Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's vegetarian, so it's healthy!

You, when you have a dinner of creamy cheese on foccaccia with cream.. and some veggies of course, but don't forget the creamy cheese, and the cream, and despite feeling full enough already have a desert, for once, which consists of a creamy mousse with cream.. well.. you tend to feel a bit stuffed, and possibly over lactosed. Is that a word? Well if it isn't it is now.

Had a nice dinner I have to say, all veggie, so as I said it's healthy, and I"m totally not a couple o units heavier now than I was a few hours ago and am not going to have stomach problems from too much heavy dairy consumption. As I said I enjoyed it.. well.. sometimes you gotta do it, and it's a birthday day so, if not now, when.

There was a hat involved. Tat might not mean anything to anyone, but there was.

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