Monday, August 06, 2012

More on the same.

So I'm working on the set of this film and it's full of everything. Up and downs and in betweens, late nights and later nights the next night. It's been good overall. I'll never be great at this, at least, not on this shoot, but I'm not terrible. I'm probably not super suited to this work, but I don't think I'm particularly wrong for it either, I'm just someone who hasn't done this before who is learning as they go along, with a fair few people in a similar position regarding their work on t he same set, which makes for an interesting, if frequently exasperating experience.

And there are perks, getting your boyfriend to play a small role at the last minute is kind of fun, we get catering which is close to if not the best thing about this whole job and.. well I will learn something, if not necessarily how to do the job I've been assigned terribly well, but I will learn a lot of things, even if that thing is to never in a million years attempt to direct a movie myself. It's kinda hard. It's the sort of thing I'd love to have done, and really really really well and get all the praise and recognition, possibly fame and money for, but to do.. I'd have no hair left after about one day's shoot, I reckon, and I think I should try to keep that as long as I have.

Anyway, I have a day off which is why I'm able to even do this right now.

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