Sunday, November 04, 2012


Another week gone by.. well technically just starting and..

nothing. Nothing changing nothing going on nothing on the horizon.

It's partly my fault.. mostly my fault ok all my fault. I t's me that's the problem, me me and all me. There's things going on out there, not necessarily great things or things that suit me or things that would work out of rme but they are things. And I'm not part of them because of me.

I'm not part of things I'm not creating things not doing any things.. no things. There are no things!

Life without things is like.. I dunno. Not much.

I may feel more positive by the next time I write.


moshmangus said...

Michelle, you need to carry on! Take courage!

Michelle said...

yeah.. I know.. still haven't achieved a lot thus far, but I'm waiting.