Friday, December 07, 2012

This is weird.

I knew this was going to be weird. This solitude, this, isolation, this.. whatever it is. A normal person would treat this differently, a normal person would have more contact with the outside world, by necessity and just, because, they're normal. I just have, weirdness. It's really weird, it's weirder than I thought it would be, I think. It's so weird I don't even notice that it's weird. It's just weird.


moshmangus said...

Michelle, why is it so weird, you have been on your own quiet a few times in the past, isn't it? Get hook up with your friends and enjoy life! Life is short, remember?

Michelle said...

Well.. I think it was weird the other times too, I just don't remember so much detail. It's hard to explain really, I don't think about it unless I stop to think about it and then it strikes me as weird. I will go out at some point, though these "friend" people are quite in short supply, part of the reason for the weirdness.