Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The making of..

I'm thinking of a few different version of "the making of" insert title o movie, the one I'm working on at the moment.. and the word working is so broad is almost deserves quotation marks..

ok not true, I do a lot of stuff, and my notes, once I make them legible will be useful, and I do all sorts of stuff around the set, some of them my job or related to my job, and though I do miss some stuff, a lot of stuff in fact, I am doing some kind of work, for many many hours. So yeah, I am working.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, making a movie is.. crazy. I don't know if this one is more vexing and amazing and ridiculous than others but it's just, all those things and more. I wish I could remember one fifth of the details of what happens, but I could do so many versions of the making of.. the musical version is one I have in my head a lot. It would be pretty bad but that would be a movie by me, and I'm not even a first time director.

If I'm rambling I blame my state of mind, which is rambly at the best of times, and lack of sleep and working on something like this, which is vexing and crazy and all sorts of things I've already said in the last 20 seconds doesn't lesson the rambliness. Yes that's a word, I decided it is.

Now I'm going to go do something else.

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