Friday, December 07, 2012

Start Spreading The Cheese.

I had one of the most frivolously annoying visits to a supermarket today. It was one of those things that is not pointless you don't want to mention on it, or even dwell on it a second after you're in the moment but extremely irritating in that way that totally small things that don't affect anything anywhere are. Just too many people, and people who happened to be right in my way every time I turned, hovering right over whatever produce or product I was just then interested in checking out. I told you, pointless, no big deal, but why were those people there? Every single time I needed to turn to a particular spot, there was someone standing spread out, with a huge trolley, somehow taking up as much space as possible so I couldn't go past? Vexing I tell you. And then the in store radio station belts out Frank Sinatra in anticipation of being in New York. I could have been there you know, right now, I could have been there had I not wasted my year not making any money. Now I'm here, alone, talking to the internet while my better half as they say in the parlance of these times, is living it up in that very city, or at least, physically there and doing a lot of wandering around alone, though he is getting to meet with people and go to bars and stuff. I want to meet with people and go to bars and stuff!!! It doesn't even have to be in New York, I'd be happy to go to the bar downstairs and meet with people and drink beer. I actually could do that because chances are there are people I know there, and maybe I will, who knows. Just another pointless day.

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