Monday, August 20, 2012

You know.. I like it warm and stuff..

but there's only so much of it  you really need... jeez.. today it got up to 37 degrees.. 37! That's really hot for those of you who use some non celsius form of measuring temperature.. figure it out yourself.

Fortunately, due to whatever we had another day off.. no filming today, a good thing as I imagine anywhere we might have gone would have been too bloody hot.. to point out something that should be obvious due to the content already present in the beginning of the post.

I've done very little today. I totally meant to do stuff, at least 4 different kinds of stuff at various times of the day, none of which worked out. Just wasn't feeling it.

Anyway back on tomorrow.. I think it should be a bit cooler.

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moshmangus said...

I understand what you're talking about, I am facing the same weather conditions here in Switzerland, fortunately the heat is going down starting tomorrow (optimism for the near future)!