Thursday, November 29, 2012

There's time yet.. just.

It's one of those days. You know, that day that comes every year, where everyone makes a big deal about you, and gets you drunk, sometimes there's cake, and you're a year older.

I mean every day is one of those, for many people, but we each get only one. Mine is today. Yes.. another year older. All I'm saying about that is, not 40 yet. Ok ok, I'm 39 today. 30 fucking nine that's like almost 40!!! That's like the Patsy Stone's fake age that she was for most of her 40s and possibly longer but.. 39!

Well.. age aside, it's my day and I get to go out somewhere nice, and drink, and have lots of people post on my Facebook page. It's not so bad. And it's still not.. you know.. actually 40. "They" say life begins at said age which I am not yet, no that's not this birthday, and well, I'd kinda like that if it was true really.. it would be a good excuse for the pathetic utter lack of achievement I've attained for this not spring chicken age I've arrived at.. and if I start then that would also mean I've got another whole year of pissing about, maybe preparing a bit no mostly pissing about..

but I feel that "they" overstate it, and probably are just saying that because well.. they feel like they're old, which I'm not yet because I haven't gotten there yet. I might do a Patsy and stay with this one for a few years, I was 29 for a while actually.. or I would have been if I could have gotten away with it, but.. well. I'll see. Anyway, I'm off, well not now but later and might not be able to sign in later or tomorrow so if I don't see you until then Happy Birthday to me. ;)

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