Sunday, August 19, 2012

Enough weekend for one day.

Well I had to work all day yesterday, Saturday, and it was an early start, and it wen ton long, and there were dramas and incidents and long waiting periods and all of that.. as usual. Up and down, what have yous.. scrans.. you know how it goes.

Today I was off! Which meant that last night I could go out until whatever time I liked.. so the minute we were finished.. actually after carrying some heavy shit down 3 flights of stairs without light.. I was off.

A new place. Well, a new business, in the space that had previously been another place, where I'd visited about a month before, on their closing night. It was the same place but a new place. I'll let you parse that one. I'm not sure if I used the correct word there, but it's after a few beers plus.. so I'll forgive myself for that.

Nice place. I found my friends in the garden, up some uneven stairs in the dark. Particularly fund walking down them with glasses and shit.. immediately had a feeling of deja vu there. A friend is working there so we went over, invited a few other friends to this opening/birthday party... quite a pleasant night.. although I got my toenail fucked up on the walk home.. not my fault.. I was just walking and a bigass motherfucking foot kicked into it.

And if we shouldn't already be getting a fee for promotion and advertising.. we went there again today.. inviting more people although they didn't come. I finally got to see the garden in daylight.. very pretty, and it was quite nice out there, although it's the hottest day I've experience since the day trip to Konopiste.

The best bit was the Scrabble.. no, the cook (who I've known very well for many years) and his drama.. his drunkenness, and his quip.. well not so much quips but just him saying things in all earnestness which was totaly fucking hilarious. Or playing scrabble stoned, or being amused by the cook stoned.. or being stoned. Might have got a bit stoned.

Anyway.. it was simultaneously relaxing and exhilarating.. well not exhilarating... er.. just fun. Enough weekend stuff to make a real weekend so I'm bright and ready to be back to work tomorrow.. shooting, wherever it is we'll be at. Yeah I didn't get the call sheet yet and we're not even sure about some location.. so.. whatever, I'll be ready when it's time to be ready.

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