Monday, December 24, 2012

Oh so quiet..

It's very quiet. Not necessarily here, there's noise, tv.. music occasionally.. not necessarily in this building, not during the day, for although it is an official(ish, well I think official) holiday here, there's been drilling and banging going on. Started really early too, it was still dark, not that that is saying much. I mean... just quiet. Quiet out there.. no people, few cars, trams few and far between actually only night trams by now, reduced christmas service. Oh and nothing's open so.. if I were to take a walk outside, and feel like popping in somewhere for a drink, I may have to walk pretty far. There should be shops, and the hostel across the road but.. not much. It will be quiet in general this christmas.. I probably mentioned it, something about orphans having found families, I don't mind, I kinda was glad but it would be nice to, like, be around other people. It's also good that there aren't any other people, I mean.. other people.. what for? It will be merry enough I think, as long as there are some shops still open by the time we go for that walk.. got no booze in the house yet.. hmmm.. *gets shoes on and stuff*

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