Sunday, September 30, 2012


It's already the end of September already near the end of the year already autumn almost winter, and I haven't done a single thing. Literally haven't doe a single thing.

I mean I've done stuff, but there's all this other stuff.. and all this stuff that I was supposed to do and need to do and expected well not exactly expected but wanted to have done by now..

yeah I know, why do I even bother I mean I don't bother but why do I even bother updating. well cos.. cos I feel like it.

That's all.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Well it wasn't quite 20 years..

One can now again enjoy a nice whiskey or vodka or other spirit containing more than 20% alcohol here in the Czech republic, legally, provided it was not brewed/bottled in 2012. Oh did I happen to mention you couldn't.. well not unless it had been bought before or brought back to the country from wherever you happen to be..

Ok, it started when a couple of weeks ago there was some tainted alcohol being sold here. Apparently fake booze, laced with industrial cleaners or something horrific like that, in regular bottles, so you can probably guess it was pretty fucking poisonous, and some people died, and many got very sick. As you can imagine, this was quite a big deal. This was just before I left for Israel, and it was a big story while we were gone.

Just before we got back, prohibition was introduced. We returned to a city full of jazz and bobbed hair and rolling down stockings and ok, I exaggerate, but hard alcohol was not allowed to be sold.

Beer and wine's status stayed the same as it was, so life for us here changed remarkably little. Some spirits and liqueurs were still available, and bars got inventive and had cocktails with.. like other stuff. There were witty jokes on bar signs, offering non-alcoholic cocktails.. and prohibition parties with flappers on their signs, back in those temperately warm mid to late September of 2012 days...

Then today it finished. Any spirits made before the cutoff.. I guess any from 2011 can be sold and served again. That's still a lot of booze that will be gotten rid of, and it seems as if my first guess when I heard about this was right, it was a mostly  to put a freeze on selling alcohol so that all the poison shit could be gotten out of the system, and would not continue for very long. It's still not completely over I guess, and a lot of places have lost a lot of money over this.. but, one must be as safe as possible, one supposes. I mean without entirely giving up alcohol that is.

Monday, September 24, 2012

So much to do.. so much going on.

Opportunities. There are lots of them, it seems. I keep reading something somewhere that I know I could do, indeed be good at, and if I present my credentials, what there are of them, in a good light, I could be in with a chance depending on what criteria decisions are made, how formal/informal this stuff is, of which I have no idea, and if I went forward with even half of it, I could be doing pretty well.

So far I haven't. That is, I haven't compiled letters, updated cvs, posted my details. I will, I just haven't yet. Yes, the sooner the better, and for some of these things the proverbial boat has possibly already sailed but.. I don't know what's holding me up.. I just can't. Well I can but I'm not, and I don't know why I'm not.

I should. And I will. It may not be early enough, and it may not be enough but I'm sure I will. At some point.

You see how hard it is to be me?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's all downhill from here.

We're at that time of year. And by "we" I mean those that live in a place that is not too hot for weather, and in the Northern Hemisphere. I don't know what percentage of the world's population that is, but it's a large percentage of the population that we (there's that we again) pay much attention to. Sorry Southern Hem, I know what it's like, I was once one of you.

It's the official beginning of autumn, the equinox, the time when days start getting not just shorter, but shorter than the average. It's getting colder the leaves are getting yellower, things sort of get more mellow and quiet. At least that's how I seem to be experiencing it. I mean, it also spells a time when I really need to get off my ass the get doing something, you know, like work, but after a month on a film crew, and 2 (albeit one of them was for just under 24 hours) trips out of the country in 2 weeks, I feel very settled. There's a better word for what I feel but I can't think of it.

It's not so cold and this weekend has been quite lovely, looking anyway, didn't get out too much, but that's alright, there's plenty of autumn left, and some of it still might be warm and sunny enough to really enjoy. I'm waiting for the leaves to start falling in enough numbers that you can walk through the streets on brown leaves all the way, there's no point if you can't do that, really.

So happy autumn everyone. And happy spring everyone else. And for everyone else, enjoy the warm weather.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Where We Were

Jerusalem Old City..

Israel. Jerusalem. Old City.

Back doing things.. and stuff.

Don't laugh. I was doing things, and I am again, sorta.

Went to a casting this eve.. a sorta, get to know y'all for the year sort of thing, I think. For a film school was quick and painless.. I think it's more to give the students an idea of what's in the city than anything. I think I did ok though.

Gonna get back to hat business soon.. and when I say back I mean, start finally doing something, or rather, get the various things we're doing in a state that's presentable. If you don't know what I mean by hat business, which you don't, well, hopefully you will soon enough.

A lot of hats in Jerusalem, btw, very interesting ones too.

Oh yeah, just before I left I had a meeting, you know with one of them imaginary internet people. Seems that they really are just int he computer, because the meeting never happened. Oh he said there were reaons, but I know the truth.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Home Again.

Just got home, now, well about an hour ago, an hour and a bit ago.. somewhere near an hour ago give or take, from a one week, or almost one week trip to Israel.

Went to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, swam in the sea, danced in clubs, spent a lot of time in a house, chopped vegetables, got attacked by a dog. Stuff like that happened.

Kind of tired right now because we stayed up last night to catch an early flight and haven't gone to bed yet, I expect I'll sleep at some point, but might have more stuff like details and photos later. Probably will.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Those people.. they claim to be real people!

You know how there are these.. "people" out there, for want of a better word, that are like people except they're on the computer, and you see them, you chat to them, might get to know them pretty well and talk regularly, get to know things about them, see pictures where they look like real people, know things about them like they have families and houses and stuff..

well they're real people. It's true. I figured this out a while ago when one of them turned out to be real and lives with me now, and then I met another one of them, but that's a while ago, and the people went back to being little icons with user names and all that.

Now, I am supposed to be meeting another one of these alleged people, who has apparently, with his family come to visit our fair city. Imagine that! Another one of them is a person, a true person that walks around and stuff. That makes 3.. well, if this one turns out to be like, real and stuff. I suppose we'll see.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This is what it looks like.



Monday, September 10, 2012

And the word of the day is..

I dunno.

Purgatory? It's kind of where I currently am, that is if you overstate it severely and call something a thing that is very unlike what it is. I guess.

Right now I'm in between things, I could say. I've been trying to get things done, because I'm off again in a few days, and have things I need to do before then, and other things I'd like to do but it doesn't help when the monitor just stops working in the middle of stuff does it? Well? Does it?

It doesn't. It does give me an excuse for not getting things done which, tbph, would likely not have been completed or even began had the monitor kept on going as it should. I have other reasons for not getting round to stuff. Well not so much reasons as it's what I always do, monitor or not monitor.

The monitor is working again now, btw. Not on this comp,m it's working on the other one though, and the other one is one this one, which works.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Note to self.. don't piss off the "service man"

Well.. we went to Nurnberg, just for a day, or a bit less than a day, did a lot of walking around, saw a castle and some other things, ate a bit, not much, cos there are not shops there, and.. had an interesting bus ride home with someone called Bara. She didn't make it all the way to Hlavni Nadrazi however.. the bus attendant or whatever you call her did not like her from the beginning..

to be fair, she was kind of annoying. Very annoying, drinking.. and smoking I think.. not allowed on buses of course, talking very loudly in Czech, English and a few words of German, well 2 which she kept repeating and well..

so that was fun. And overall Nurnberg was ok, it was kind of because of a mistake that we went there anyway, and it's a nice town.. no veggie places were open though, and today, a Sunday, very little was open in general, oh and like I said they have no shops.

But it was nice and I have a lot of pics.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

I guess the next stage begins..

Off on an adventure today. This might be worthy of.. something. Did a bit of "shooting" the other night but due to our organization.. er, there wasn't any, we didn't get exactly what we wanted and will have to revisit the whole thing.. still, I think we learned something that night, well, that one should ideally be organized.

And there was a screening last night of the film of the play, the one with the play within the play.. I did it in April. The night was kind of.. well, it ended early, and we got there kind of late, when everyone, almost everyone was gone. I did get to see the ole director and we had a good old chat about the those days of shooting.. *gets all wistful*.

Today I'm going to Nuremberg, Germany. Just for the day really. It came about because well.. bit of a mistake and we have this ticket so we're going. So it should be fun and it'll be something new to photograph.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I'm not sure..

I know what to do with myself.

Oh dear, it doesn't take long to get back into the swing of.. nothing really.

A few things coming up though.. a lot actually. Got a shoot tomorrow.. *doesn't say anything about it or anything* ok it's a shoot for one of my projects.. finally.. it should be simple, don't have the means to do something like the film I was just working on, but it'll be good to be out there, making.. er, well what we're making, again.

Then there's a premiere of the movie/play I was in in April.. then a trip to Germany, and then..

well, we'll see.

So it's probably just as well I've been pissing around the past few days, it's the only rest I'll get. Well there you go.. I've used my time wisely :).

Monday, September 03, 2012

Just being me.

It's been a dull day. I have a million things to do.. literally a million and I've only just sorta started on one of them. What else is new? Well, I got another message reminding me of the depths of bullshit that is being me.. something I need to sort out tomorrow. Same old boring bullshit.

I have no idea what's in store for me the next few.. months. Well.. I know of a few things but apart from a few trips coming up.. I don't know. What will I do.. how will I.. er.. earn? It's all a mess right now because instead of some very important things I should have been on top of weeks ago, I'm only now thinking about how I should be doing them now, while not really doing the other stuff that's also really important.

I get tired of being me sometimes.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

In hibernation.

I tried to sleep late this morning, but a certain furry little creature wouldn't let me. I have trouble sleeping in anyway. I managed to get more than 6 hours but I'm pretty tired and have been all day.

I'm guessing the next few weeks are going to be rather lazy relative to last month, which isn't actually anything to sneeze at because.. well.. most people's lives who don't work in mines or whatever are lazy compared to that, but, although I have tons of shit to do, I'm reckoning I won't.. forget that.. got lots to do and I'm gonna do it!

Hoping that will motivate me..