Thursday, February 20, 2014

I am not here. This blog has been removed.

I'm not here, because the blog has been removed. Yes, you heard right. Well you didn't because this isn't here as it's been removed, and you wouldn't have heard it anyway, you would have read it, if you could see it, which you can't because, as I said, the blog has been removed. Not sure how long it will take to get back, or to be seen, if in fact it's back already in which case, hi. I don't know what it was that caused the blog to be removed and for gmail to ask me to sign in and then say there was a problem and sign in again and then let me sign in to see the notifications from 3 different people that they received weird messages from my email and my blog has been removed. Well 2 people, and only one mentioned the blog, and then when I emailed another they said yeah there was something weird and the blog has been removed. Don't know what caused that, a hacker, I guess, or maybe some glitch from the powers that be. Would be nice for them to give me more deets, and to say yeah ok the problem is solved no worries anymore and btw your blog is back but no, nothing like that. Oh well, here I am, writing away on this nonexistent part of webspace, talking to no one. I'm done now, Bye.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's gone quiet.

Well, turns out I don't really have anything to write about, and when I don't assign myself a quota.. I just don't write. It just is how it is. Some things have happened. Got strings finally, for the guitar, you know the guitar I said I got? I may have mentioned it. Well it was missing a string. Still is but I bought some strings.. different ones than the kind on it, and had no success getting it on the guitar.. well I got it on but wasn't able to tighten the string to tune it, well it didn't let me tighten it anywhere near enough before the pin popped out and the string went flying. I will succeed at this eventually, I'm just hoping it's closer to the sooner fo the possibilities because I've gotten bored with my 3 chords that I'm pretty good with by now.. and really aren't playing it much anymore.. my callouses will turn back into dainty little ladies fingers who've never seen a day's real work in their life at this pace, and I really don't want to have to go through the callousing process again. I have a kind of lead on a job, or possibly have one or a chance at one, but who ever knows these things, everyone is either coy about providing details or take their sweet as time getting back to you about things and I'm not one to count chickens, until I count chickens and then it all goes to shit. I will see, but in the mean time I'm still keeping my eye out for, stuff. My other project, you know the one with the classes or rather the meetings or rather the hanging out and being supportive group of actors is also on hiatus or more accurately dead or just never happened.. oh did I mention I wanted to do that? Well I almost did, and then I did and no one showed up, and then the other person cancelled, and then I cancelled something like that, well it never happened, yet. I'm resurrecting that idea and hope this time, or some time I try it it will work and turn into something that's really a thing. It probably won't but I still hope. Very mild winter we're having, I hardly need a hat at all.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Feeling Refreshed.

Ok so not really. I have had some time for the cobwebs to clear out and here I am again. We are now in Feb and as I predicted things are much the same as they were. Well they're slightly different but same in all the same old ways. I am better. Just about now got rid of that cough, not that I'm not coughing at all but it's not keeping me up at night, so I think it's fair to say I'm not sick anymore. Oh and all those things I started? You know those things? There were things, right? Well I stopped doing them. I think. I'm not actually all that certain I started them, whatever they were. I got a guitar. I think I mentioned that and I have been practicing. Just the same few chords over and over for now, trying to make them sound like a chord and not like some flat strumming of a guitar, but it's happening, developing callouses, next I'll get another string for the thing and I'l,l be onto tunes, I hope. I went skating the other day, that is on the ice. First time in forever, at least the first time that I actually got to stay on the ice for a while and get used to it again and skate properly and pretty fast too, it was quite fun. Must do it again before I forget how again.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Let's start again.

All these milestones I create for myself. I turn a new decade and it gives me a chance to change things, make things better, make a new start.. none of those things happen but soon after there's a new year, resolution time! So I make them, and don't do them, so then, the end of the first month of the year that we've decided for really no real reason is suck, and that's over and now it's time to.. for things to... well better. It's February now, so no more whining about Jan and making excuses for stuff, at least that excuse I'm sure there will be others. We're almost a day into the month, and so far it's been much like the lats one, strangely. Oh and it's the year of the horse now too, so, there you go. Time to stride forward and stuff. My whole "every day for a month" thing is done too, so from now on I'll be only posting when I have something to write, which will hopefully be sometimes. now off to learn some chords.. maybe