I got.. or thought I got the hang of stuff a little bit, and felt like I was getting better at this.. like, I was doing my job actually.

Then it started getting late. Still setting up. More set up, it was quite late by this point. It kept going on, rehearsals, start of shooting.. kept getting later, people are tired, I'm not really pleased to be there and then on top of that.. well.. something happened that made it all come crashing down on me.. and I feel again that here on my now 5th day, by which time I should have learned something, and gotten the hang of it enough to be useful.. I feel like I'm doing nothing.

So in I go again today, to do the same. Whatever it is.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

At this point, I don't know.

What I'm doing, for one thing. That's not entirely true. I know in a very broad sense what my job is, I just haven't been doing it to any standard that isn't pointless, and I know more about the details of what minute to minute work is needed, not entirely but little bits of information keep coming to me, and well to say I am doing that well would be inaccurate. To say I'm doing it poorly, would be correct.

Ok so I pretty much suck at this. So far, I might get better at it, but I'd like that to happen more quickly. I don't think I improved much today over yesterday, but it's still early.

I thnk I like it overall, I mean, it's very early starts, long days, it's been terribly hot, there's a lot of waiting and confusion and noise and people and... stuff, but I think when I look back on this I will think I liked it. Quite possibly I do. At least a little bit.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

We're on.

So I'm doing it. What "it" is is still somewhat unclear. That's not true, I know what I'm doing I'm just not exactly polished on it yet. Well I still need to iron out some of the details and well, the job is the details so.. a lot o ironing to be done.

First day's shooting done. Today was, lucky for us a very hot day. And by lucky I mean, kind of fucked. I am sunburnt, and very tired from both the early start, well not early start early pick up but I did wake up early, and being out in the very hot sun.

It was good though. Not necessarily anything I did, not sure how use I was but my objective is to be somewhat of use in this production by some point in time that point being some time before shooting is done. The more and earlier the better, obvs.

And now I think I'll rest. Early start again tomorrow.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Down to basics.

It's word o' the day time. It's not that I don't have anything to write about, it's just I don't have anything I want to write about to write about, so I'm writing about this.

banausic \buh-NAW-sik\  , adjective:
Serving utilitarian purposes only; mechanical; practical: architecture that was more banausic than inspired.
Banausic to the point of drudgery? Sometimes. Often tedious? Perhaps.
-- David Foster Wallace, The Pale KingTo me, the Venetians whom I have met, seem to be merely inadequate, incondite,banausic, and perfectly complacent about it.
-- Frederick Rolfe, The Armed Hands
Seems very.. practical, frugal, austere.. er.. yeah that kind of thing.

Preparing to be very busy very soon. For more than one reason.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Totally prepared.

I am.

For my upcoming gig as part of the "crew" on a movie. Seriously, I totally know what I'm doing, got everything I need, have read up on everything, prepared every way I can and..

ok so I'm not and haven't and don't. But I'm sure it'll be fine. At least I hope it'll be fine.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh those kitties...

A kitty shot for a Thursday.. you can caption it if you like.


no pressure...

*waits for response*

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Guess that's over then.

I thought summer was over for a bit, then it came back again. Didn't last. Oh well.. at the moment it's raining which is to be expected, I suppose. At least if it has to rain for most of a month it should get it out of the way before shooting begins.. yes, shooting. I'm working on a movie... and it's starting very soon. I can barely believe it but, I need to, and prepare, and get ready, and have everything rea.. I think I kinda said that already.. point is, I need to get stuff.. yeah I said it already. I just need to, so I'll go and do that now..

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Moving On.

I have no idea what is happening with this "job"thing I thought I had. Possibly nothing. I'm going to assume that unless I hear otherwise, in the mean time, I do have a job, one which will take up all of next month and will take a lot of concentration and.. and, well it is more important than any other I've done recently, and more the sort of thing that is meaningful to me, so, time to get up to date on that and prepare myself as much as I can.

*goes and does that*

Monday, July 23, 2012

I thought I was standing here, but I might be over there, or somewhere.

Well after the other day, er, some time next week I knew where I stood, at least to a degree. Then I had to deal with a lot of bullshit which I did't want to deal with and well, haven't really. Now, I'm still worrying about the largely undealt with bullshit and on top of it this knowledge about what was going on and exactly what my status is.. is sorta.. something. I don't know. No one tells me anything. I figure I should have some message by now, but I don't, for whatever reason.

So I'm just waiting, again.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lights, Camera and..

On camera..

Can you just move to the left there please? And wait a minute while I adjust the camera. Action.. cut, cut, can we do that again, problem with the sound. Etc.

Actually it went pretty smoothly, just a small part in a student film the other day. Was quite fun.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh the weight..

It's like, no sooner do I get one weight off my shoulders, I get 2 or more to replace it, and that just makes all the rest of it, the stuff that's always there, buzzing in the background more prominent.

There's just too many things.. too many things. Now for most people these things would be a) not that big a deal, and b) for the most part non-existent and only come up every now and again and one at a time and c) be different things which may be annoying but less of a problem because.. well because. I suppose mostly because they're their things and not my things, but they'd be things that don't require a whole lot of explanation on why you don't have this, or why didn't you do this before, or what have you been doing all this time, and what have you been doing? that sort of thing. and the reason is that other people, that is not all people, possibly not even most people behave like grownups when they're like.. grown up, and don't let these things get like this.

And yes, I find it vexing. As soon as I've taken care of one of these, which may or may not go smoothly, then there are others. And once I've taken care of all of the stuff related to this, there will be other things, things that are already there, and certainly there will be new ones.

There are just too many things.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The next step.

I got answers. I know where I stand now. I have things to do before things go smoothly though, and I'm not even at the point where I train, get to know what I'm doing, do it long enough that I get comfortable with it all.. no, I need stuff, official stuff, stuff that most grownups have and know how to get without hassle but that I don't have, and have major problems getting done, and even majorer problems getting to the point where I even think about it let alone look it up on the internet just to discover the website isn't taht helpful and I will need to go through a bunch of hoops and it will cost money and there's certainly not enough time and that's just for one of about 4 things.

Fucking papers, fucking employers need fucking papers.

So there's that. And then there's the thing for the whole of next month which I'mill prepared for, and this thing with people I know and arranging stuff which.. I don't know.

I'm doing a film tomorrow, just a small role in a student one. That will be fun. Still need to scrap up something for a costume though. They want "elegant businesslike" or s0mething.. as if I have anything remotely like that..

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm tired.

And need to work. I might have a job, I might not have a job. Nevertheless I am working, have been/will be. Will I get paid, how long will it be? Will I receive anything today at all.. I don't know any of these things.

I am tired though and would like for this period whatever it is, whatever it will bring me, to be over.

I'd kind of like to know stuff.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

We're doing it..

We're actually doing it!

*goes quiet and stuff*

*all will be revealed*

*well something will be revealed*

*not so much revealed as much as something that has been mentioned often, both very vaguely and with some description might come to fruition soon*

I may be speaking too soon but.. it's a possibility.

Oh and I didn't screw up anything the other day, not so much because I'm not a fuckup, but because I didn't really do anything, but I still have a chance to screw up.. doesn't matter so much.

And I should be donning a drab grey suit soon.. if I'm lucky :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ah even more new stuff to monumentally fuck up...

For you (assuming there is a you, any you reading, that wish to scold me for my seemingly constant negativity).. fuck off.. its how I am, deal with it!


Ok, so.. trying another new job which if it tryout goes well will be a new job, I guess, tomorrow. I mean it should be pretty simple, but.. you know.

No movies this month.. *crys* but I spose I can live with that and the fact that the only reason I was in even a single one last month was because I was "literally" the only person who showed up for the casting.. because.. well I'll be too busy to think about it. And really.. whatevs.. I'm uncastable I've known that forever.. I know I'm good though, and now that I'm working on my own projects it matters less. Well, if anything ever happens with those projects. I mean.. I'm sure it will.

So, tomorrow I'm busy all day. After that, who knows. Possibly nothing else until August which at this point I'm all booked up for and that's the one that I'm most anxious about because.. well, it's damn 'portant.. and I really really really want to fucking rock that. I mean, I know I will. Maybe.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I guess I was right.

I think I was right. That's all.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yep.. it makes a difference.

So just got back from another casting.. for the student films which I am often-ish a part of. Did the same a month ago which yielded pretty good results... of course, a particularly low turnout then so.. that can explain how that all happened.

And here I thought it was cos I was so damn.. well good. Doesn't matter, I was bloody good in the movies I was in and I have those to show for now.. today I was thrust into a pretty harrowing kind of scene.. here I am prepared to do something silly and goofy.. but whatevs.. I don't know if I was good.. I wasn't bad, not really bad.. but it remains to be seen if I was good enough, look right and if there isn't someone else just a bit righter for any of these movies...

would be good to be in one.. apart from for the obvs reasons I can get a start on practicing my big crew job next month... driving a lot of people crazy in the process but.. ya know.

If nothing else it was nice to get picked to do something youngish even if it was just as a placeholder.. after being cast as a mother and all that last month. It probably doesn't mean anything but.. it's still a moment of joy for me.

Monday, July 09, 2012

I appear to have a purpose.

Ah, the long weekend, planned to be so productive, so full of weird, wild and wacky situations, turned out to be a whole lot of sitting around here, doing what I usually do which is.. um.. *tries to think of what I usually do*

I typed up and rewrote a script. Well this was one I've had for a while but I finally rewrote it again and almost got the scene filmed but.. didn't. Met with the "company" talked about meeting again and really doing something this time! That second meeting didn't happen.

Oh well... I did attend a meeting for a real movie that is really going to be made and cleared up my "role" in that one a bit.. I put that in quotation marks because I don't mean it as literally a role, which one might think is what I would be doing on the set of a movie, seeing as acting is sorta what I do, and anything else on a film, not so much, but his time I'm crew. How it happened I'm not sure.. one of those, you know people, you work with them on one thing, it leads to being somewhere else and working on something else with them.. so it's kinda cool. It looks like this will be actually happening.. it's rather exciting really. I certainly am in the position to learn a lot but I know I can do this though it isn't without it's difficulty quotient.

Interesting to see how it will all turn out.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Do robots have bad vision or something?

Why is it when you get asked to prove you're not a robot when posting on a site like.. oh, Blogger, say, they give you some code that's FUCKING INDECIPHERABLE!!! Well, sometimes, some sites are worse than others.. but I mean.. can robots read code? I thought these programs automatically spammed stuff.. I guess they're able to read text but you could have an image that is written in you know, readable text or something.. am I wrong? I must be wrong.. why would they put real humans through this if it wasn't necessary.. I mean, they wouldn't would they, that would be silly. Wouldn't it?

Thursday, July 05, 2012

And now for the weekend..

But it's not the weekend i hear you say. Well it is here, we have today and tomorrow off.. just in time for the actual weekend.. so, yep, starts today.. *looks a bit smug and stuff*

It's a pretty hot one hear and possibly is where you are as well.. so here's something for a bit of refreshment..
If that's not your style, you might prefer this.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

They found it!

The Higgs Boson. It's a particle, or something. Pretty clever of them to find it as I understand it's pretty small. people seem pleased, I guess this is a big thing.

*has no idea what it's about really, wonders if one should publicize one's utter ignorance like this, does anyway*

in science news ;)

Monday, July 02, 2012

I need to get a hat.

Good for keeping the sun away from the face. Well, a certain kind of hat is. The cool looking ones not so much and that's the kind I want. I probably need more than one actually. Quite a few.. looks like I'll be wearing many hats in the near future.. *trails off without really getting to any point*

Sunday, July 01, 2012



Summer has certainly arrived.. in a big way. Right now it's raining, kinda heavy, maybe stormy.. fine with me,  just got in and missed the worst of it, though it may not have been so bad, as it's still pretty warm.. hot even.

Yesterday was certainly the hottest day of this year, and likely the hottest for quite a few years and of course it was a day of an outing out of the city, which involved a lot of walking to and from out destination, as well as around our destination. It was good though, a beautiful castle that was the residence of the man who got himself shot and started a war which changed the world.. Konopište.. if you want to be a bit more direct. Very nice, though the castle and grounds can probably be enjoyed more extensively on one of those days it's nice to walk around.. you know, some lovely gardens which a sweating couple was getting married in, nice, but very washed out in the light.. and way too hot to walk around, if we'd been able to..

Still, a very nice day, and a I learned a lot, something that sadly is not so typical of my weekends. The evening was better suited to walking and we tried it again after dark but the fatigue from earlier kept it to a minimum.

Today was cooler, particularly by the evening, and again met up with the same people for a walk around our own lovely city, from up on the hill where the castle is, down the hill, across the Charles Bridge with a few starts and stops because of some erratic rain.. and into a lovely pub just in time for it to get real heavy.

Well we still had to get home, and managed to run across the road to shelter, and then across again to a crowded tram which got us home in time for.. well, we didn't have far to go so didn't get too wet, but it either  is raining like it was or even heavier..

So that's it, my weekend complete with weather report. If anyone still was reading this blog, I guess that probably takes care of them.

Oh and there was a European cup final on this evening. I think Spain won.