Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My moment in the spotlight.

Yeah. I got it. It was fleeting. Actually, I would say it wasn't even a moment, or rather, not really the spotlight.. let's just say, my split second in the background of a spotlight on someone else. A fuzzy blip in the background, if you like.

I mean I'm not complaining. Not exactly about that.. well yes I am but more that I was shit at it. Not necessarily the acting though that was cheesy and terrible, but my inability to act on cue and deal with props.

I don't know if it was that bad, and in fact it doesn't even matter, no one cares.

Everything else is as it was, it sucks, it's fun, it pisses me off, it isn't all that bad and there's a lot of good in it. I still want my life back, and to move on to something that fits me better. And to get more rest. That's saying something, after 2 days off and one albeit long and frustrating day on. Mishaps and fuckups of today included a minor problem with props that turned into a major drama, the usual taking way too long for every fucking thing, a location where we weren't exactly welcome and blowing the circuits of said location, time limits.. (which is ever present) and of course, my debut on screen for this film which was less than stellar.

But otherwise it was great. A bit hot though.

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