Saturday, November 24, 2012

Physical Reality.

You know how there are these people right? I mean.. people. flesh and blood beings, they're actually the ones that put together all the stuff on the internet.. they created it, they make the sites and many many many of them are behind all those icons and usernames that post stuff and reply to stuff and chat and stuff on said internet.

Yeah, they're real. I'm actually one, and i know a few. I suppose I know many.. not so many who I associate with unless there's a specific reason like.. a job or something, there's one, and then a few more I see on and off.. one of those just left the city..

what I'm trying to say is, I'm largely alone in this vast (ish) city of mine regarding relationships with these "people" I speak of. I stay sane most of the time because a combination of one of them, being very close to me, and around a lot.. and regular communication with the icon and username people plus a certain real life non person furry creature around.

Well.. one of those will not be around in about 10 days, not so long, about 2 weeks, but long enough to be without this particular aspect of sanity protection. As it will be the only one of these which are a) real as in really there physically, b) around a fair bit and c) actually human and able to carry on a conversation that isn't about tuna.. well.. ya know, might be online a fair bit. Just sayin.

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