Friday, October 12, 2012

Speaking of swallowing the canary..

Just posting to say tomorrow I will be doing something. This something may lead to some thing, a thing that isn't such a big deal but a kind of deal it is, and most likely won't anyway but nevertheless i should do it. I as of yet have not organized the doing of this or prepared in any more than a half assed way but I will regardless be doing it. I expect some time tomorrow or later, to be asked, "what about that thing" in which case I wil answer "it went well", or "it didn't go so good but who knows?" or "I think I did ok but that doesn't necessarily mean it led to anything" or, "yes I got it" or "well, didn't go so well but I'm glad I did it" etc etc etc.

I will not be answering "er.. didn't actually do the thing". No I will not be giving you that answer.

*goes off to organize said thing and prepare in a more substantial manner for thing*

*doesn't actually but will, promises*

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