Friday, December 14, 2012

A lingering headache, a couple of ideas, and quite possibly a new possibility.

I met someone the other night. Someone I'd never met before or even seen before if you don't count this "workshop" thing I went to a few weeks ago which he was also at and we soon figured out we'd both been at. One of them internet meet up things, yes, those people in the computer really do exist! Anyway, about a theatre thing. So apart from having the opportunity to go out, somewhere a bit more glamorous and in the city, to hang out with a real life person and one who isn't the only other real life person I've so much as spoken to recently, the possibility of having new friends, actually new friends, there's something that might actually happen. A play, something I would be involved in. Of course, this isn't the first or even second third or fourth such meeting I've had, with someone about something theatre or film or in anyway creative industries related and it would be the first or very near it such meeting which actually turned into the thing that the whole meeting was about, but at this stage there's still the possibility, and really, as long as there's something on the horizon for me, some time in the near future, it keeps me going. And I had a fun night, got pretty drunk and had a terrible headache the net day, which is a weird combination of good and bad. I'm gonna say it's mostly good.

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