Friday, May 30, 2008

The plot thickens!

My oh my those cats could have their own soap opera, particularly the dashing Zorro, who we learnt in a previous episode is actually a girl.

Well, yesterday I went by and saw little baby Schwarzie again. He didn't want to come out this time but we watched him play and be motherly smothered by Zorro. I even got a cute little video of them bonding.

There was another woman there at the same time, who was relating to any random person in the vicinity that it was odd that there was a little one there, as all the cats there have been "done". Apparently she's an authority on this sort of gossip because she knows someone who works there or who would otherwise know the status of these cats..

So, either she's not mad, making it up, or somehow mistaken, or Sdhwarzie isn't really Zorro's! No biologically anyway.

Hmm.. well. It does seem that there is only one kitten there. And we didn't see it before last Saturday, and the mother was, just a few days before that dashing about like she didn't have a care in the world, certainly not like someone who was either pregnant or had just given birth.

But on the other hand.. Zorro does seem to have taken to little Schwarzie quite strongly, she follows him around constantly, is always watching him, cleans him and it even seems like she fed him once or twice.. or were we mistaken?

It certainly is a mystery.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Shock! Horror!

What an amazing weekend I had, full of amazement and revelations! Oh I can barely contain my excitement...

Well, remember Cooley, my newly adopted kitty who was featured in the last post? She has been in a bit of a mood lately.. let's just say she has needs. This means that despite being utterly adorable she can be a bit much sometimes.. and we've been thinking of hooking her up with a nice man. We had our eye on a guy who hangs out at the Vinohrady Waterworks, which is kind of like the Colosseum except that it's where we get our water from in this local area. Anyway cats live there, including one particular handsome chap called Zorro. We've been considering inviting him over to hang out with Cooley a bit, trying to come up with the right proposition, that sort of thing. Until this Saturday.

There were no cats around at first so we waited.. then we heard what sounded like a meow. A very faint, high sound, but definitely a cat. Then Zorro jumped out all of a sudden.. so we thought it was him.. a bit later we heard the noise again.. this time knowing it didn't come from him. That was the sound of a kitten.

Kittens!!! So we hung around until we caught site of a little black tail amongst the bushes. We watched and tried to coax it out as Zorro watched carefully.. hmmm..

The kittens managed to jump up onto the fence and played with us a bit, which was cute. Zorro watched on.. hmmmm... Ok, by this time it was pretty clear that Zorro was being what one could accurately describe as "motherly" here, but when we saw kittens drinking milk from his.. er her nipples.. well.

Anyway.. bit of a blow for Cooley. I mean, I don't think he'd be quite right for her now.. well... who knows, she might be if Cooley is into that sort of thing, but Zorro being a new mother has her paws kind of full right now and probably doesn't have time for too much fooling around, so we're just going to have to figure out who the man is amongst that group, and perhaps convince him to come over.

And the kittens are so adorable, I can forgive Zorro for not being the man I thought she was.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Here she is!

The little goblin herself.

Miss Cooley

Isn't she a treasure :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things you learn when your man who you met online leaves his job, uproots himself and moves to Prague to be with you..

Cats are like alarm clocks with no off button, just snooze. And they can't set the time yourself it's done automatically, and they don't just stay where you put them, they run across the headboard and meow in your face while you're trying to sleep. But they're very cute all the same. Oh I forgot to mention he brought his cat.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I intend to stick to this blogging thing..

So I present to you a photo.


This, according to highly intelligent and reliable sources, is a Eurasian Jay, taken a few weeks ago in some local gardens. If you want to know what I've been doing all this time I've been following birds around to get fine shots like this, well not really but I do quite like the birdies. Still got some magpies, sparrows and tits to shoot, which are proving quite difficult but I do so enjoy a challenge.

I might write something one of these days too.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh yeah.. the blog

Ok, let's get right to it.

The main shit that's been going on with me recently is the move, well, the move + everything surrounding the move and reason for moving. On May 1 I moved into a quite nice, sunny, pleasant flat not far from here. Erik, who formerly lived in Israel but was visiting Prague fairly often and was in regular correspondence with myself arrived in Prague with his adorable cat Cooley, and moved in as well.

So the last 2 weeks we've been fixing up our cute little flat, wandering around looking at stuff, adoring and being amused by Cooley, hanging out at home luxuriously lolling in bed in the mornings and that sort of thing :)

Apart from that I've been doing the usual work and taking a lot of photos. I haven't done anything remotely acting related and, as anyone out there still reading knows, I haven't been writing either. And that's about it.

Feel free to chime in with comments anytime :)