Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Swashbuckling and singing in the rather pleasant weather..

So. Did a bit more with this tv show thingy I'm sorta involved in. This was an acting gig this time. Well.. sorta. I met them at 15:30 at Narodni Divadlo ok so I didn't, I waited and waited and no one was there and I was thinking "they can't all be late" and so I called the guy and he said oh we're held up. Turns out they were all getting into costume somewhere else and were on their way so whatever.. obviously no costume for me then. No fair!

Anway they show up and the word "extra" is mentioned in relation to me which I didn't like so much but we did what we did, first of all sang around with umbrellas and did a bit of a dance routine.. did a lot of getting in each other's way but I guess it didn't have to look too polished so it was ok. Oh and then we spun around with umbrellas. This got us dizzy.

Went down to the river where it was very crowded and shot a bit more, this time a pirate came up and threatened us. It was silly, and quite fun. After that we went to the island to which we'd been vanquished by the pirate and did some more silly stuff. Superman showed up this time as well as some ambiguously weird guy in a mask and a hat that kept falling off.

Overall it was cool.. I try to keep myself from grumbling that I wasn't completely fully part of the cast.. (I didn't get a costume.. no fair) but I do anyway, you know me, grumbling is what I do.

Afterwards we went to a cafe (I was hoping it'd be some cheap pub) and was going to have a drink and then I realized I didn't have enough on me to get anything on the menu so I was hoping the waiter would just go off and leave us for a bit so I could slip out.. but he stayed there discussing something with the others so I sat there extremely awkwardly. Finally he left without asking me again what I wanted so I could slip out quietly. Bloody ell.. can't even go to a simple drinks with cast afterwards without making a fool of myself.. why doesn't anyone go to cheap pubs anymore? What the fuck is going on with the world? Seriously.. this needs to be looked into.

And that's about it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yes.. I'm still here.

I'm here just been.. busy. Well, in a way. I was totally gonna write yesterday. It was in the plan, after walk up the hill, get online, do the other stuff I need to do online, before some other stuff I needed to do but I totally zoned it out and for that I profusely and humbly apologize, etc etc.

The weekend was quite lovely. Erik came back Sat morning after some mishaps.. and it was a lovely day. Took a walk in the park watching everything blooming.. and Sunday was even lovelier and I got to have my first beergarden experience this year ever! The comp is still er.. sleeping but one can't have everything.. though it would be kind of nice but whatever when you're me you can't expect that.

So overall things are cool, and really I don't have much to say. Yesterday's post was going to be about the weekend which is covered in the second paragraph, and yesterday I didn't do much except for not write the post about the weekend so I think I'm up to date.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I was doing just fine.. really I was.

I had a quite enjoyable night last night.. after very typical for me stint of waiting and walking around the block a bit, and going into places looking for people feeling foolish. Talked, drank beer and.. well that's it really.

Today is quite warm and pleasant, the comp refused to come back to life but in these times I really don't care. I really really don't. Well I care a little, not as much as I would if like.. things weren't as good as they are otherwise..

Well whaddaya know..


I mean.. I don't know. There might be a delay. Again. I don't know if or when or what because his phone's dead, and my computer's dead so the chances of us happening to be online at the same time is slim.

Grrr. Fuck. And jesus isn't this typical? Absolulutely typical.

I'm just a wee bit peeved with this all.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kay so that's done.

I interviewed someone today. Some dude to be more precise. It was about a smoking ban that will be coming to Prague soon.. partly, it was also about general work and visa stuff from an expat's perspective.

It didn't start so well.. I was to meet them at Karlovo Namesti. Now Karlovo Namesti is a nice place, a park. A rather big one in central Prague. It covers 2 blocks and has a metro station with 4 exits and 3 different stops for the trams, so it's not the best place to meet if you a) don't know the place very well, which I do.. or b) if you're not specific, which they weren't. And also if you're not on time which they weren't.

I was early, and waited. When it came to almost on time time I looked on the other side, and for he next 20 minutes or so walked back and forth across the road and checked every nook and cranny of that park. After checking out the park I crossed to the shops bit and checked out all the possible points that one could expect "Karlovo Namesti" to be.

Eventually I saw someone with a tripod and walked up to them and it was them.

So we did the interview and it seemed to go ok. I fumbled and fluttered and er.. flubbed.. but there was enough in there of the ok stuff and possibly even some clever stuff to put a decent interview together.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Butterflies.. fluttering in the.. air.

I speak not of spring. I've been speaking an awful lot of spring it seems, how nice it is, how springlike it is, how not really all that springlike it is. I've been doing this about.. oh.. since a little before I finally stopped banging on about the winter it seems.

Well anyway.. I speak of those butterflies that live in our stomach. You know.. nerves.

So.. I got the contact sheet for the interview I'm doing. Oh.. did I tell you? I'm giving an interview tomorrow.. a few days ago I was finally contacted by the expat tv guy about our week's schedule. Oh yeah and the interview and stuff we were going to do last week was delayed.. and I didn't hear anything from the guy for a couple of days. Oh did I tell you? I got that job.. the one I went to the casting for.. oh did I tell you I...

Enough of that. A few days ago I got an email, sent to the whole group telling us when and where to show up and that's about it. My time and place just said "interview".. so I thought.. well thanks. I'll show up 15 minutes before.. he'll give me a rough idea of what it's about and there I'll go. He promised something called a "contact sheet".. but it seemed to take it's time coming.

Well I got it this morning and it gives me all the relevant details right down to a list of questions to paraphrase/base the interview on.. so I can't complain I haven't been briefed..

however. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh... How the fuck am I going to do an interview? I keep going through the questions, memorizing the gist of them, thinking up how it will proceed depending on the potential answers and other stuff to add to it but fuck! I'll fuck it up I just know I will.. everything will be different at the time and I'll go blank.. and say the stupid stuff that I keep reminding myself not to say and he'll reply with stuff I haven't thought of and fuuckkk!!!!

Well anyway the interview is tomorrow.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh Monday.

It's Monday.. traditional day o' whining and grumbling. And indeed, due to a certain fucking volcano I remain here alone, bashing away at the keyboard obsessively to fill the emptiness...

having said that, it's a pretty nice day.. and as I have untraditional working patterns I'm not beginning the work week today.. and I might be meeting a friend at a beergarden later on so woo hoo or 2 is in order.

Oh and it's word day. Today's word is:

scapegrace: A reckless, unprincipled person; one who is wild and reckless; a rascal; a scoundrel.
Doesn't sound like a very nice person at all.

*sniffs disapprovingly*

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The good news is.. it's a beautiful, clear, warm day.

Sunny and springy. Warm and clear and..

it's clear. Clear blue skies. That is no clouds.. no dust, no ASH!

What's the holdup airlines.. when can our people come home??!!?!!!!

Fucking volcano.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fucking Volcano!

My solitude has indeed been extended. I was expecting this.. I thought.. oh for sure now I will be waiting longer than until Sunday morning for the great reunification.. perhaps Monday.. even Tuesday. Three days at the most.. I'm sure of it. It won't be that bad.

Well it's going to be a week! Almost. Not exactly sure.. but longer than I thought it would be!!!!

Fucking volcano.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Don't you just hate it when you're ready to grumble and moan and curse..

and then something turns out no so bad after all?

Well.. I was planning on having a good old grumble, with a lot of shouting and cursing and oathing or whatever you call it. I was planning on doing it up ath the ole cafe, that is one of the 2 internet cafes I altnernate between when the computer is in down time, because the computer at the time was having one of these down times. It died on me again. Yesterday, probably around 19:00, give or take 2 hours.

I did the usual, fiddled around, unplugged and replugged everything, sometimes with a wait, sometimes with a longer wait. I unplugged everything after trying it again this morning and getting nothing and left it all hanging out while I did my stuff.. Well I plugged it all back in, turned it on, and got the beep. The rest is history.

And on top of that, it's been a really nice day. After we were promised rain again. No fair, I've got nothing to complain about.

Oh wait. Volcanos. Fucking volcano. You can probably guess where I'm going from here. I'm sure you've heard about the fucking volcano that went off in fucking Iceland that's completely destroyed Europe's airspace with whatever it is that volcanos send into the air (debris? what debris I can't fucking see anything).. and you've probably also heard that I'm here alone.. going a little mad, albeit having a kitty helps, and having a computer that's now back to life certainly helps but it would also fucking help if fucking VOLCANOS didn't decide to go off just before the only other human I interract with in real life these days was due to come home.

So yeah.. a fucking volcano. Can you fucking believe it?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday something to do with god blogging..

Back in the olden days (the 80s) when I was in primary school in Australia, I used to attend scripture classes every Wednesday afternoon. All the kids in my school, which was public.. (that's public in the sense that it's public not in the sense of posh private school) were sorted into groups of their respective religions and had some nice lady (or gentleman in some cases, I'm sure) come and talk to them about that religion and it's rules and how to be nice and stuff.

I was in the catholic group, with all these other catholic kids who knew what our nice lady was talking about when she mentioned names and stuff in the bible like it was common knowledge. I for the most part had no idea what she was talking about. I think I was in that group only because when my parents were given the papers to fill in they put catholic under religion in a "I guess that's what we are" sort of way, but we never went to church or mass or read the bible or paid the least bit of attention to religion. Not really a catholic, in other words.

I should say I was in that group for most of my primary school years. For about the last year I sat in a classroom with 5 other kids doing catch up work. The last I thing I remember from the catholic class was the nice lady telling us that we must decide that we're catholic and that we'll follow all the rules and go to church every week by the time we're 14 we need to decide because if we don't we'll go to hell. That's right, Hell! The memory is quite strong, and I'm pretty sure I went home and told my parents this and that's something to do with the reason I was in the no-religion group after that. That's my theory anyway.

I've thought about the old scripture classes now and then, in my grown up travels to more enlightened* parts of the world, and it occurred to me that it was somewhat archaic and backward to have religion classes in public schools, as recent as the when I was in school, at the very least.

It was this post that made me think of all this, and in fact the scripture classes are still going on. The post is about a new proposal for teaching ethics in New South Wales schools, and links to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald about how it's a sneaky way for atheists to to stop religion in schools. Apart from the fact that it's a fucking no brainer that there shouldn't be these classes in schools, the article is full of so much bullshit I can't believe the SMH put it in. His main argument is about how Australia's culture has been shaped by christianity.. bla bla bla.. Judeo-Christian all that jazz.. the fucked upness of that is pointed out in the linked blog.. ie "good" and "christian" are NOT synonymous fuck you very much** so I won't go into that.

I just want to point out that he doesn't really have an argument. Let's say these ethics classes really do completely replace scripture and no religion will ever be taught in a NSW public school again. Apart from the fact that this is what should happen and should have happened a fucking long time ago according to the many people who are not really religious, it shouldn't be a problem for those who are either. Remember my story, how I was in the catholic group and was left confused most of the time? And the other kids, actual catholic kids in the class new all this stuff already? Well, you see, they have these places called "churches", and in these "churches", people go and find out all about their religion. And you can go to whatever church suits you, only that church, and not go to other churches.. and if you don't want to you don't have to go to them at all! There are also things called mosques, synagogues and temples, for those who are religous, but don't have a church. There are also books that tell you this stuff, and websites. And parents. Parents can tell you what to do, and often how to think.. all that stuff. And the good bit about all this is that kids only have to follow the shit their parents do.. not always great but at least the other kids don't.

So yeah.. after being in the catholic group, I was in the sit around and do nothing group. Perhaps the ethics classes will be something for these kids to do while the religious ones learn something.. I dunno. And another thing.. I don't really recall what all the classes were when I was a kid, I just know that most of the kids were in the catholic or church of England groups.. and there were a few other smaller classes.. but there must have been non christian religious groups amongst them.. and if not, there certainly should be now.. so the whole equating religious with ethical is bad enough.. but specifically with "christian", in a multicultural country.. is particularly fucking insulting Mr Wallace so fuck you again.

There's probably more but I've ranted enough. This was originally supposed to be a well organized, better written out post but you can't have everything.

*well some of them, in some ways, sorta.
** I don't mean that christians are not ethical I mean that it's neither exclusive nor universal to christians.

Monday, April 12, 2010

*insert blog post here*

I have a sorta serious, otherwise than self indulgent rambling about whatever I'm thinking right now about what's happening right in front of me right now post in my head that I think I won't end up putting out there because.. well I don't know but whatev... right now I'm just doing the usual.

So I'm online. Of course the computer could die again any second but I'm enjoying it while it lasts, it's a particularly happy occurrance (the revival due to whatever it is I did, of the computer) because it's been doing nothing but raining the last few days.. not exactly ideal but I don't really care. I trust that we'll get spring back when it matters.

Monday is Word o' the Day day.. (I think) so I thought I'd give you today's word.

neologism: a new word or expression; the use or creation of new words or expressions.

So if I were to make up a word.. say.. "forfiz" and use in this sentence for example..

"Over the hills forfiz the cows in the sunshine"

and people could generally get the meaning from that and other sentences in which it's used, and found it pleasing enough to use occasionally, it caught on after a while and with the internet and everything before you know it'd be a new word and in one of them dictionaries that includes slang and new stuff.. that would be a neologism.. or that would be neologism. I think.

NOTE: If I bothered to take more time with it, say at least 30 seconds I could have come up with a better word, and a better sentence to put it in. Probably.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I really shouldn't say anything..

so I won't, because it's all going to come crashing down around me anyway, probably as soon as I hit "post". Or just as I'm doing it so the draft is waiting for me to go and post tomorrow.. or something.

Ok so I will. This morning I got into the computer.. I mean I didn't literally get in it, I'm much too big to fit in a computer.. silly, but I did more stuff, I took the front bit of and poked around behind the bit on top of the hard drive near the power switch, or something and when I turned it on it beeped. So I connected the monitor and turned it on and have been having relatively little trouble all day so it seems to work..


it may not continue to work. And before I get accused of being negative again, I'm actually quite cheery about this I'm just protecting myself from getting burned again :) it's done this to me before when I thought everything was going ok so I don't really trust it.

But it's been a pleasant enough Sunday, overcast and rainy but for me, it mattered not one whit!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Aha! I was right!

You know how last week I went to a casting? And it was for something that would be pretty cool and one of the few things going on that I'm castable for? And how I fucked it up?

Well I was right. My audition was "ordinary" at best. I even have it in writing.

However... they seem to think I'd be good as a presenter, and seemed to put down my crappiness due to nervousness.. (and let it be understood that the audition was crappy no 2 ways about it) or something.

I went to a meeting today to meet the cast and talk about what we're going to do. It sounds interesting, but vague. He told us some ideas and we contributed some ideas which he liked. There is a show and a news bit so some of the people are actors and some are presenters, but most seem to be doing both presenting and acting so obvs I'm on the lesser level, not surprising since the audition I did SUCKED and it's quite official.

He seemed interested in the fact I know Czech, which I think he hopes I know better than I do, in fact that, along with the fact that they don't really have much people is why I got this gig, ie the lesser role of just presenter. Hopefully he's not too invested in me being able to speak perfect professional Czech, or I don't screw up our first event too much.. (some meeting thing, where he's going to have a web camera thingy and we're going to ask people questions and stuff :Z!!!!!) because then I might get the ole... er, we don't really need you as you're no good at this stuff and your acting, as has been previously ascertained.. sucks.

Oh dear, I really fit the description of like.. super negative. An opportunity for something pretty cool just shows up, out there, the description of who they want fits me (and anyone really). Not so many people show up for the casting, my audition sucks seriously.. and I get the gig anyway! Who on earth would grumble about that?

*looks in mirror*

Ok, it is good, and I'm happy about it, to a certain degree.. I just don't want to be too fucking elated about the whole thing because;

a) More people might contact the guy and even though they're a last minute show who didn't bother to come to any of the other castings or meetings he'll decide they're much better than me and then will have enough people without scraping the bottom of the barrel.

b) My debut on Thursday will be a disaster, I won't know what to say and I'll fumble and sound like an idiot when the other people will do brilliantly when thrown into interveiewing random people about whatever it is and he'll decide he doesn't need me anymore.

c) This will fizzle out early, before it really gets off the ground and gets to the bit where we get to travel, get paid, get seen sort of thing, like many other projects that are full of enthusiasm and big ambition but ultimately get grounded because of lack of money, people, time, effort etc.. trust me, I know these sorts of projects. My admittedly rather paltry resume is (or would be if they'd gotten anywhere) full of my involvement in such projects.

Of course, I'm being uncharitable here. I hope it works out, not just because I'm in it but because it sounds like a cool idea.. whatever it is. And if nothing else it was good to be in the presence of other real life humans and actually talk to them about something a bit meaningful. Gotta do that sometimes.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I hope I'm at least learning something here..

I may have mentioned the other day I had big problems with my computer.. the very day after my present stint of solitude began.. and I screwed around with it for a couple of hours.. and it was frustrating and annoying and worrying, but then it came back and I was all relieved and stuff.

Well yesterday it screwed up again, but a bit differently yet again this time. Blue screen of death.. a different one than before and then it just wouldn't turn on. I got the ole computer turns on, fan is running but nothing shows onscreen. Won't boot, to put it in fewer words.

I got inside the computer, did a bunch of stuff, cleaned and tightened and unplugged and plugged again and I could go on and usually do but that's the gist. It just wouldn't turn on. I tried a couple of fixes I found online (at the ole cafe.. ah, how I love being in the ole cafe) but they didn't work.

Today I got a tip from a very clever man, to "reseat" everything. The advice came in a phone call from Toronto while I was walking through the park so I possibly didn't get all the proper details but I got in there in the comp, undid everything, left it for a bit and hooked up the other comp (the one that we were using last time the other comp died that doesn't do shit) and then bla bla bla.. I'm going into detail again.. I didn't mean to.. I just wanted to in general complain about how shit my life is.. well here it is.. my life is shit.

Anyway it worked. Well something worked. Sorta. I shot off an email, then went to shoot of another but it shut down, or restarted like it was wont to do so it didn't bother me so much.. but after restarting it restarted almost immediately.. and then again, and again. Then it got stuck for ages on the Windows welcome screen and then it went black.

Haven't been able to revive it since. So here I am, in the ole internet cafe again.. fuck I spent a lot of time here.. or in one of these, I don't always use the right one. To make it even more perfect this computer restarted on me! And flickr won't let me upload!

Grrr and stuff. Oh. and fuck!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

TSQNEA #10 - After midnight.

People are always talking about doing stuff "after midnight". And I mean always, "literally" always! And it makes a lot of sense because "after midnight" is ANY TIME OF THE DAY OR NIGHT seeing as midnight is 00:00 hours. Well anytime of the day that isn't midnight itself.

So why do people use it? It's essentially meaningless.. ok I know that in general use it means "after midnight of the day that you've just been up and awake and gone to work and done stuff in" and pretty much everyone understands it so it's an easy way of explaining that something is happening between the hour of 00:00 and when you finally go to bed.. but.. well I just answered my own question.. and really it's not something that's ever perplexed or interested me.

Except in the case of the gremlins. Now the gremlins cannot be fed after midnight, that is the cute little lovable (though quite misbehaving and devious, apart from Gizmo) furry mogwais.. cannot be fed after midnight, or else they'll turn into the evil and destructive gremlins. What I always wondered was "when does after midnight end?"

I suppose I could look to my own answer of the original question and say, until whoever goes to bed, or until dawn, but it's just not specific enough, not in this case. I mean the gremlins caused destruction, killed people and wreaked havoc in a department store. People really should have all the necessary information they need to take care of such volatile creatures. It was very irresponsible of that chinese guy to be so vague, in fact he should have given a detailed care document with Gizmo, or rather not given him to some goofy kid at all.. who ended up fucking everything up anyway and would have regardless of having more info, so the point is kinda moot, but still.

Monday, April 05, 2010

I'm not just sitting here talking to the cat..

It's day 2 o my home alone stint #3, and far from sitting here wasting time and letting the place get progressively messier, I already did something. Interacted with other people. I went out!

It was to a casting, of all absurd things.. for some bla bla bla bla bla, doesn't matter what it's for, but I went to it. I saw one person I know who I was in one of my first (student) films with. Since then I've seen him many times over the years and sometimes he's been completely unaware he ever met me before and other times has remembered me. Today he looked over and said hi with that "I know you" look and said "long time no see". I didn't think it necessary to point out that I saw him at a casting for some voice work 2 months ago, at which it appeared he didn't recognize me.

The thing they're doing sounds pretty good and it would be great if I got it, but I won't. My audition was average, to put it politely. And of course I always think that and I always say that, and apart from the fact that there's no evidence to point to me being wrong about that, the response I got after it was noticeably different from the response after the woman before me did the same scene. They asked her questions like they were actually interested in knowing the answers, and with mine it seemed like they were going through the motions and would rather have not bothered with it.

Oh well.. I'll try to put it out of my mind so I won't be too disappointed when inevitably I hear either nothing, or a very polite "nah, sorry".. which I'll feel regardless so I just have to focus on other stuff.


Sunday, April 04, 2010

Another post! Oh my...

I've been persuaded to post again today by a reader.. rather by the very fact that someone is actually reading and commenting.. so here I am.

So Erik left this morning. It was a relatively tearless parting, I'm quite stoic and able to amuse myself for 2 weeks (that's if I have my stuff, you know.. like computer.. internet.. but none of that now) and Cooley appeared to be blissfully unaware of just what was going on.

So how have I been spending this Easter Sunday on my own? Well, for the first half of the day mostly pissing about on the internet, having fun tracking the flight and my usual stuff. After about 6 or something the computer shut down (as it has been wont to do occasionally since time of purchasing but usually hasn't caused too much drama) and it didn't restart itself as it does when it usually shuts down (see previous brackets). It sorta did this the other night too but it came back and started working normally again (occasionally restarting itself for no reason or alternatively giving me the blue screen of death for no reason).

So anyway, it just did that no signal thing and the screen went black. So I had to shut the comp down with the button. I tried to turn it back on and it gave the black screen. So I waited. After waiting it still did the black screen. Oh shit am I going to go through all this again.. well I did that again a couple of times. I took the side of the comp and fiddled around in there and cleaned the fan, then I turned it on and heard the beep so I thought cool it's working but it got stuck on some screen and that was it. For a few hours I alternated between waiting, fiddling around inside the comp, turning it on and getting the black screen, or turning it on and getting it starting up and getting stuck on a different screen every time.

Then I started it and it worked normally but turned itself off after about 4 minutes. Fortunately it came back on normally and that's what I'm working on now but who knows how long it will last.

So anyway that's what I've been doing with myself all day. Well.. and this..

Left to my own devices..

Saturday, April 03, 2010

The eve of...


Well, if you don't count having a rather lively and noisy kitty about, which I do so I suppose it's not the right word.

Erik is off again tomorrow, travelling with work, again, this time to Toronto and Chicago for 2 weeks. So I'll be left to my own devices again. I'll be alone for most of this holiday but fortunately it's the chocolate one so it's cool.

Actually I don't have any chocolate.. I might get some. I have plenty of eggs.. so I'll be living lots of partly dyed egg salad for a few days :)

Friday, April 02, 2010

It's a tolerable Friday.

Easter has begun. If one were to pick a particular day that is "Easter Day" though the holiday is more a half week than a day per se, but if one insisted then one would have to choose Sunday. Well, one wouldn't have to it just seems the most appropriate day. However, as I said Easter is more a half week than a day and therefore this Friday (apparently a "good" one) is more Easter proper than say.. boxing day is proper Christmas, though not necessarily more than xmas eve is xmas if you live in a country that puts the focus more on the eve than the day but I'm getting kind of off the point so..

Happy Easter those that celebrate. Happy Jesus' day o suffering if you're into that and happy chocolate if you're into that.

Oh and that stuff I said yesterday? I've been convinced that it's malarkey. Of course, I may have been pulling one's collective leg with that whole post.. if you know what I mean. And I think.. you know what I mean.

So yeah.. bunnies and eggs and switches and all that.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The True Meaning of Breakfast.

Originally uploaded by Ms Kat.
Easter is coming up. In fact tomorrow is Good Friday, the day we commemorate the suffering of Jesus on the cross. And indeed, the whole holiday, from Friday through Tuesday is entirely for the purpose of thinking long and hard about the pain and agony our Saviour went through in His final moments. Entirely. Absolutely with no deviation from the story. We go to church, we think about God and the Pope says important stuff. That's what it is.

And we eat eggs. Well mostly chocolate manufactured to look like eggs but there's significance about eggs in there. Now.. some people *sniffs haughtily* think it's to do with some alleged "Pagan" origins of this exclusively from it's very beginning Christian holiday.. about spring and fertility and other obscene stuff like that, but you and I know it's utterly ridiculous and has no bearing on reality no we won't waste time on nonsense like that, *rolls eyes* but this brings up the question of where the egg custom comes from. It doesn't seem to make sense in the light of what we've decided we know.

Oh and that bit about how I used to believe in more complex histories of our current customs and didn't really believe in god and that everything that's written in the bible is exactly how it says it was and all that.. well I changed my mind.

Anyway, back to the main point. Eggs. What do they have to do with our Lord and Saviour dying for our souls in a particularly horrific manner? It's quite simple really.. for his last meal.. (this is a custom that goes way back to the Romans, did you know that?) which was breakfast, he ordered eggs. Fried eggs. No bacon, for obvious reasons and a few fried onions and mushrooms on the side. And that's it. Seems like a bit of a letdown after all that really.

Now the bunnies on the other hand, are a different story.