Sunday, January 31, 2010

Almost done, almost done!!!

Yes.. thank goodness. Phew and stuff.

Less than 8 hours to go now... *holds breath.. and then we're in the glorious month o' Feb. Well, the relatively ok month. *lets out breath, gasping desperately*.. It will be nice.

Oh who am I kidding, I don't care. It's going be exactly like this one, just probably colder. And come to think of it last February was a particularly sucky month, and the whole thing about Jan started 2 years ago because of circumstances that don't exist anymore.

But fuck it, I need something to celebrate/talk about.

carry on.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

We're getting there.

The first month o' the year is usually.. well, the status us leaving much to be desired, at least for me, at least this particular one, at least that's the excuse I like to use for grumbling, not getting anything done that I put off the last 4 months of the last year because it was/was nearing the holiday season, and for hoping it might improve when that dreaded Jan is over with.

Well, it's not over yet, and it's not the last day of it all so we're hardly sitting pretty yet but we're nearing it. What will happen then is anyone's guess but my guess is not much, things will be pretty much like they are now but with a few more minutes of daylight, which isn't a bad thing really.

I.E Nothing going on at all.*

*see last at least 5 posts during a slow posting period being about nothing at all, and at least the 7 before that being something of a stretch.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A bit o' colour to spruce things up..

I thought I'd try the old caption thing again, seeing as.. well no reason. Here's a picture.

2 bodied dog creature.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today we reach a milestone.

Well I do, kind of. As of now my entire first page of emails has the date(numerals) month(abbreviated word) format, ie.. 27 Jan. No more 22/12/09 uglifying the page.

Well it's something.

Ok it's pretty much nothing. I've got to get out more.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You know, it's weird..

it is.

And in the latest observations for the weather blog, I wonder why it's always so cold when it's sunny? I mean, we got a bit of snow again last night after a week of freezing cold weather where it didn't snow but the existing snow didn't melt letting what was there pile up and get packed in hard and all grotty looking and stuff, so I figured it must have warmed up a bit because it always snows when it's a bit warmer, ie -2 rather than -8 or colder.. although the weather site said -6 like it has for the past 4 days whether it's day or night, but it did seem warmer.

Anyway, today we woke up to the sun. I felt it must be warmer seeing as it was already warmer (or it must have been because it snowed) and because the sun was shining. Well I looked at the weather site and it said -8! We went out for a bit and it seemed as cold as it has been for the past week. Actually it seemed quite warm whenever we were directly in the sun, but overall it was still cold.

I find this strange.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


It seems as though someone has a case of blogger's block. Is it a Jan thing? I have a vague feeling that I go through this every year this time, not that I don't for small periods at any time, but always at the beginning of the year.

It's based on nothing but a feeling, and I could be wrong, and I can't be bothered to look it up but in any case it's happening right now.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh and about the weather..

Yeah I know. I might as well just call it the "what the weather is like here now and a long winded rant about how it affects me" blog. But about the weather.

Yesterday we got more of the new pretty snow that I seem to like so much. It actually snowed kind of heavy, and it was Sunday so I went for a walk in the park, and it was all magical and stuff.

Today it decided to screw that.. we're going straight to gunkville. It was brown and mucky by the morning. I had stuff to do around town so being me I chose to do it all on foot. Fucking huge puddles everywhere.. parts of the street sectioned off because of people shoving snow off roofs, huge piles of brown snow all over the place. I had to peel my socks off when I got home. I'm sure you really wanted to know that.

Apart from that it's been a lovely day. All that Blue Monday stuff is cobblers I say.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ok it's getting old.

This snow is getting out of hand. It's not still snowing, hasn't for a week now but it's still around, it's brown and gunky and slippery and it's impossible to walk outside. Well not impossible just a pain in the ass... especially if one lands on one's.. not that one has yet *crosses all crossables*

I wouldn't mind if it snowed a bit again making it prettier and letting me do more "shoots" in places I haven't done this year, but I'd rather it just rain heavily one night, then get sunny and nice and 2 to 5 degrees for a few days and then snow prettily again. Why can't the weather happen just exactly the way that is the exact balance of convenient and desirable for us? Well for me? Why?


Yes I am almost certain that no one is reading. Let me dream a little.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Report : "So Far".

2010 has been mostly uneventful so far, pretty average for me being an uneventful sort of person. Got a little bit of work done, had a mishap which turned out to be surprisingly quickly resolved and I went out last night to see some live music. That was pretty exciting for a person such as myself. Snow fell, and stayed. I took lots of photos, including one self portrait every day so far.

My resolutions report goes:

1. Yes, doing it (see selfportraits)
2. No, haven't.
3. No, haven't.
4. No, haven't.

I really have nothing much to write about.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A rather pleasant surprise..

You when you need to do something important that's all official and stuff, and you know it's not going to work out because you just don't have the things they ask for even though you think what you have should be sufficient, and anyway this sort of thing happens to you all the time.. it's just never simple, and you'll have to email and call back and forth and try to get some other stuff and go to a huge effort and probably not get the thing anyway which will make continuing what you're doing right now very difficult if not impossible? And it's the day after you first found out you need all this stuff and your stressed and pissed off and on top of that your scanner just won't work for no reason?

Well that happened to me. Some paypal thing. Then I got an email back and said it was all fine.

Quite a surprise, they gave me no difficulties at all. I don't really know how to react because this sort of thing just doesn't happen to me. Usually things are way more trouble when I think they're going to be simple, or at least a minimum of fuss which I can handle just fine... but less trouble than I thought? Even way less?

And on this, the 13th day of that very dreaded month of Jan. Who'da thought it?

Well.. the scanner's still not working.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Friday, January 08, 2010

So we've made it to Friday..

It's Friday, again. We've now spent a full week in this year.

I really don't have anything to say. It snowed here, looks pretty and stuff.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

And here we are again.

Well, I got the comp working again. I got the shell fitted with the very same hard drive it used to hard drive it used to have. So after deleting a bunch of stuff I had to try in vain to get whatever of the left I could on a memory stick and have no room to store anything it's been returned to where it was and I'm in exactly the same position I was in December with a computer with Linux that I can't connect to the internet and can't get any programs working properly.

Ok so I can store all my photos again and free up space on my memory cards. That's a good thing. And I'm in good health and there aren't any major traumas going on at the mo, that's good too.

Having said that, it is that month. The one where you have the blahs and there's still not enough daylight and you're all partied out and have no money and it's freezing fucking cold but there's still no snow there's something called "icy rain" and the other comp the one that actually connects to the internet is getting worse every day and you're back to work or if you didn't work before now going to work... ok, I'm not doing that much work.

Well it's not that bad, it's just.. blah!

*waits for spring and stuff*

Monday, January 04, 2010

Back To Work.

Right you lot, off you go.

*hangs out and wastes time on internet*

Wait.. I can't get here fiddling around! I have stuff that needs going out and doing.

*goes out and does stuff*

Honestly.. I am. Ok now I'm going. I'm literally out the door as we speak. Well not literally out the door then I wouldn't be able to type this but I'm going after I post this and do a few more things that need to be done and waste a bit more t.. no. I won't. I'm going in a matter of minutes!

*looks all determined and stuff*

*goes after posting*

Saturday, January 02, 2010

One minor quibble.

It's not a big thing, it just annoys me very very slightly.

My Gmail page looks messy. Let me explain. At the end of every email line after the name and subject is the time or date of the email. If it came that day then it shows the time, if it is another day it usually shows the date in Month (abbreviated word) and date format eg. Dec 22. Or perhaps 22 Dec, I don't have an example to look up now, the reason for which I'll get to shortly.

Now, if the email is not from that year, then the format is date/month/year (digit form). I'm not complaining about the order, it's in the right order, it should be date/month/year and anything else is an abomination. Sorry Americans. No, my problem is with the way it looks. Being the second day of the year and a long weekend, I have one from today at 15:11 and all the others are from last year. I have a bunch of 31/12/09 then 30/12/9 etc etc. I have a page full of numbers and back slashes and it just isn't pretty!

Like I said, minor quibble.

Friday, January 01, 2010

And after much hoopla...

2010 is here. New year, new decade even, though some would quibble about that. It looks very much like the other one, it's drizzly and grey outside, or it was before it got dark. I'm feeling kind of ordinary today, you can probably figure out why.

Hope everyone is well, enjoying this new fangled '10 year. Later.