Saturday, September 08, 2012

I guess the next stage begins..

Off on an adventure today. This might be worthy of.. something. Did a bit of "shooting" the other night but due to our organization.. er, there wasn't any, we didn't get exactly what we wanted and will have to revisit the whole thing.. still, I think we learned something that night, well, that one should ideally be organized.

And there was a screening last night of the film of the play, the one with the play within the play.. I did it in April. The night was kind of.. well, it ended early, and we got there kind of late, when everyone, almost everyone was gone. I did get to see the ole director and we had a good old chat about the those days of shooting.. *gets all wistful*.

Today I'm going to Nuremberg, Germany. Just for the day really. It came about because well.. bit of a mistake and we have this ticket so we're going. So it should be fun and it'll be something new to photograph.

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