Monday, June 28, 2010

Done a fair bit.. achieved.. not so much.

It sounds like a contradiction but it depends on your definition of "achieved". I suppose achievement can be anything that you do. I achieved going to Israel and returning, and visiting all the places I did, and meeting a visitor at the airport and going to the top of the hill to see a castle but if you reserve achievement for things like.. work stuff or fix things stuff well..

well.. so, I returned last week. The Israel trip was full of too much to summarize.. I mean I went to the beach in Tel Aviv, an improv class there too.. Jerusalem Old City and a wedding, a dinner and a shul.. I took a significant number of photos and met someone called Akram. Well not so much met as.. not sure what I'd call it.

Anyway. Came home. Fed the cat. Had a day off. Then I went to meet some guy about a film. I do this a fair bit, it rarely turns into anything but when I get the opportunity, I meet people about films. Now the info I'd picked up off the internet from the email I received while in Tel Aviv with limited internet access was minimum. Meeting place, which happened to be a name that can mean 3 different establishments and that's it. No number, no description of person. So I went there to meet him. I hung about, and hung about, looking for someone who might be someone who's meeting someone about a film without knowing what he looks like or if I'm even in the right place and I didn't see him. Or rather I didn't see him and know it was him.

I asked a few people if they were him and they weren't. I felt slightly foolish. I went home without having had a meeting.

The next day the door guy came, or rather the anti-door guy as we now refer to him as. Well.. the door was already gone, that had been taken out before our trip, the very day before, a Sunday and he wasn't able to finish it then, but he came to finish it that day. So he brought a screen thingy and put it up and then we had an incident regarding payment.. and well I was willing to compromise or have the money later which I was not able to provide at that moment, but he wasn't so he left after un-installing it all.

And the next day I went to post something and didn't have quite enough money to so I went home with box and without postage have been achieved so you see what I mean? Week of failed.. stuff..

oh and when we went to meet our second visitor at the train station she wasn't there, but while we were in a pub by the station watching Ghana victor over the US she showed up and it all turned out ok.

So now we have visitors. So I'm doing touristy stuff but from the guide perspective this time. Sort of. And that's all.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A post, a picture..

Hi again.. I'm back, have been for a few days.. so here's a picture

Jaffa Gate at night.

Jerusalem at night.

Monday, June 21, 2010


I'm back. I've been traveling all day and am rather tired. Haven't slept properly or refrained from at least some to ridiculous amounts of serious shlepping for a week. I really don't know what else to say about it all...

*falls asleep*

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hi from Jerusalem..

Been here a few days... after Tel Aviv. Did lots. Saw stuff. Got sunburnt. Went to a wedding. And other stuff. I'm pretty tired but there's still a few days left and I'm having a good time. Have a bit of time online so here I am.

*yawns and stuff*

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

There's a fair bit going on...

Yes, to me. Not a typical thing for someone such as myself but there it is.

Well I'm in Tel Aviv. In Israel. Yesterday I was in Budapest and tomorrow I'll be in Tel Aviv still but the day after I'll go to Jerusalem. And I'm going to a wedding.

I'd go into more detail but there's kind of a lot of it, but there's been a lot of waiting, a lot of shlepping, a lot of lack of sleep and a visit to the beach for beer and hummus which I think has been my favourite part so far.

Oh and I had 2 castings on the weekend. That was back in Prague before I left. I don;t think I sucked horrifically badly but I don't think I was particularly bad either, except for maybe during the monologue of the first one which was really flat and expressionless but either way who knows what it will equal. I mostly went for practice because I've done so little of any theatre recently and I got that so mission accomplished I spose.

That's about it.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Workin on da weekend..

Hey, I work as hard on the weekend as I do the rest of the week!

That's actually true :)

So the word o' the day today.. which I thought I'd present because.. um.. why not.. is;

penumbra: An area in which something exists to an uncertain degree.

Isn't that just like.. clear and stuff :Z

I dunno I just felt like blogging this. Carry on.

Friday, June 04, 2010

*gets all pleased and stuff*

It was sunny and warm today! And it's supposed to be sunny and warm all weekend!

They say it's short lived though.

*weeps and stuff*

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ok.. enough now. It's June!



Well it isn't exactly raining right now, nor has it today at least not very much, or all that much any one day but.. it's certainly overcast enough and not sunny and hot enough!

Now.. I'm not downplaying the importance of May in the whole year thing, I know, it's sposed to be spring, it's sposed to be nice, it's sposed to be.. warm. However, I will forgive it, as it's spring and not summer, and particularly when it's over I can look back and say "ok, that was fun now it's time for a change".

But it's June. And it's summer. And it's STILL FUCKING RAINING!

I mean it's not actually raining but it looks like it probably will some and it's not exactly warm and sunny and summery enough! And on all the weather sites.. rain as far as the eye can see.

Not pleased.