Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Those people.. they claim to be real people!

You know how there are these.. "people" out there, for want of a better word, that are like people except they're on the computer, and you see them, you chat to them, might get to know them pretty well and talk regularly, get to know things about them, see pictures where they look like real people, know things about them like they have families and houses and stuff..

well they're real people. It's true. I figured this out a while ago when one of them turned out to be real and lives with me now, and then I met another one of them, but that's a while ago, and the people went back to being little icons with user names and all that.

Now, I am supposed to be meeting another one of these alleged people, who has apparently, with his family come to visit our fair city. Imagine that! Another one of them is a person, a true person that walks around and stuff. That makes 3.. well, if this one turns out to be like, real and stuff. I suppose we'll see.


Ronald said...

Yay... you do it too? Friday evening just gone I had a great evening out with one of 'those', who took the trouble to drive up from Oxfordshire to meet lil ol me! T'was good except I had a problem with my left hand when chatting... I was involuntarily clicking on a mouse that wasn't there!

Michelle said...

Oh dear. Well, I managed to meet 2 of these "people" who turned out to be people.. one of them lives with me now, strangely enough, and then together we met another one, but that's like, 3 years ago now. I think maybe the cutoff for those people being real people is over, maybe.