Saturday, June 30, 2007

Good Heavens...

It seems to have completely slipped my mind that I keep a blog! How silly of me.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Warning: Contains adult humour.

Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following
words: fucking (4x) shit (3x) suck (2x) piss (1x)

He he.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

And the broken record turns..

Yes, I'm aware that I haven't been writing about anything other than the trials of an anguished thespian for a long time now, but I'm afraid my acting class and everything connected with it is the only thing in my life right now. Seriously.

I'm off again in a couple of hours and am currently tearing my hair out trying to come up with another activity. The other night I rushed out of the house with a few bits of paper with stuff written on it with a vague idea in my head about adding up the numbers and figuring out how much money I had, for reasons yet unmade up. I didn't really come up with anything but I came up with a door that I quite liked, and fortunately that's what I did. The exercise sucked, but it gave me a cool idea for a self portrait that I intend to do one day.

So today I'll probably be called on to do an activity, and I have an idea to make something out of plastic bottles, and I don't have a reason yet. That's as far as I've come in the last few hours of scouring the internet for ideas. I've still got about an hour.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The sun is shining.. the birds are singing..

It was very pleasant on the weekend, when it wasn't raining or windy.. which was actually a lot.. but mostly it was quite hot outside. Believe me I know, I was there. In fact I spent so much time outside and away from my computer that I got sunburnt!

I spent the last weekend on an actor's retreat. This is where our class goes to visit the house of some of the students, trash the place, have orgies and take lots of drugs. Ok that wasn't the point. It was to spend time doing acting related things, Meisner classes, improvisations and filming some stuff, and generally getting to know each other better.

And we actually did that. The acting related stuff I mean, not the orgies. We did our usual classes, some more advanced stuff than what we usually do, and we filmed some short not-really-stories we came up with. And then made ourselves watch the films. That bit I didn't like so much.

But overall it was fun. I was very tired most of the time so I'm not sure if I got anything worthwhile out of it, but it was something a bit different, and the first time I've been even a little bit out of Prague for a long time. And coming back to the computer is all the more special after having been away for TWO WHOLE DAYS!!! At least that's something.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Another one under my belt..

I made a movie yesterday. It's number 2 for the group, which I made a film with late last year.

This one is a bit weird. Well they're all a bit weird but this one is weird in a weirder way than the others are weird. I play 1/3 of a woman. Or 1/4.. not sure. I'm confused.

Anyway it's sort of surreal. I'm part of a woman who is battling with a decision on whether to get married to the man who is the father of her baby. That's all I'm gonna say.

We met in the early evening, at the station and went off to a nearby park to film the scene. It was a hot, bright day so of course after getting there and setting up (which consists of sticking the camera on tripod and putting it on the ground, but nevertheless), and deciding on a position to film, which was 3 of us sticking our heads through tree branches, rain drops started falling.

So we went back to the director's flat and filmed our bit there, sort of learning our lines as we went. The rain stopped and we went outside to film the proposal scene, and came across a charming bit of forest by his place so we scrambled into there and filmed it. Back to the flat to film some more surreal bits and about 10pm we finished. Then we had to watch all the footage we'd filmed. I would be lying if I said it was very good. Fortunately, being a surreal story he's going to edit it with a lot of effects which will hopefully obscure how bad the film really is. I shouldn't say that. It is true though.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I can't keep doing this..

I have another class tonight in the Meisner Technique. I still need to think of an activity. So far I haven't got a single idea. Well I have a single idea but I don't want to use it for several reasons including it not being any good.

I'll probably think of something by this evening which will be really lame and it won't go well at all. The teacher will drill me afterwards and tell me everything that was wrong with it.. which I can handle except that it's all shit that I know, I know I know!!! I know that it's not specific enough. I know that it's not important enough I know my time limit wasn't believable I know that I didn't answer all the questions on what would happen if I didn't do it, and I know I didn't fucking believe it because it's fucking made up alright!!!

I mean, fuck! There simply isn't anything that I have the materials for that is difficult for me personally, which I can plausibly convince myself that it has to be done within a certain time limit in order to obtain some desirable outcome, without which I would suffer great consequences.

I just doesn't fucking exist! It doesn't matter how much I try to come up with something, how much I stretch possibilities, outright make shit up about my life my activities are always going to suck.

And that's not even getting into the fact that I never believe it. It's always just me, sitting in class waiting for someone to knock on the door, knowing that there isn't anyone coming over to get the rent in 20 minutes, or anyone who needs to be emailed immediately, or my mother showing up any minute.. it's all fucking made up!

I don't know why I bother.

Friday, June 08, 2007

It's such a lovely day...

That I think I might go frolic in the park. A guy from my class and maybe some more people are joining me. He he.. actually it's what we call "rehearsal" but we only say that because we like to make it look like we do something resembling work sometimes...

It's Friday. I think I'm gonna get drunk tonight.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I name this land Yurp!

Bush is visiting Europe and this time he's decided to visit my fair city. It's about the American plans to deploy a missile defence system in the Czech Republic, which most of the country is against, or at least slightly over half according to polls. I was planning on doing my bit for the free world and going to visit the Castle where he's speaking to show my displeasure at him being in any position of importance.. let alone the one he's in.. but I'm lazy. And I had to deal with a drunken person with an infection from a bad filling going to the dentist. I did get to watch him blather on about the Cold War being over on telly a while ago though..

Friday, June 01, 2007

And she did it again..

Or should one say.. one did it again.

Another playreading. This time the Mutant Cat read the part of Yesica, a little girl. Actually a little brat, well worse than a brat really, an evil little imp is more like it. The play is in the style of a fairy tale, but a modern one, for grownups and it's on the sick side.

The play is set in a forest and centers around 2 girls/young women who go looking for their dog in the forest and come across a young, studly forrester/hunter.. something like that. They both seduce him and have sex with him.. not at the same time and screw with his head, and argue and are generally mean and nasty with each other. The little girls are supposed to be them as children and they treat their father in a similar nasty way.

If it doesn't make so much sense it didn't when I was reading it either. It was fun playing a brat, and the whole thing is a bit over the top so I overdid it, piping up petulantly being mean to my sister and father. It would actually be a fun one to put on for real, with all the actions and sets and stuff. It's quite a violent play.