Friday, March 30, 2012

I need information people!!!

Once again I'm in a sort of limbo, purgatory, a halfway house of waiting...

so.. it's the usual, everyone wants to know exactly what I'm doing a month and a week ahead of time, but take their sweet ass time sending me schedules and the like, and in the mean time something else comes along that I'm too late to make requests for time off for, but I don't know yet if I am available, and I send a note to the powers that be about it just in case, and neither them, or the people who are hosting the new possibility get back to me anytime soon, while also being kinda vague about other things..

so I just don't know. I'm doing some stuff, but the other stuff I'm not sure about.

I'm not even talking about the other stuff.. that isn't even the issue here.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things Change..

And things happen. Got some stuff going on at the mo, or at least I should have.. kind of procrastinating about 4 different things right now but tomorrow I have to get onto at least one of them.. probably should try for at least minimally dealing with another one of them as well.. I shall see.

Actually I really need to get some shit done, apart from some of this being long overdue already just because, I've also taken a kind of plunge which means I should deal with one of the other things like, right away.. actually before, if that makes any sense. Well I haven't yet, so I should soon.

It rained today.. there goes that lovely perfect start to spring we had... I spose we'll get that back at some point.

Monday, March 26, 2012

It's Monday.. so..

back to work, I spose. Of course, I don't have a traditional work week myself due to being employed in the tourist trade, but I am working tonight, after quite a few nights off due to rehearsals and other things like.. well, after a few nights off.

And I figured I'd blog again.. but what of? *thinks about it*

How about this? The word o' the day...
Tellurian \te-LOOR-ee-uhn\ , adjective:
1. Of or characteristic of the earth or its inhabitants.
1. An inhabitant of the earth.
We must keep in mind that we are, or should I say have become, hybrid personae, part tellurian, and part extraterrestrial.
-- Robert Silverberg and Karen Haber, Universe 3
What special affinities appeared to him to exist between the moon and woman? Her antiquity in preceding and surviving successive tellurian generations…
-- James Joyce, Ulysses
I was not familiar with that one before. *tries to think of a way to work it into daily conversation*

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stupid trivial stuff that really annoys me..

I used to have a bit of a series running of this sort of thing, you know, those little things that "everyone" does, or that we "all" have to deal with every day in normal life and is annoying, minor, mundane things, things that are so insignificant we would be embarrassed to write about it and seem like we're whining whiners who can't get through a day without complaining about tiny little things that kinda annoy you for a second and then you go and write anyway..

rambling on like an idiot is one, and over use of quotation marks is another..

ok those aren't what I'm focusing on today.

So, I did some shopping earlier, got my stuff, got in line to pay and the people in front of me were taking their time, #1 annoying thing, like most people I don't like being made to wait.. and they had all this stuff, and were taking up all the counter with it.. so they were done and I paid, but they were still there with all their stuff fiddling around with their change and chatting, not trying to be quick about it or anything, and I paid, then had to move on the other side of her to get my change and didn't have room to put my stuff away..

that was annoying. This in general is kind of a pet peeve. I really like to get all my stuff in a bag and out of there before the next person in line comes bearing down on me, I dunno.. I just feel like I'm taking up time and space if I'm not out of there quickly.. so, the sooner I'm done putting purchases and change and whatnot away, the better. I generally do it pretty quickly and don't have to worry about the next person breathing down my neck, not that they usually are, I reckon for the most part people don't care but I just like to be out of there quickly ok!!! I just do.

Now when someone still has all their shit on the counter, and I can't start bagging right away, it slows me down, sometimes I need to just squeeze in the corner and get the stuff handed to me straight from the scanner cos there's no room for me to stand at all... don't like that much either.

I know that people have reasons for taking a long time, they might be just.. slow for some reason, or the person before them took a long time to get their stuff out of there and I would be the breather down the neck in this case.. and that's ok, I'm tolerably ok with it all if the person can't be quicker.. it's just when they're taking their sweet ass time for no reason, they stand there while all the stuff is scanned through and only when it's all paid to they begin to slowly put stuff in bags.. or they stand there and chat and half heartedly do it, or the money thing, it doesn't occur to them until the last second that they're like, supposed to pay for this stuff and they scramble around for their wallet and then the money in the wallet.. perhaps not exactly the same thing but vexing all the same..

and yeah, that's the thing, the stupid annoying thing that bothered me today. There were some others, but I won't go into it now.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

These creative types!

You know, we're lucky, I'm lucky to be surrounded by such talent, such genius, people who are willing to work with me and who are so eager to do so much... such greatness.

Now if only one or more of these people could ever be bothered to be like, around, and not too busy or too whatever to actually meet with me and do something.. that would be really great.

*doesn't grumble or whine or anything*

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just the right balance..

12 hours (or thereabouts) of daylight.. and then 12 (or something kinda closeish to that) of night. I think it works. Well that's what we should have today, it is the spring equinox (in the northern hemisphere) and well the other equinox in the other hemisphere, so pretty much everyone everywhere should be getting the same hours of light and dark.. not just us on the 50th parallel or whatever.. isn't that nice?

It's also pretty awesome that it's spring, officially.. or so they say and it was actually warm today. And I saw flowers.. little yellow blossoms, they're out. The yellow ones bloom much earlier than the others, I've found.

Happy Spring! (or autumn if that's what it is where you are, or happy another hot day if that's what it's like where you are).

Monday, March 19, 2012

Now for the next step...

It would be easier if I knew what the next step was.. there's so much still to organize and put in folders and update lists and...

scripts to be written, a backlog of stuff to be filmed which.. I'm still waiting for certain circumstances in my living condition to be changed before I do that.. I know, excuses excuses it's a poor one but it makes a difference! It makes a difference.

Ok, script writing. *wonders which thing to start with and what things do I have anyway*

I need to sort out all the things that need scripts, and I need to make a list, multiple lists, and put them in folders.

*wonders where to start with all this*


Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's good for you.. really it is..

As part of these rehearsals I've been going to for this play that's on that I'll be in, we do a series of warm up exercises. I kind of like them, while sorta not liking them, but I like that I'm doing them. We do mostly the same stuff every week, with a few variations, and I've bee trying to do at least some stretches and whatnot every day, and only this past week did I succeed in doing them every day, I think it's helping.. slowly, but it's helping.

For some reason today, when I'd finished the warm up my arms were fucking killing me! I couldn't figure it out.. the same ones we do every week but it had never been this painful.. I suppose it's all good, if it hurts it means you're doing it, but I'm just hoping that it isn't all to painful tomorrow and therefore I don't feel liked doing any exercises so I don't do any exercises and because I didn't do any exercises the one day I'll get out of the habit yes it is that easy to get out of the habit of this sort of stuff and I'll quit doing it. That's the problem here. I'm kind of determined to keep battling through this even if it's painful but determination doesn't necessarily help with me.. I mean, I'm determined now, as I sit here, writing about it...

Friday, March 16, 2012

I could be mistaken..

but I'm feeling signs of spring about...

well it's warm, I guess that signals something of the sort.. haven't seen too much in the way of foliage or even more than the most minutely budding type as of yet but then again I don't spend a lot of time outside and in places that things grow, so there might be more than I've had a chance to encounter.. it is a bit early for that but I'm happy to take the relative warmness now... and hope that this is how it's going to be and not just an anomaly which will grace us for a few days and then dip back to giving us a hint of winter for a while, and then warm up again slowly.

In any case, I'm gonna try and sit outside for a beer this eve, wish me luck.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What is that doing here?

A hat on a ledge.

Just a picture, for no particular reason.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

*puts on spectacles and stuff*

I haven't done this for a while, on the odd occasion I actually jot something down here, it's something personal and pointless, but, I used to have this thing, where I posted stuff that was er.. not so personal and pointless. One of them is a word.. you see, there are these words, and every day there is one. It's the word of the day, or as I like to call it..

Today's word is: Dowager

I like this one, it's all quaint and old fashioned and stuff... the meaning..

dowager \DOU-uh-jer\ , noun:
1. An elderly woman of stately dignity, especially one of elevated social position.
2. A woman who holds some title or property from her deceased husband, especially the widow of a king, duke, etc.

1. Noting, pertaining to, or characteristic of a dowager:

Deeda Blair rhapsodized about the exquisite atmosphere of La Grenouille and La Caravelle, two of the leading temples of fine French cuisine, where she’d lunch with the dowager philanthropist Mary Lasker or the ubiquitous Nan Kempner in the early 1960s, when her husband, William McCormick Blair Jr., was J.F.K.’s ambassador to Denmark and they’d stop in New York on their way home to Washington.
-- Bob Colacello, "Here's to the Ladies Who Lunched!," Vanity Fair, Feb. 2012

She trusted the dowager, and respected her deeply. But that wasn't the issue.Which world was she living in? For the time being, that was the point.
-- Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

Dowager stems from the Latin word dotare meaning "to endow." In the middle French, it came to mean "pertaining to a dower," or the gift/payment that a wife's family gives her husband when they are married. Entry and Pronunciation for dowager

And I'm proud to say, that I kinda already knew this, due to my fondness for classic literature, particularly, the kind that's by and about, (and generally for) ladies.

*adjusts aforementioned spectacles*

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Productiveness.. sorta.

Another rehearsal today for one of the things I'm doing. I say one of the things I'm doing because I'm doing things, that is, things, more than one thing, thing plural.

Well.. ok, so one is a real thing and the other is only a sorta thing at the moment, well.. ok, it's beginning to look like a real thing. There are other people involved and they think it's a thing so it's thing ok.

Speaking of things, people talk a whole lot about things these days, it seems. Everything is a thing.. I mean, everything was always a thing but now they're "things". I find it interesting.

Anyway, rehearsal was interesting as usual, did some movements, expanded on my character, all that. Yesterday's meeting for our new/future "thing" was really quite productive, not so much for me but for the techno dudes doing technical stuff, it really yielded some col results, there's potential there.

Anyway it's all so exciting, all these things. Can't wait til the next thing.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

I just want my life.. er space back.

You know, I'm almost getting used to this, this 3 humans 1 cat household, as opposed to the usual 2 humans 1 cat.. I have to make myself think about it to really think about it, it's just, how it is now. After a few weeks, almost a month, maybe a month.. it feels like something just always was, and will be for a long time still.

There are times when I make myself think about it, which makes me think about it and it makes me think of the lesser problems of this situation. I mean, I think of the parts that are most bothersome, ever present even when I'm not really thinking about it, but sometimes I'm reminded of the subtle ways things changed around here. Not having my own, our own space. It stops you from doing things, or makes it more difficult when if you're me that pretty much means you won't. This is the biggest problem.. so many things.. ok, maybe one or even 2 things.. not getting done.. because.. because well.

I want things to move on.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Well.. we've had meetings and stuff.

So, no new material to present as of yet, might be a while for a combination of a few different reasons, however.. large things are on the horizon. We've like, talked about it and made notes and planned meetings and everything! So watch this space. I mean, not now, I'll let you know when it's likely that something will be coming up but.. you know.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Just get me more coffee..

something new.. ish.