Sunday, October 07, 2012

Another avenue of pleasure closed off for me.

Regular readers of this blog will know, and recognize me as an artist, they may suspect that I am quite brilliant in more than one creative capacity, and if they saw, heard or experience much if any of my accomplishments they would know so.. or possibly they would, hard to tell, as I've done little as of yet, but it's all in there..

well.. recently I've been in a bit of a slump, no acting jobs, nothing to write about, not much going on with "the project" (you know the one where I'm supposed to do tons of videos and stuff yeah that one, if you recall I used to write a lot about it and promise a whole lot).. it's not that different than it is usually, but it is vexing all the same.

I always had photography though. There's always something to photograph, I can do it on my own, in my own time, and present it to the world via this web thingy with no need for input from another living soul.

You do need a camera for that though, and one that works, and for good photography you need a camera that isn't necessarily an excellent super expensive one, but one that works quite well, which doesn't wear  your batteries out after a few shots, or that doesn't work at all if you haven't charged the batteries at least in the last half hour or so, whether you've used it or not. I don't have one of those.

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