Friday, July 29, 2005

Another attempt

I thought I'd have another shot at keeping this little version of Mutant Cat going, the original one at blogdrive is being infested by spam. I mean if I really wanted a mortgage rating, poker games or viagra I'm sure I would easily be able to google them at my heart's content, but nevermind, it's the downside of the otherwise wonderful place known as the internets.

Instead of rehashing the useless Friday random 10 I've got going over there, I'll rehash a story from the other night. There are transvestites in Prague! Would you believe it? We're not quite as provincial as you all thought, as if you a) exist and are reading this blog and b) were thinking about Prague in any context but yes it's true, we have our fair share of assorted weirdos, and that's not just the people I know.

So me and William, who is a friend were getting drunk in this bar, a nonstop, kind of cheesy, sleazy and peasy, well not really peasy but you know what I mean. We were drinking beer and Fernet, which is a local drink here, and not half bad. If you have a few. We were drinking tiny little half shots, so we just drank 3 times as many of them as we would the full size kind. We ended up at a table with a bunch of women. By this time I don't remember much, I spoke to them a little, then I went home.

The next day, yesterday, I was feeling like total shit, I had one of those headaches that just don't go away, and I heard the interesting story from William, which of course I totally missed by piking out and going home at the early hour of around 5am and only 85% totally shitfaced.

Somehow, and I'm not sure what led to this, he began to suspect that the ladies were not really ladies, and a few crotch grabs later his suspicions were confirmed. That's about the whole story really. I wasn't there and that's all he told me. Of course I'm straining to remember these women and can't for the life of me picture them.

That's all. I guess I have a boring life, I don't know why I'm bothering with this at all.