Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back doing things.. and stuff.

Don't laugh. I was doing things, and I am again, sorta.

Went to a casting this eve.. a sorta, get to know y'all for the year sort of thing, I think. For a film school was quick and painless.. I think it's more to give the students an idea of what's in the city than anything. I think I did ok though.

Gonna get back to hat business soon.. and when I say back I mean, start finally doing something, or rather, get the various things we're doing in a state that's presentable. If you don't know what I mean by hat business, which you don't, well, hopefully you will soon enough.

A lot of hats in Jerusalem, btw, very interesting ones too.

Oh yeah, just before I left I had a meeting, you know with one of them imaginary internet people. Seems that they really are just int he computer, because the meeting never happened. Oh he said there were reaons, but I know the truth.


Ronald said...

They never showed up? It happens. And it's understandable. Must be intimidating to meet the legendary, Mutant Cat.

Michelle said...

yeah... that's if they exist.. of which I'm still skeptical.. I still think they're those pretend people that just live in the internet.. you know, like you ;)

Ronald said...

You cheeky fucker! I'm the most real person I know. As I write I see my hands, all of a blur as they struggle to keep apace with my thoughts, and my legs are freezing cold cuz the back door is open to accomodate the poorly cat (about to blog the story). You know something, I never visited Prague just in case I bumped into you and you thought I was stalking. Aint that a hoot?