Wednesday, February 08, 2017

A photo..

little snowdudes..

of snow. You're welcome.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


January is a shit month. It's winter, it's the wind down after the festive season, it's back to work time, it's dark all the time, except for where it isn't but it is here so there.

It's just shit. Crap month, everyone's depressed, everything downhill. It's the 31st today which means it ends tomorrow, technically in 8 1/2 hours in my time zone. It'll all be over, it will be gone. For another year.

So that will be it, except reality isn't really like that, and when things are shit and a new epoch begins it doesn't necessarily mean things will somehow start to shine it just means that even more time has gone since you've earned any money and all the stuff you auditioned or applied for that you hoped would be replied to by the end of the month is officially not happening  and that it's time for the utilities to be sorted out (or not if you can't sort them out because it's so long since you've earned money) and it's time, I mean really time this time, not time like the other times when you said it was time to actually get off your ass and get shit done not like the other times and getting off your ass isn't only deeply unpleasant it's proving to be utterly ineffective and a wall of rejection well not even rejection just blank space is greeting you and the outlook for the future looks dimmer as every minute passes. At least it does if you're me and I am so it is.

Anyway, I've been in kind of a funk, in case you didn't notice.

Monday, January 16, 2017

We got snow

We got a bit, it faded or melted or something, it snowed more, then that melted and I think it's been doing both those things again since, maybe a few times. I, of course, took some photos at some point.

Meowy..    some snow and stuff
trunk..still putting away xmas..

Sunday, January 01, 2017

We Go Again

Happy 2017, yay. New year, new.. number on the end of the date. Ok so it's sort of means something, if only because it means something to us because it means something to us, therefore it's meaningful. Whatever the reason, this is of course when people get healthy for a while, go back to work and all that. Re-evaluate their lives and plan to finally get on with it, whatever it is, "resolutions" sometimes. I don't have any resolutions. At least I didn't write down any specific ones, or say it out loud, so I don't have any to fail to keep. I do have a slightly higher determination to do the stuff I always intend to do, every year, every couple of months, every month, whether it's of the "get a job" variety the times when I don't already have them, ie now, most of the time, "get a better job" when I have one, "do better at my job", "quit my job" a lot of work related ones, usually to do with being displeased with my current status of it. Then there's acting, music the stuff I've always wanted to do and am still aspiring at in these er.. autumn years of my life, is it autumn, or could I still pass for being in late summer? I think August is about where I am. Anyway I'm rambling, maybe I should stop doing that *writes idea down*, but I have made some small achievements. I practiced the guitar a bit today, and did my half assed language training that I do most days and I cleaned the shit out of this computer and I don't want to get ahead of myself but I think, really think I maybe have kind of fixed a problem that's been pissing me off for months. *fingers crossed that it takes* So yeah, New Year and all, couldn't not chime in seeing as I have a habit of doing these timely, themely things. So Happy New Year. Hope it's the start of something beautiful.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

merry xmas

Festive cheer..

Thursday, December 22, 2016

holidays, shmolidays

It's "that time of year", the time of xmas, the solstice, festivus and many more holidays too numerous to mention ranging from thousands of years old to slightly fewer thousands of years old holidays based on the older ones with slight changes to relatively new ones to considerably new ones with various levels of basing on older holidays based on still older holidays, aka "the holidays". So we got that out of the way. I'll be having a modest one which I expect I usually say. Just staying in, having a half assed, partially based on a modified version of 2, maybe 3 different traditional xmas meals, with not a whole lot of booze this time seeing as one of the parties involved doesn't drink, that said the party I just now referred to is not oneself so one may choose to indulge, perhaps, quite a bit. And that's about it. There'll be some quiet giving of a small number of modest presents, perhaps a tree or at least an artwork somehow based on a christmas tree, not my responsibility so not sure what's intended, and a kitty. yes, we have a kitty, just for christmas, it's Cecily again, if you know who she is. It's weird these holiday thingies. I always know it's not going to be a big thing but I always feel it should be done properly, with everything prepared ahead of time, trees and tinsel and engaging with other people and lots of food of a particular sort and all that goes with it, so I do nothing until the last moment, when I realize oh shit christmas is like, tomorrow and everything is going to be closed from like, yesterday so I go off in a rush to get all these things I absolutely need to get to have everything just perfect and I get like maybe, um, one of them. And that's what I'm doing now. I mean the nothing bit, not the actually kind of doing, or trying to do the stuff bit, no, it's way too early for that, there's still like 2 days left until christmas, 3 if you don't count all the days everything will already be closed, so maybe tomorrow at some point in the early afternoon I'll feel like I really should go out and, you know, stuff, but I'll decide I can't be bothered and anyway there's still another day. Then the next day I might rush around like a mad chicken and get nothing done and then the holiday will come and we'll be here, eat and watch tv like we always do which is always fine except we'll have a kitty here. and that's about it really. Merry Christmas and all that or whatever you celebrate. Hope you've got all your shopping done and everything is good.

Friday, December 09, 2016

why hello

it's another month yet again, the last o' the year I thought I'd sign in. Being a lady of leisure these days, ie between jobs ie unemployed I have plenty of time to write so I've no excuse, except I couldn't be bothered, so here's a picture instead. I consider it sorta seasonal. getting a bit cold..

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


So I managed to do one thing this year. Among all the others of course but none of that matters, the thing that matters is I was in a movie. You don't see me, really, and barely hear my voice, but I was in it. At least one, and now I can look forward to the next year and hope there are more and dammit there better be a fucking load more!!! Anyway, done, chickens hatched and counted, recovering (slowly) from a flu (grrr) that's put me out of commission and unable to go to work (yay, sorta) for a few days. This is me as I appear in the film. guess who