Thursday, April 30, 2009

First day of filming!

It was the first day of filming today.

Erik's going tomorrow.. *crys*

I can't get into any of it right now... *burps*

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dear diary, journal, whatever the kids call em..

And time for another installment of details-of-the-last-day-I-did-something-interesting-or-different.

Yesterday I extrad on the "WWII film". I met the dude, director's assistant or whatever at a tram stop I was not previously familiar with, it's by the train tracks in an area full of abandoned stuff, and I waited. There was a sign telling us extras to wait here for a while, so I waited for a while, and took lots of photographs. Obviously he was late, and it was particularly windy yesterday, dusty even.

This is starting off really boring.. sorry, bear with me, rest will not focus so much on trivialities. Or it might, I haven't gotten to that bit yet.

He showed up, then we had to wait for the other extras, who were late. Then they showed up on a tram. They all seemed to know each other so I was kind of hanging out on my own, occasionally saying a word to someone. We went to a place called, what I thought when he first told me was a meat factory. But there was no meet there, just a huge graffiti dude on the side and some cars at the front. Actually the name is "Meet Factory" and it's a place where artists and whatnot do stuff. Apparently.

A vaguely related but not all that interesting point is that I saw this from the train when I went to Karlštein few weeks ago. I'd actually first recognized a church I photographed from the train, and then when I walked up to this building, I remembered seeing this place with cars on the walls and thinking it must be some car yard or something, how wrong I was!

So, we went in and changed. We were to be Jews, concentration camp, er inmates to be more precise.. yes, particularly cheerful. He alerted us to a bunch of uniforms and dresses and said take what you want. I let the other girls pick whatever and then took the dress that was left over. Pretty normal looking, not like the striped uniforms some of the others were wearing. We waited around, then some guy came and gave us armbands with stars on them, they were white, not yellow but whatevs.

We waited around more. I took lots of photos of myself, posing.

After some time we went out to where the one scene we were in was taking place. Everyone went down without any stuff, so I didn't take my bag, phone, camera.. it looked cool down there, and the actors had cool costumes, but that's the way it goes.

Come to think of it, it's looking like this is going to be long and drawn out, go ahead and quit reading if that's your tendency, it's not going to get any quicker from here.

The scene was set up, we got in a line, the actors got in their places and we stood around like that for ages. The dude came and put tape on the ground to mark our spots so we could rest a bit. Then we needed to adjust positions so he changed it, this happened a few times and took quite long. Most of the time we were standing there, in position. We amuses ourselves a bit waving to people on the trains going past. Some of them were perplexed, or at least interested enough to gawk.

After about an hour, or so it seemed, we rehearsed a few times. This was mostly for the actors, but we had to be in position. This took about 20 minutes, maybe 35.

Then we adjusted ourselves again, the director, dp and other film people discussed stuff.. and then we could shoot. Finally!

We shot one, it was ok. Shot it again, had to change things a little, went through 3 for times and they had the basic scene down. Went through it a few more times, some with a train going by, or police sirens drowning everything out, and others where there was a slight problem for some other reason. All this time, standing in position.

And again.
7824 comes with me
But the number is on the list?
Well the list is wrong

and cut..

Let's do it just once more.

So we did it once more. There was a problem with the dolly or whatever, it was bumpy. The next one was ok but a plane or train or something was causing noise. Then they realize that Daniel (line #1) who I know from Meisner class 2 years ago, not that it's relevant, was in the scene waiting to walk in at the beginning, so he had to go further back. Then a few times he came in too quick because he was too far back to get his cue. Finally he got it right, but there were problems with bumpiness or something. So a few times more. Then he got it right, at last! But of course it's good to do a few more.. all the time, we're standing there, in line, in position.

I had the wrong shoes on by the way, but I don't think it mattered.

So a few times more and then we were done. It was much later than I'd expected it to go, but we couldn't go back yet because they might want us for another scene, but at least we could relax and have some refreshments. Drinks and ham sandwiches, yay :)

We sat, ate and stretched our aching whatevers. They told us they weren't going to use us for another scene so thank you, we're done, but I still had to wait for the guy who could unlock the door to the meet place so I could get my stuff, so I hung around more. After a bit he led us back up there, let us in and we changed... he asked us to wait so he could get our names, so we did that. I was done and ready to go, so I walked down on my own, everyone else was hanging around chatting.. no hurry at all.. and the door was locked, so I had to go back up, wait for everyone else to be ready and the dude to unlock the door and be let out.

And then I was done.. and that's it. I mean, I did then have to go and pick up diet cat food from the vet, and it took me 4 trams to get there because of a combination of the places not being compatible tram lines, me not knowing either place so well, a few adjustments in the system recently and my lack of bearings when I'm on the other side of the river which I was, and then after that I had to walk part of the way back to the pub I met Erik in afterwards... but none of that is the point of the story so I won't go into that.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Where is my mind..

I had so much to say about the rehearsals I had on the weekend, the one for the film I'm actually acting in, but I forgot all the interesting stuff. Oh well it was just interesting to me anyway.. something like the difficulty of having to hit the spot while acting simultaneously curious, scared but not that scared, kind of aloof and some other things.. but that's acting for you, it's good that I'm finally getting a bit of practice at this whole so called "skill" :). And it's turning out a positive that we're rehearsing in the actual space.. it takes me that long to get the movements right, without even thinking of being in character.. ah to be a professional..

I saw duckies! Nothing to do with what I was just saying, but I went for a walk and saw baby duckies.. awwww.. you know it's spring now. I also saw a rather cute member of the parrot family, or whatever family birds that are sort of parrot-esque belong to, a colleague of my boyfriend's moved into the flat that used be my "office" after the previous occupant had to leave suddenly so we went to see it, it was interesting seeing a place that was so familiar to me done up so differently.. well anyway, she has a bird.

And speaking of colleague's and boyfriend's and work stuff that other people do, he's leaving for Singapore soon, for a month. It's cool I suppose, for him. I was kinda looking forward to May but whatev.. people have lives I suppose. Other people.

That's pretty much all.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Busy busy busy!

So I was a ghost yesterday. I wore a 19th century black widow's type frock that didn't fit me, and I had a red wig, bonnet and parasol. And lots of deathly ghost makeup.. the skirt was big and flouncy and I kept knocking things over with it.. and stepping on it but I didn't have any huge accidents.

A lot of waiting around with the other ghosts, so many opportunities for photography, of myself and others, there were a lot of cool costumes there. My role consisted of walking back and forth across the room in front of a green screen and looking gloomy. Sounds easy but as I mentioned before, the skirt was longer than I'm used to and I had to talk at the right angle so my face could be seen so I did that rather clumsily.. I guess it looked ok though. I also had to stand in 4 different positions twirling the parasol, and the first time my wig got tangled up in it because I had to co-ordinate that while holding up the "shawl" a piece of black cloth that was pinned to me to cover up the fact that I couldn't do up the back, and keep the bonnet from falling off the wig so that wasn't so easy either. I did manage after the small mishap however.

And that was it.. it was a relief to get that garb off and back to my regular clothes. I then had another appointment with the director of the other film, in which I have a proper role, at his flat.. somewhere quite close if you walk directly there, but not so close if you walk around the block up and down every street a few times because you don't know where the street is and you forgot to bring the map you printed out. I got there about on time, just to wait around to see if the other actors would come... but I did some rehearsal, opening the door and acting tired, and I was done.

I got to relax in a nice pub for a bit then, which was nice after all that.. when I had a meeting with someone for business that should have been done days ago but for once in my life I'm busy so I have to run around meeting people at metro stations in the evening to get things done.

Another rehearsal for my main film again today, which should be shooting the end of next week.. and I'm an extra in another film about WWII.. so there'll be costumes and reports on that too.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yes, I was right!

I don't know what I'm doing. I might have mentioned that. About this "acting" thing. The director, as I recently mused might also be putting on airs about knowing what he's doing, actually seems to have a pretty firm grasp on that very thing..

I had a meeting/rehearsal today, went through some scenes, was asked to play them with different things in mind and every time said the words with a slightly different emphasis not necessarily related what one would do in those imaginary situations. Then I walked around a bit miming stuff, which felt and probably looked ridiculous, but that's what you do, that's what the pros do except they do it properly.

I remember him saying something that perfectly encapsulated his demonstration of being really serious about this stuff as well as knowledgeable, combined with my response to it, which was to feel completely bogus*, but I don't remember what it was. Perhaps it will come to me later. Something to do with being far away and close.

Maybe it was looking in the mirror and seeing something intimate in myself. That's part of it.

Well it didn't go badly, I'll get better as the rehearsals go along, and when I'm on the actual set and I have other actors to react to. It usually does.

I have another rehearsal tomorrow, after acting in another film.. now I feel all lofty, funny it's been ages since I've done any acting at all, I'd almost forgotten I even do it, and now I've got all these things going on. Well two, and one of them is just something that anyone who wants to show up can do, but for me it's something.

* not in a colloquial c. 1990 way but in the sense of feeling like a fraud.. a pretender to the thespian title, a pseudo-actor etc

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

.. and I am to have tumbling locks of cascading golden curls..

Seriously, I am.

In the movie I'm doing. The director is very particular about what he wants re the look of his characters. It's a bit different from the others I've been in which were with directors doing the one month summer course, it was all much more haphazard, this guy is doing the year course and by any comparison I'm in a position to give, he is downright professional. We're having rehearsals and discussing character, and no doubt he's having serious conversations with his technical staff (other students in his class) about stuff.

It's early days yet, something that didn't exist in any other film I did, seeing as it was mostly about a week from the casting to the one day of shooting, and we're still finding our characters and the feel of the script or however the real thespians call it, so I get to feel all lofty and stuff. It's satisfying :).

So he asked me if I'm ok with him changing the colour of my hair, and I said it depends what.. he laughed and assured me it wouldn't be purple or anything, which strangely enough I wouldn't mind so much, but he wants it "gold". That's not so far from whatever colour my hair is, so a bit of mild bleaching colouring should do it. I hope. And I'm hoping the curling, the other thing he wants will be a temporary thing. I don't know if they even still do "perms" these days but no one who does is getting there hands on my mop. There's such a thing as too far.

And I'm being a ghost in another film. I get to wear a really cool old fashioned black frock in that one, which pleases me tremendously.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I feel empty.

Inside. Just in case you were wondering. Something is just.. not there.

I have these things I'm supposed to do but I'm putting it to the back of my mind, just far enough back so I don't have to articulate exactly what it is that needs to be done, it helps with not having to think about it. A little, but there's still the anxiety that resides somewhere near where I've pushed the aforementioned things, that is just clear enough for me to know what it is. It's annoying but I just can't do anything about it right now, I mean, you'd think employing myself somehow would help alleviate the emptiness somewhat and take care of the whatever it is that needs to be done as well, 2 birds one stone like, but no.

If I figure out what it is that's bothering me I might be able to get on with it. I dunno, eventually the time will come when I can face it, but not right now. Tomorrow's a possibility.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, I finally heard back from the guy about the film, not the ghost film where I'm not really an actor but an extra, which should be this week, or the other thing that I might be doing which isn't a film, and I haven't spoken about it yet so you wouldn't be thinking about it anyway, but the film where I play a real role. Maybe I mentioned it. Possibly I didn't.. well anyway I'm going to be in a PCFE film and the director has been postponing starting rehearsals for one reason or another and finally got back to me yesterday. First he called while I was in a quite charming new bar/cafe we were hanging out in and I didn't hear the phone until too late.. and he didn't call back. But luckily he emailed. I had meeting for 8 this evening but it's been put off again until tomorrow.

Yes I am only writing to keep the blog updated.. Sad isn't it.

You should watch this, it's funny. Fucking funny.

Friday, April 17, 2009

And the answer is.. Just Don't!

I think it's time to sharpen all our brains a little bit, so I'm giving you a quiz. It's about Sex in America, focusing on the "teens" or the "children" depending on how much outrage you want to drum up. It's by The Concerned Parents of America a concerned lot that want to make sure kids get the right sort of sex ed, that is Abstinence Only.

Don't worry if you're not American, the quiz is dead easy.. all you have to do and I know I'm totally ruining the quiz here, is choose the worst possibility each time, with no regard for logic, or any facts you may think you know about sex, science or statistics.

Actually I lie, in question #6, "What percentage of new Chlamydial infections in 2000 occurred among 15-24 year olds?" the possible answers are, 25%, 54%, 74% and 100%. The answer is not 100%. I was wrong. The answer is 74, so not that bad really.

Other questions include:

1. What percentage of teen women using contraception will be pregnant within 2 years of use? The answer is 21% which sounds high, and leads me to believe they're not using the words "using", "contraception" and "2" the way I would. And teen of course, but what do I know?

2. How many young women between the ages of 14-19 years old in the U.S. are infected with at least one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases?? Yes, the double question marks are theirs, the answer is 1 in 4, and no mention of the young men of this age.

Then there's 2 questions about condoms being any good for preventing anything nasty, answer being "they don't", and one about hormonal contraception preventing STDs which of course don't but apparently teens in America don't know that so what the fuck.

A few more about diseases and how many young teens/children/adults have them. Answer is "a lot", and then..

9. What % of teens that practice abstinence from all sexual activity either contract an STD or become pregnant? And finally we get a positive answer, which in this case is 0. It sounds like a no brainer, but if you take into account that many of these "abstinent" kids don't exactly stay abstinent, and when they fall of the wagon they are more likely to go commando so to speak, and are thus more likely to end up diseased or with child, it's probably something that should be mentioned. Then there are the "not really sex" types of sex that abstinent kids often to which can also give you diseases n stuff. And of course, abstinent doesn't really mean no sex evah, it means no sex until marriage, so.. after marriage, I suppose pregnancies are always wanted then, all of them, all the time, (cos you're not sposed to use the rubber thingies or pills then either) and the other stuff.. well.. you're beloved shouldn't be diseased should they?

10. Oral contraceptives have been shown to be associated with ________________?
Breast Cancer
Cervical Cancer
Artery-Clogging Plaques
All of the Above

And the answer is... of course, all of it! Those pill things are just that bad. Now.. I don't know much about this stuff, but I call a big fail on this one. I can't see this as being anything other than a bare faced lie. I mean the other stuff is twisted statistics and irregular wording and leaving out whole chunks of relevant data but.. is this actually based on anything?

11. Teens that have sex at an early age increase their risk of delinquency. True of course. And it's that simple, really. There are no other factors involved.

14. Virginity during teen years is associated with decreased likelihood of divorce later in life. This is true. I don't know if this is based on anything either, but if it's true, it's got absolutely nothing to do with the fact that people who come from more traditional backgrounds are more likely to remain virgins until married, and are also less likely to divorce if they're wretchedly miserable/being beaten, raped and held controlled by an abusive spouse.

15. Girls who are living with their partner (cohabitating) are less likely than others to experience contraceptive failure. False of course. Nothing good can happen to those that live in sin. The girls anyway. Then they try to tell you that people who use contraception have more unintended pregnancies than those who don't. This of course means.. ??? Profit. Or something.

And that's it. I learned a lot. Most of it being that nothing makes sense and there's no point in anything, so why bother? At least that's what I think I'm supposed to take from it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm gonna upload a photo now..

And you can either comment on it, ignore it, draw a moustache on it...

This is Sparta!

The ideal would be to give it a caption, but whatever tickles your boat..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ruh roh..

Ghosts! Again.. I've been one before you know. Now I get to be one again on Friday, for a short film.. I'm only an "extra" this time, the filmmaker just needs bodies who can put on a costume and be a ghost with a green screen and.. well it sounds like fun. And I get a costume!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday SQNEA #5 or alternatively 1.2, the return of the kettles..

Blog Announcement! I have decided from now on to, for the purposes of brevity, which I've found to be quite necessary in these cases, abbreviate "Stupid Questions Nobody Ever Asks" to it's acronym "SQNEA", though the Tuesday will continue to be written out in it's entirety.

Today's question:

Has anyone, ever in the history of the world, put fish in kettles? And if they do, do they use the same on to boil the water for their coffee, and if so, isn't it ick?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Holiday schmoliday.. it's Monday, and all dorks work on Monday!

*drumroll) and the WOTD is:

Well actually.. and I know this spoils the momentum here, but in the interest of accuracy I must note that it's actually yesterday's word o' the day... carry on,


That's the word. Now before you click on the link, I want you to think about it. What does pulchritude sound like? I know what I think it sounds like. It sounds like... something sorta.. it sounds.. well.. it's hard to put in words right now..

This is what it is. Beauty. That's it, or in more detail,

That quality of appearance which pleases the eye; beauty; comeliness; grace; loveliness.
Pulchritude? Means beauty? Loveliness? Seriously? I mean.. it so doesn't sound like anything like that.. it sounds.. ick, and hard.. and unpleasant and harsh and all sorts of things that aren't what it is. I mean, what were they thinking when they named it what it is? No wonder why no one ever uses the word. Seriously. Anyway here's a bit of an exert where it was used, might make you understand it better:
No stranger aftermath developed after the war, Thorek recalled, "than the sudden hope, surging through feminine -- and sometimes masculine -- hearts, that where nature had been niggardly in her gifts of pulchritude, the knife of the surgeon could remedy the lack."
-- Elizabeth Haiken, Venus Envy
Um. Venus Envy? Seriously? I think I'm done here.

Before I leave I'll give you a bonus word is.. and it's actually today's word:

susurrus: A whispering or rustling sound; a murmur.

Now that's a bit more suitable.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

And onto Sunday..

Easter Sunday. This is the one that's supposed to be happy. I'm pretty chill right now, and not because.. continuing on with the Jesusian theme which I so love and am so knowledgeable about :) because our saviour has (or is about to . not sure which.. um) rise from the dead, and not because I'm about to, or have coated my insides with chocolate (this one I might) and not even because I had fun colouring eggs (this one I didn't.. kind of long story, actually it's not, I bought some egg colours the other day and put them away somewhere and totally couldn't find them) and drawing faces on them and making my inaugural eggstravaganza of egg family antics...

I think I lost my train of thought. Whatever. I feel like another beer. *burps*

Friday, April 10, 2009

What's so good about it then?

Today is "Good" Friday. So called because on this day* 2000 and something years ago** the son of God, our Lord and Saviour, the nicest, sweetest, goodest guy ever, who could do awesome shit like cure blindness was run up a cross and executed in a particularly gruesome manner by some goons, er Jews. Romans. Somebody, for some reason. And believe me we're pissed off at these people.

Then after 3 days he rose from the dead and went up to heaven, which is a bit of a ripoff after all the crying and wailing that went on, and which we're still expected to do to this day even though we know how the story ends. I'm reckoning that's where the "good" comes in, seeing that not only was the event understandably a quite happy one, but saved humanity at the same time, so not a bad couple of days work. Of course on Friday we're not supposed to know this yet, and still be in the weeping and carrying on stage so I don't think it's entirely accurate. Or it's just good because it's got something to do with Jesus and that's good enough for me. Them that is, whoever cares about stuff like this.

It actually is a pretty good Friday for me, here, now. I'm having a day off from doing what I usually do*** and it's sunny and warm and I'm looking forward to a pleasant day. Beergardens may be involved.

*I know, I know it's not the calendar day but the first Friday after the fourth full moon or some jazz like that.. I'm just sayin.

**Actually if Jesus died when he was 33, and this is 2009 then that would make it 1976 years, that's if Jesus' official birth wasn't made up later by some emperor according to what was convenient and has no bearing on how anything was, and if any of it actually ever happened, which as far as I'm concerned is pretty unlikely.

**Not a whole lot as it happens, but still...

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Begone damned spot.. blemish thingy..

I have what I believe is a cold sore one side of my mouth. It's in the exact spot where another unsightly pimple or sore lived previously, I was looking forward to it finally being gone when I noticed it wasn't noticeably diminished, nay, that another was growing in it's place! It's really annoying, it hurts and it makes me feel ugly. Fortunately I'm something of a homebody these days so I'm not required to go out into the world much, and have the time to potter around the home rearranging and cleaning things in a womanly type manner... and am able to hide myself and my deformity away from the world.

Still, I want it gone. I want to be free to enjoy the sun, the city the people unhindered by an ugly blotch on my face.. I want to do more self portraits, I haven't done any for ages but as may be apparent from what has gone already re this post, I'm a wee bit vain, and I'll be damned if I'm going to show this face to the world..

and.. I might not have mentioned this but I have a movie coming up *looks smug*. I could have reported on the casting, and that I assumed I didn't have the role because the guy took a while to get back with me... well I got it. It's not until the end of the month now though, it's been postponed due to difficulties, so unless another blemish decides to deposit itself on top of the current one as this one is finally fading away which then gets replaced by another before it has gone.. I should be ok.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I thought I was a dork but..

I was going to do a filler post today, not of the days o the week dorkims kind, but one about how I can't even do that because I can't think up a Tuesday appropriate stupid question, because I wanted to make this month the one I do a blog post every day, but I just went through the last few and I failed to post on April the 2nd. So I won't bother doing that. No need to post at all today..

oh wait...

Monday, April 06, 2009

And on the subject o the week..

.. half week.. day or 2.

Everything is back to normal today, got some work done, walked a bit, got some food.. (snore)

This is kind of interesting, if my interesting you mean infuriating, pitiful, scary and hilarious all at the same time.

Barack Hussein Obama

The link is for the Conservapedia article on said figure. If you're wondering what Conservapedia is, it is in their own words "The Trustworthy Encyclopedia". You might have guessed from the name it's a site with a conservative slant, ie without the liberal bias that all those reality based info sites are burdened with.. anyway, the article is what I like to refer to as a doozy,

Barack Hussein Obama II (allegedly born in Honolulu Aug. 4, 1961) is the 44th president of the United States, and previously served as a first-term Democratic Senator from Illinois (2004-2008). Obama and his running mate Senator Joseph Biden won the presidential election after 23 months of campaigning, raising an unprecedented $750 million and spending over $700 million of it, most of which came from anonymous donors. Post-election, Obama's aides surprised some by indicating that he would make an unprecedented speech within his first 100 days from a Muslim capital. Obama used his Muslim middle name when sworn in as President, and chose not to use the Bible for his real, private oath. Elected by claiming he's a Christian, Obama has since avoided attending church on Christmas and Sundays.
Bonus points for mentioning only the most relevant stuff right off the bat... this is how we get introduced to the President.. and well.. you can guess where it goes from here. No he doesn't fix the cable.
Obama refers to America in the third person, as a foreigner would. In his first television interview after becoming president, Obama declared that "all too often the United States starts by dictating."
Obama has espoused the socialist idea of "spreading the wealth,"[11] in other words raising the tax rates on business and the wealthy to a burdensome level in order to redistribute their income to low income individuals... ...To announce his trip to Berlin in July 2008, Obama used posters which show a marked similarity to posters of Lenin and Che Guevara.
Shit, I could do this all day. You really should go and read it for some hilarious paranoia.. here's a sample of the contents list
* 1 Obama is likely the first Muslim President
* 2 Obama and Elitism and Ayers
* 3 Insights
* 4 Charitable Giving
* 5 Aunt is in the United States Illegally
And now I'll stop. Actually this was supposed to be a quick and easy post and run, but after.. a few hours ago.. writing the intro the damn site was down! Can you believe it, you think such a trustworthy website could be depended on to be online most of the time at least.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Well, I "saw" him..

I did it... I went today to see Barack Obama make a speech at Hradčanské náměstí, here in Prague. I actually got up at 6.. well the alarm went off at 6 and we got up a got going at the time that we did, I had my camera around my neck, phone, wallet and foodie stuffs in the pocket, no bags as they weren't allowed... and for the same reason we didn't bring umbrellas, structures, laser pointer or dogs. Too bad.

We stood on the crowded tram all the way, got off the tram and rambled with the crowd down the hill to the square, where we stood with the crowd for about an hour, edging a few centimetres here and there, until we finally went through security and joined the crowd inside. We managed to find ourselves a spot squashed in the middle of the crowd where we couldn't really see the podium, and could barely see the screen but if you're tall enough, like Erik, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of something if you stand on your tippy toes and people's heads just happen to be out of your particular way at that point.

We milled around for an hour and a bit, taking photos of the crowd, of anti radar balloons and banners (they weren't allowed either by the way) one guy who climbed up a statue with one, but was curiously left alone. Being in such close proximity with people you get to overhear a lot, some of it funny, especially without context.. some examples:

"we need a periscope just like they have in submarines" (funny cos of the way it was said, in a dorky American guy voice.. which obvs does not come over in the written form.)
"I wish I was a sniper, they get to see him properly"

and others which I noted at the time and intended to remember but didn't.

After listening to some bluegrass band for an hour, Mr Obama showed up to stage at about 10:19, having been scheduled for 10:00. There was cheering, waving, people raising up taller with their cameras up in the air... lots of snapping going on.

He introduced his speech by saying he's come to appreciate Czech humour and food over the years from living in Chicago... so nice that he's actually heard of us, something I wasn't expecting :) ..that good a pretty big cheer.

After the intro which got a big cheer, he talked a little about history, said the name "Masaryk" with a pretty good accent, talked some about the connections between our nations, (there are actually a few) the Prague Spring, the Velvet Revolution etc. When he mentioned "And few would have imagined that the Czech Republic would become a free nation, a member of NATO, and a leader of a united Europe." there was a snicker from someone near us in the crowd.

He talked about NATO, nuclear weapons, climate change, North Korea's new shenanigans, Iran and the missile defence system, which.. I'm afraid to say he came across as being "pro" or at least sorta. He spoke about freedom, and terrorism but neither word was used more than a couple of times and in ways that were relevant to the subject. I thought the alliteration used when he listed cities when speaking of potential nuclear bombs ("Tokyo or Tel Aviv, Paris or Prague") a little cliched, but certainly a good speech. grandiloquent than most and a lot more relevant, meaningful, and generally listenable than any by a certain predecessor of his.

I tried to snap some shots but he was too far, too many people in my way and there was this thing in front of his face.. I have a couple of blurry, far off shots from when Erik lifted me up a bit but his face is obscured by it in every one that I have... it's bloody annoying. I did get to see him for real with my real eyes though. Looked very small but he was there. Didn't really pick out Michelle from the group the split second I was able to look at the podium, but I hear she wore a pretty dress. And kitten heels.

When the speech was over we milled forward a bit, as some people streamed out, we got forward a bit as he left the stage shaking hands and saying goodbye to everyone, but not enough people left and I'm afraid I didn't see any of it. So we left.

I must say I was very pleased to go to the beergarden afterwards, just to sit down. Standing, straining and edging no more than a few centimetres at a time is not good for your legs or back. And it was good to have beer.

Erik has more. And he got better photos.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Oh how fucking embarrassing..

You know, sometimes I'm quite happy that hardly anyone has heard of this country and pays no attention to what goes on here.. but this weekend the leader of the free world is visiting, and for a fleeting moment all eyes will be on us, just long enough to absorb an opinion resembling "oh those post Soviet Eastern Europe countries are so backward" before relegating us back to oblivion. I mean if "my" (soon to be ousted) leader knew how to conduct himself in formal surroundingss, we might get away with "oh, that's nice, one of those former Soviet Eastern European countries is in the EU and seems normal and stuff", before being forgotten about until the next important person visits.

But no.. after describing the US stimulus package as the way to hell, inspired by ACDC apparently :) it may not be such a pleasant meeting. I think they were going to go to a pub, but who wants to go to a pub with a dick like Topolanek.. seriously. He's (said dick) also pro the missile defence shield, which wins him no points with normal people.

Yes, the "soon to be ousted" bit has a lot to do with it.. And yes, it's embarrassing to realize that my country is a laughing stock and considered by many to be ill suited to the EU presidency. All I have to say is that living here, as long as you pay absolutely no attention to politics, which I usually don't, you wouldn't be able to tell the country is in turmoil. Really, the beer gardens just opened, everything is real cool.

So, yes. I do intend to go see him tomorrow, nice of you to ask. It's strange, if I'd met myself now a few years and told myself then that I'd be going to see a US president speak, (and it wasn't some kind of huge protest) I would have told myself "are you having a laugh? is she having a laugh?" but.. well I might as well, this will be a cool event and photo op.. and though it's in a place that's difficult to get to on a normal day by metro and tram, and more than half the roads around the place will be closed tomorrow and it's quite near the place I recently was thwarted from going straight to and ended up wandering around aimlessly for hours by some regular roadwork, even though it was a place I used to live near and know very well... I think it sounds like a good idea.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Ok now that's better.

My saga is over. That particular saga. I've done the final meeting, moved everything and I still have to sort stuff out in this place and clean up but that's ok. It's kind of soothing. I had a casting and mad a major muppet of myself but I wasn't gonna get that role anyway so it's cool. And it's gotten warmer, and it's sunny. I had a beer in a beergarden this evening and there will be more on the weekend.

I have nothing else to say.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's true! Bunnies really do lay eggs!

It's finally April o joy o wonder o fools will rejoice.

That's me trying to be poetic :Z. It's an overcast gloomy day, like we weren't promised, but the stuff that I needed to do, the saga that I was dealing with is over. Or mostly over, enough over for me to be able to let out a big fat phew. One set of keys, one place to take care of, and no more meetings!

Like I said, phew, but I'd still like a bit of sunniness along with this spring.

Oh and speaking of foolishness, tomfoolery or anything fool related, this is quite funny. Particularly if you like naughty bits based humour.

Not entirely relaxing, letting the hair down, stripping off those "go out into the world to deal with people clothes" because I have something else to do today, but of a completely different variety. I have a casting. That is, you know, an audition for a film like thingy.. those of you who've been reading for a while will know that I used to go on those a lot, and even got results from some of them, but this is the first one of the year.. and jeez, I'd almost forgotten there was such a thing until someone emailed me.

Now, don't know if I'll get the part and it seems that every time I report castings I don't end up getting the role but.. whatevs. The script is a bit.. well.. if I don't get it no biggie. It'd be nice to do some acting again though.

That's pretty much all.