Friday, December 28, 2012

A return to normalcy.

I keep thinking there should be such a thing as normalcy, though I've never seen much evidence for it. In any case we're currently in that strange space between christmas and the new year which are a few normal days that feel somehow like they shouldn't be, or something. It doesn't even really make all that much difference in my personal life, but it just feels different. What feels different to what I don't feel qualified to say but it's somehow different, though it really shouldn't be. There's so much I need to do, so much I want to do. None of it really direct, like.. need to go and purchase this or that or meet with whoever.. it's all.. stuff I really really really really should do, and some which are a combination of want and should, but now being merely 4 days before a new year I've got myself an excuse to just wait those few days. I shouldn't use this excuse/these excuses for there are many, because once I get to the date where I should do this now.. there's a reason to leave until the next Monday, and then I don't think of it and then.. well.. then it's not anywhere near the milestone anymore and well.. there's like a kind of normalcy already set in.. and.. well.. enough of this. It's a lovely day and this might just pass over to the weekend for once. Seriously.. we had a 5 day long weekend and the day the 2 day post xmas week starts it decides to get all pleasant and stuff.. it'd be nice if it at least carries over to Saturday.

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