Friday, August 31, 2012

Well I think I just made a movie..

and by that I mean.. I played a small role.. a very small role which may or may not have been for the most part positive let alone essential, in the shooting of a low budget film which now is going into post production to be shown to the world.. whenever.

but still.

I'm very tired. From the whole month and from getting up ungodly early this morning to go to church... after going out last night and drinking and dancing and stuff.

It was a weird day.. as most last days of these things are.. though whether it was stranger than the average day on the set of this thing is hard to measure. It started off strangely gloomy for what should be a fun, kind of silly day.. we got up way too early.. coffee wasn't ready, and it was raining.. and raining. and raining...

And then there were the mishaps.. another major continuity issue caused by one which was not in any way my fault if I may say loudly and clearly.. but

shooting went quickly and smoothly.. and it got better later on and the goofiness arrived in full force..

And now it's done and we can all get back to normal.

*tries to figure out just what that is*

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