Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nearing the end..

I'm already starting to get wistful for this whole "movie" thing that I'm working on. At the same time I'm glad there are only 2 days left.. in the up til now very elusive church.

Yesterday was the beergarden.. and as can be imagined, one of the more fun scenes.. and days. I spent most of the day er.. hanging out in a  beergarden. Not to say I didn't work, but it seemed more like.. hanging out in a beergarden. A lot more people there, friends and whatnot.. and it was quite fun. Oh and beer. Not that I overindulged, but it was present.

Oh and I did a cameo. Again. Some sunglasses and a lot of hair did the trick.

And now onto the final 2 days.. what will they bring forth.. how will this all end up.. when will we ever see this movie?

One wonders.

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