Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ah even more new stuff to monumentally fuck up...

For you (assuming there is a you, any you reading, that wish to scold me for my seemingly constant negativity).. fuck off.. its how I am, deal with it!


Ok, so.. trying another new job which if it tryout goes well will be a new job, I guess, tomorrow. I mean it should be pretty simple, but.. you know.

No movies this month.. *crys* but I spose I can live with that and the fact that the only reason I was in even a single one last month was because I was "literally" the only person who showed up for the casting.. because.. well I'll be too busy to think about it. And really.. whatevs.. I'm uncastable I've known that forever.. I know I'm good though, and now that I'm working on my own projects it matters less. Well, if anything ever happens with those projects. I mean.. I'm sure it will.

So, tomorrow I'm busy all day. After that, who knows. Possibly nothing else until August which at this point I'm all booked up for and that's the one that I'm most anxious about because.. well, it's damn 'portant.. and I really really really want to fucking rock that. I mean, I know I will. Maybe.


moshmangus said...

Courage Michelle, the road to sustainability for an artist is long and hard, only if you show the work you love (not what you think people want to see) you will get a reward.

Michelle said...

very true... that isn't the only sort of stuff I was referring to in the rather vague post.. but, you're right.