Friday, July 06, 2012

Do robots have bad vision or something?

Why is it when you get asked to prove you're not a robot when posting on a site like.. oh, Blogger, say, they give you some code that's FUCKING INDECIPHERABLE!!! Well, sometimes, some sites are worse than others.. but I mean.. can robots read code? I thought these programs automatically spammed stuff.. I guess they're able to read text but you could have an image that is written in you know, readable text or something.. am I wrong? I must be wrong.. why would they put real humans through this if it wasn't necessary.. I mean, they wouldn't would they, that would be silly. Wouldn't it?


Ronald said...

I was going to leave a comment but I see I have to prove I'm not a robot, so I wont bother.

Michelle said...

yeah... sucks to have to do that..

*wonders why there are no comments*

Ronald said...

If only they'd improve that awful identity test, then others and I would make more comments and you wouldn't be sitting there wondering why no one is commenting. If I did make a comment, I'd comment on how many times I have to re-select the word and number.

Michelle said...

yes.. so true..

whatever happened to the old not word that sounds like a word days? I liked those codes, and the letters weren't all screwy.. why can't they go back to doing that!

*starts campaign for blogger to go back to doing that*