Saturday, August 11, 2012

Til 9 o clock.. 9!

I got to stay in bed until after 9 this morning. Amazing, I know. And it was perfect.. I really needed that.

We have 2 days off now and it's on the actual weekend which is pretty awesome. Of course, I have about 80 different things I have these 21 days to deal with now but I'll worry about them when I worry about them, for now, I'm slouching around just.. just being.

The shoot has been going ok, and by ok I mean millions of mishaps fuckups and broo ha has but things seem to work out somehow, cast changes, location changes, being rushed out by police, problems with catering, that's all happened in the last 2 days, but we managed to shoot some stuff and I think it might be alright.

I don't think I'm much better at this job than I was, every  time I think I'm doing good, taking care of stuff I miss something really obvious and get all annoyed and stuff but I do plenty on set and I think I serve some purpose. Maybe not the one I officially was chosen for, but it's something. I need to stop worrying so much about not being super about a kind of difficult job that I've never done before, I'm certainly not particularly suited for and really.. don't want to do ever again. Next time I wanna be cast dammit!

I still dream of getting a role as a bum in the background, or something similar, before this shoot is up.

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