Thursday, August 02, 2012

At this point, I don't know.

What I'm doing, for one thing. That's not entirely true. I know in a very broad sense what my job is, I just haven't been doing it to any standard that isn't pointless, and I know more about the details of what minute to minute work is needed, not entirely but little bits of information keep coming to me, and well to say I am doing that well would be inaccurate. To say I'm doing it poorly, would be correct.

Ok so I pretty much suck at this. So far, I might get better at it, but I'd like that to happen more quickly. I don't think I improved much today over yesterday, but it's still early.

I thnk I like it overall, I mean, it's very early starts, long days, it's been terribly hot, there's a lot of waiting and confusion and noise and people and... stuff, but I think when I look back on this I will think I liked it. Quite possibly I do. At least a little bit.

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Zarie said...

Whatever you do don't give up.....It's okey to sometimes not know...Just go with it. Good Luck!