Sunday, August 26, 2012

We're almost there.

I had quite a fun day today. We did fun things, fun things happened, things that are fun to watch were watched, and photographed. I liked quite a lot of bits of today. I think I even liked today. There were vexing parts, and one part that particularly bothered me which turned out to be not as bad as I thought but might turn out to be something lastingly bad, but whatev.. mostly today was, fun, I'd say. This is entirely due to the aforementioned fun things that occurred that were fun to watch that were watched and all that. Not due to like, getting enough sleep, or feeling physically well or feeling like my life is going somewhere and meaningful and.. nevermind the last bit, basically, I should be in a way shittier mood, but possibly a combo of sleep deprivation, said fun things and general weirdness worked for me today.

Maybe it's knowing I have a late call tomorrow, and I can sleep in that's doing most of the "making one feel considerably better than one has been feeling in general of late". In fact, it might be the entire reason.

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