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Today is day 202 of 2020

Here's a picture.


I'm afraid it's going to get a bit negative here..

Just for a change.

It's raining, and very cold for July, especially in this rapidly burning up earth. I'm feeling kind of chilled, after coming home earlier from a completely pointless jaunt to the bank to try and find out where my originally sent to the wrong location bank card had been returned to. I still don't know after mang phone calls, attempted phone calls, email and facebook message. That was the irritating part of the day.

The truly awful part of the day started later. Our landlords have been truly awful of late..
and YES WE OWE BACK RENT BUT FOR FUCKS SAKE THERE WAS/IS A GLOBAL PANDEMIC WHICH SHUT THE COUNTRY DOWN!!!! Both residents of this abode depend on industries that are particularly affected by this i.e the tourist industry, and we have been paying along the way just not enough to catch up yet. 

Oh and my company has resumed operations, just on the weekends with a skeleton staff... which I found out when I saw the big red buses and our guys with our red umbrellas with my own eyes... they don't have work for me, only 2 tours a day done by one person (I mean I'm one fucking person aren't I?) and they don't have money to pay us for the last week we worked in March. Well they have money but they need it for investment. I mean I just need money for rent and food, and the other things that us plebs squander it all on, so it's all understandable.

So we owe rent. I did some work for them, not well received but I did it, and we've been paying a daily amount that she calculated, and trying to scrounge for money every day. Not a convenient system nor one conducive to letting someone get an actual job which actually pays weekly or monthly after you've been working for a while but such things don't bother her. 

Today we don't have the money. And she had no interest in giving a few days before the next payment, no, money today or we're out.

Well that didn't happen. At least I think it didn't. We may have been saved by someone she respects slightly reasoning with her, her own disclination to be bothered in the night and the rain or.. I think that's it.

So safe for now. Tomorrow is another day. And days start very early around here.


A Square

The back and forth between imminent doom and just scraping by continues. As that rumbles along in the background, here's a picture I took today.


Get Me Outta Here

2020, despite the elegant symmetry of the date, has not been good to me. It started poorly, went downhill from there and the rest is a strange time in history which we all, everywhere on this earth have experienced together. 

The pandemic has been hard on me, as I've explained enough for to be nearing "ad nauseum" levels and it isn't getting better. 

My life has been a mediocre catastrophe, that is deeply stressful, always on the edge of destitution, but in a really boring way that's not worthy of writing a novel about. And it's not getting better.

July decided to slap me in the face, with me being roped into servitude for my landlord, doing jobs that were not properly explained, that the tools were not provided for and that I didn't feel confident doing. So I did a poor job which I was reminded of repeatedly, nevertheless I was expected to be on call for this work I was not (apparently) capable of barely getting done.

I did that until the showdown. Not with me, I'm a pathetic appeaser who lets people treat me like that, but I'm not the only one who lives here. Not everyone puts up with shit like that. And that was it, we were more fucked than before. 

So I spent the night talking on the phone, fielding intrusive questions (how much do you think your work is worth? Zero apparently) and how much do you think you owe (well no more than half of what you claim fuck face) and generally panicking. 

Then everything got saved, some friends talked to her, helped out a bit, and danger was averted. For now.

What I really want is a miracle. Some (realistic) good fortune or help is not going to get rid of this shit now, and once and for all.. so I'm afraid only a miracle will do. How exactly do I get one of those?


July 2020

Six months in already, time sure flies when a pandemic strikes, the country shuts down and you're in quarantine watching your measly funds dwindle away, occasionally taking a walk to the shop amongst the masked population, restrictions ease a bit and you don't have to use a mask all the time, funds keep dwindling, most businesses open up but yours doesn't because it's in tourism, you've pretty much run out of money but the landlord still wants rent, of course, they hold a huge dinner on a historical bridge to celebrate the end of coronavirus restrictions and then it's July.

I for one am looking forward to the plague of poisonous frogs. Here's a kind of pretty picture of ducks on a river before they're all dried up in August's fire storms.


Same Old World

Times are still strange, in this post pandemic, pandemic, pre second wave of pandemic world. Not sure exactly where we are. Things have happened, statues have been toppled talk has been had but let's face it, this plague, these protests, these economic problems are not going to change shit!

We, or rather those in power are not going to (let us) do things better, share the wealth, save the earth, stop being so fucking racist.. no a couple of dolphins swimming into bays or not, industry will roar again at full force, and everyone, barring the many who've been laid off will be expected to get in their cars to go travel to a location where they do work they can do from anywhere. And defunding the police, if it ever happens will be a debacle that really achieves nothing. It will all go on as it has, except we'll all (at least the despicably ordinary) will be a bit poorer, and things will be more expensive.

I may be feeling a tiny bit cynical here, and I confess it's entirely selfish. This whole shutdown has been a disaster for me and I'm wallowing a bit. Well a lot. My work, which is as a tour guide hasn't started again yet even though lockdown is officially over, sort of. Not a whole lot of tourism right now.

I have no money, I'm making no money, any attempts to get money from whatever work I can do, my (ex?) employers, friends etc has failed. Of course, just because the whole world shuts down and makes you unable to earn doesn't mean you don't have to pay for stuff. I've been stalling things for a few months now, hanging on, having a shoe box to park in, eating and even having the luxury of shampoo until a few days ago but it's all about to run out.

So conclusion: The world has always been a pile of shit, if we're to be honest, and it doesn't seem as though it will get anything but worse. Yeah that's my personal view. Sorry to be a downer.


Spinning Around

The world still spins, life goes on, slower than it usually does, and I'm still here, in the same spot. It's now May, the world is still on holiday but things are slowly thinking about what they're going to do next. None of this makes much sense but then nothing much does.

Restrictions have slightly loosened here, and people are being more casual with the restrictions that remain. The city remains quiet for this time of year, but not quite a ghost town.

That's a lot of words to say not much, so here are some pictures.


Life During Quarantine

It's been slow around here. I mean it's usually slow for me, as in there isn't a whole lot to write about at the best of times.. now it's pandemic time so...

I've done nothing, very close to literally nothing if you exclude the occasional breathing and walks outside which are still allowed, mostly.

I have spent most of my time in, just hanging around, despite the weather which for once has given us a beautiful start to the spring, but here are some photos from my few minutes outside this month. Happy quarantining.