That about sums it up.

I learned a new word today. Kakistocracy. It means "a system of government that is run by the worst, least qualified, and/or most unscrupulous citizens."

No comment πŸ™„

Another vaguely palindromic day is coming up on 20-02-2020, ie Thursday, though not quite as exciting as the last time, but one can still observe.

It's also Fat Thursday, which is not some American Pie eating celebration but the last Thursday before Lent and strangely enough it's a day of feasting. Not so much a day of praying but nevertheless St Vitus Cathedral, at home in Prague Castle (one of) my workplace(s) is opened only limited hours that day for "liturgical" reasons, and Fat Thursday seems to be the only Catholic holiday happening that day, so they might make that work. Either that or the Archbishop has a thing.

Anyway I'm not even there on Thursday but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

This is not St Vitus Cathedral, but St George's Basilica, and convent, also at Prague Castle.

I hope those links are all correct because they're a pain in the ass to do on the phone and I'm not going to bother checking if they work ok.


02/02 2020

Hey nerds, it's here! First completely palindromic date since 11/11 1111, which likely passed by with nary a notice by the average peasant, too busy ploughing the fields and eating turnips and dying of the plague to appropriately celebrate this momentus occasion. Don't know what day it is or even the year? No excuse!

Yeah I know the plague came later. The fever then, the common cold, anything really. Point is they didn't pay attention. Or at least I have no evidence that they did and assume, without any further investigation, that they didn't.

So it's up to us to mark this date. Which I just did, so that's done. I'm leaving you with an image that is entirely unrelated to the subject.


Fabulous February..

or Fab Feb, as one would obviously shorten it too. It's here, meaning the ominous month of January is over, at least for this year.

I'm afraid there's not much change. All my problems haven't disappeared, and nothing spectacularly unrealistic has happened to make things infinitely brighter, and it's been 19 hours already! I'm a tad disappointed.

However the month does hold some gems, particularly this year and especially if you're a bit of a nerd, as I am.

First of all it's (along with September) Alliteration Month, something I'm sure was just made up by me but it means that it holds days where the day/date/month all begin with the same letter. This Feb only has one which falls on Friday the 14th of Feb. Which brings me to...

Valentine's Day, on the 14th... Alliteration Day...the day o' love. Doesn't really count as I don't really celebrate this bullshit Capitalist holiday, but it's still there if you're into that sort of thing.

This year we get a bonus February day, being a leap year, and Leap Day which isn't an official term as far as I know, but I'm not the only one to use it, which means all those people born on the 29th of February get to have another birthday, after a 4 year break. The rest of us just get to take a leap and do something adventurous, which also isn't necessarily a custom but it was on an episode of Frasier and it's as good a reason as any to do something..

Spoiler alert. I almost certainly won't do anything exciting or different or even the least bit interesting on the 29th.

Now, drumroll please, we've come to the most exciting one. Tomorrow February the 2nd is palindrome day!!! The date is the same backwards as it is forwards, and I mean with the whole date with the full year and everything!

Well you need to put an 0 before the date and month, but you should anyway. Then you get..

02/02 2020

Isn't that just remarkable? And it works whatever order you do the date in, whether it's the American way or the right way. A very rare occurence, it hasn't happpened since like 1111.

Tomorrow's also Groundhog Day where a rodent tells of the coming (or not) of the early spring. And the annual rewatch of the Bill Murray film of the same name, for people who do that kind of thing.

Happy Nerdy February all!!!!


Nearly Over

It's nearly over, the month o' Jan, this dreary, broke, empty, drizzly, miserable month. Just over 6 hours now.

Then what? Well the sun will come out* all my problems will disappear and nice things will start to happen... like it always is...

(This is where you insert that now somewhat outdated record scratch side effect)

Ok so previous years this hasn't always, or ever been the case, but it's still January's fault, it has to be, otherwise all this bullshit is a symptom of this new year, this whole year which is going to last a year!!! Or just my life.

So I'm being optimistic, or perhaps delusional but I've decided that this shit belongs with this month and this month only!

*well not as it becomes February as it will be midnight


An image to brighten things up..

in this miserable month..

St Vitus Cathedral, at Prague castle, in the cold winter sunlight.

I should, for once stop being so negative and count my blessings, January is not so bad, it has it's positives, like;

* January is the deadest month of the year, and if you are working in the tourist industry, which I do, it makes the work day a little more laid back, and if you are something of a lazy person, which I am, that is a blessing.

Especially now, as late last year a combination of poor management and Prague bureaucracy took our main sales team out of the most prolific locations of the city and for us it's even quieter than usual this year. It also means the company is downsizing which is going to be a complete disaster for me but we can't have everything.

*It's winter so there's snow, although there hasn't been any snow.

*All the shows come back after the Christmas/New Year hiatus, at least by late Jan.

That's all I got. Still sucks.


Don't bother reading I don't have anything joyful to report...

It's January. Notoriously a dreary, miserable, grey and drizzly time, or if in the southern hemisphere a dreary, blazing, boiling and if in a certain part* of that hemisphere in a certain year** literally on fire, dreary, miserable with bad air to boot....  whatever that means.

This January does not disappoint, by which I mean... it's pretty disappointing, or more accurately, totally sucky.

My whine is a perfectly mundane one so I can't even grasp any relief from the idea of being the heroine of my own dark, romantic tale. I mean I could, but that would be like, totally lame.

Money problems, continued lack of dreams being realized, more money problems, trying to step up and do the responsible thing regarding said money problems and having it get in the way of the aforementioned as of yet unrealized dreams. That one really pissed me off, I mean, I wouldn't have gotten that casting because out of all the relatively many but still too infrequent castings I go to I never get them, but still..

It's like this. If I had done it there's a 0% chance I would have gotten it, but that I couldn't do it because I had to rush off to work after agreeing to cover a shift for someone the evening before because of the money problems I have already alluded to as well as the sense of responsibility I mentioned, and they decided to invite me to the casting just after I'd agreed to work.. I didn't get to do it.

If they'd been organized, I would have had a number that corresponded more to the time I arrived, ie really early, and if the director had been there on time it may have happened and I would know that my failure to get the role was entirely my own fuckup/forgetability/face and I could rest easy, this way, I'll never know.

I felt so good about myself getting up early to go there and then to work, and what do I get for it? Nothing! Why even bother.

I mean it's not like it was a great role and it wasn't all that well paid and this agency has been calling me more regularly recently but dammit, I was good I want my reward!

Fucking January! I want it gone.. and I don't want to hear about how January's nice, it's a fresh start, and the weather is nice where you live because it's cooler or your birthday is in January.. I'm sorry you're wrong the month officially sucks and it's all going to be over with in 15 days and I won't have to deal with this shit anymore because it's Jan's fault.***

*the exact spot I'm from, which had a day that reached 48.9 C at least one day.
***except for the debt which won't be paid off by then, and the continued lack of ambitions realized and oh, the other stuff.


I'm gonna rouge my knees..

and roll my stockings down.

Or the socks anyway... whatever the 20s needs an update πŸ‘½

So here comes another year and even a new decade (well unless you insist it doesn't begin until 2021 but that's no fun)

It's gonna be the 20s! Finally a decade with a proper name!

Time for 2020's resolutions:

1. Do all the stuff I've been wanting/needing to do and going on about doing all these years, (see this very blog for about the last 15? years of said things).

2. Actually do the resolutions I set myself for the year.

That's it. Happy New Year, have a groovy night and a wonderful 2020! πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ˆπŸΈπŸŽ»πŸ‘»πŸ˜»πŸ€‘


Merry Christmas!

From all of us here at Mutant Cat. πŸŽ…☃️πŸ˜ΊπŸŽ„πŸ‘»