Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's always something.

Here I sit, in layers, layers! At home, feeling very... er stinky. Still better than yesterday.

If it's not one thing. It's something else. Often it's still that thing as well as something new. At the moment it's the hot water heater. It's not working. Hence the wearing of layers as it's decided to become cold, like, proper preparing for winter cold, as in turn on the heater during the day or at least for a bit to let things heat up cold.. and of course.. well. And I haven't showered. Not recently.

It all started back on Sunday, otherwise known as Dorks With Beer Day. Others would call it an anniversary, but ya know. We planned to do our usual yearly (except for last year when we were in Paris) visit to U Medvidku, to have beer, cheese (me anyway) and just hangin out.

Some time during the day (before I'd had a shower) I tried washing some stuff up in the kitchen which I'd let pile up cos.. I could do it later, and the water didn't get hot. I went and checked the heater and there was this red light on and I fiddled around turning stuff on and off and etc etc etc it didn't work. Erik tried the same, and it didn't work, so we knew it was time for a guy.

Our landlord was able to get a guy, a plumber (thought that was slightly odd) in that evening. Not enough time for a shower before going out, but it was just one day then, so we cleaned up as good as we could.. and off we went. It was an afternoon beer having cos the football was on you see..  by that I mean the American kind so E wanted to be back or his game..and we needed to be back for the guy so.. had a lovely time, drank some beers, I had too much cheese, we took photos and acted like dorks.

Came home, settled in. Was a bit cold, but tolerable. The fixit dude came and well.. there was a part he didn't have you see, and was almost certain this was the problem and he'd be back tomorrow (yesterday) with another one and fix it.

The night carried on, I got some more beers. There was football in the other room, and me in this one drunkenly playing youtube videos and Facebook updating. Quite a fun night, despite everything.

So yesterday I woke up with a headache, but didn't think I was feeling too unwell. I'm often fooled this way, and it turned out, after trying to be up for a while, I did feel too unwell. Fixit dude came earlier than I thought he would, didn't feel like having someone in the flat, but I figured, he'll fix it quickly and then I can take a shower, and have heat and it'll be a little more comfortable.

It wasn't quick. What he thought was the problem wasn't the problem, so he fiddled around more, spoke to some guy on the phone. Then he went to get something from his car. Came back and fiddled around more, talking on the phone and such. Finally.. he told me he couldn't do it and call a proper expert (a not plumber) and they'd get back to me. Well.. I'd resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't going to happen, but I just wanted him to leave so I could lie down. Or rush to the toilet and puke in peace. he asked to use the toilet just before going, so he goes in, fiddles around with something, speaks to someone on the phone again and takes FUCKING AGES!!!!

Then he went and I was able to lie down, at least.

Now it's today and the proper dude is coming tomorrow. It's cold in here, I may havementioned that, I'm wearing layers in my own home and I feel very grimy. I might have mentioned that already too. As well as that someone upstairs is working on their flat, very noisily. I do feel much better though.

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