Sunday, September 09, 2012

Note to self.. don't piss off the "service man"

Well.. we went to Nurnberg, just for a day, or a bit less than a day, did a lot of walking around, saw a castle and some other things, ate a bit, not much, cos there are not shops there, and.. had an interesting bus ride home with someone called Bara. She didn't make it all the way to Hlavni Nadrazi however.. the bus attendant or whatever you call her did not like her from the beginning..

to be fair, she was kind of annoying. Very annoying, drinking.. and smoking I think.. not allowed on buses of course, talking very loudly in Czech, English and a few words of German, well 2 which she kept repeating and well..

so that was fun. And overall Nurnberg was ok, it was kind of because of a mistake that we went there anyway, and it's a nice town.. no veggie places were open though, and today, a Sunday, very little was open in general, oh and like I said they have no shops.

But it was nice and I have a lot of pics.

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