Monday, May 31, 2010

Things really have a way of turning out...

Things are back to normal. That is, nothing's going on, I haven't done any of the things I told myself I definitely for sure would totally do this time and get something going in my life and I have nothing to write about, not life experiences, philosophical musings or.. just random thoughts that are vaguely amusing but I'm writing anyway. I suppose I could find comfort in that if I chose to.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Well that was fun.

You remember how I was writing about stuff for a few days, and in fact didn't write for a day or 2 because I was too busy (or too ill due to the previous day's activity) to write? And when I wrote I had to cram in tons because so much had gone on? And then I wrote again about actually doing something else rather than just rambling on about blogging about nothing? In short.. how stuff actually was happening a bit for once?

Well not anymore.

Oh well.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Late Spring Evening's frolic...

I haven't done this for a while but...

A bunch of Veronans on the wall..

Caption this.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The stars are crossed but at least it didn't rain..

I went to the theatre last night. Yes, I know it's no big deal, and for me, a person who's "in the biz" so to speak.. or would be if she ever actually did anything should be going to the theatre all the time supporting her "fellow" thespians. But I don't go that much.

It was Shakespeare.. *feels all cultured and stuff*.. at an outdoor theatre in VyŇ°ehrad.. and it was quite nice. In English.. and mostly with people I know. The remarkable thing about the whole evening was that it didn't rain. It's rained like EVERY SINGLE DAY this month. "Literally" every day. Well most days. Well quite a bit. Anyway as the production loomed it looked a bit grim for the company.. seeing as.. I mean you pick May for these things for a reason and when it turns out like this well... not so good.

But anyway, it runs for 3 nights and we chose last night because the forecast was good, and the chances for it being good again on any of the other nights were slim.. and it said it will be raining. And last night it was lovely! Got a bit nippy later on but only a bit and NO RAIN!

The play was cool.. wasn't quite sure what it wanted to be, weather it was supposed to be futuristic or modern urban or.. some kind of gay designer's fantasy of what modern urban is.. but there were some good bits in it, including some silliness and funny stuff.

And wouldn't you know it it's nice again tonight.. so they've dodged the bullet for another show.

Yeah.. I did something, and the weather. I'll write about something else one day. Maybe.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Calm.. storm.. whatever.

The weather has been extremely changeable in general lately and specifically today. Now it's storming but I expect it will be doing something else 20-40 minutes from now.

Life in general has been calm since the departure of my drunk friend.. and apart from the fact that he accidentally took my keys all went well and I already got the keys back so that was hardly even worth mentioning.

So.. whatever your opinion on drunk friends and in was a mixed blessing/curse in this instance, with him came a computer. Yes.. a computer! We have a computer now.. well.. we have.. um, there are 5 in this house at present count but it's the only one which doesn't have the problem of a) not actually belonging to us and due to be returned.. at some point.. b) a serious case of not working at all, c) a serious case of working, technically but not doing anything useful like say.. connecting to the internent.. playing music and stuff.

So that's cool. It's just a little laptop, good for anything I need to use it for and using it has been going smoothly except for a while earlier when the desktop was turned upside down. Apparently you can do that by holding down the shift key too long or something and that's what I guess Cooley did. She likes to lie on keyboards. That's my new bit of knowledge for the day.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stuff Actually Happens Here Sometimes . Part 2.

Ok, so we left off last time some time yesterday.. I think. Or was it the day before. I remember I was poorly.

So.. all Saturday I was sick, and I mean all Saturday, right up to the night. It was quite unpleasant. Our friend, the one that just returned after a long absence, the one who went went to meet at the train station (meet his bus that is, don't ask) and the one that we went drinking with afterwards stayed with our other friend, the one with the dog, the one I hadn't seen for ages who I bumped into the other day that he was due to show up and to everyone's (sorta) surprise he did show up. On a bus, at the train station but that's not the point here.

Anyway, he stayed there all day and all night which I was fine with, being more than usually unwell and not up to company, but I kept getting messages and calls from different people via sms or skype or whatever re his future employer's phone number and stuff.. I forwarded some, got some other weird requests to find someone else on skype to call them and after a day I think they still hadn't called the guy.

Well.. sometime after midnight when I was in bed and just starting to feel better I got a call from him saying he'd spoken to the guy and he'd come by tomorrow firmly at.. some time. Here he'd pick up his stuff and the guy could come and take him to his new home. Fine.

Of course yesterday.. the day we're up to now, didn't go that smoothly. We got a call first when we were still in bed, and by the time Erik got some clothes on and was down the stairs at the front door they were gone.. just a second after I heard a familiar voice singing the Monkees theme..

A bit later he came, drunk. The other dude was due to come a few hours later and we'd also decided to get some plumbing done at some point during the day but that part actually worked out smoothly and well. Our drunk friend ate and showered finally and was ready to go when the messages started coming again, a friend on skype said the guy who was picking our friend up had been here but missed us.. I thought he'd had my number but apparently someone gave him the wrong one.

Anyway... we had a drunk guy passed out on the couch most of the day, a bunch of bags and crap all over the place while more messages and skypes and calls came through.. he woke up in the evening, we had dinner and he expressed delight at seeing his favourite fork again.. and had a few more drinks. Later he wanted to go down the road to his friend's restaurant to catch up but fortunately he just fell asleep because the last schedule we'd got from the pickup guy was that he'd be here 8am.

He was here before that, actually and our friend got off safely. All his crap is out and Cooley is rather pleased.

Apart from that not much has been going on.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Not enough time in the day...

All the times I have nothing better to do than scrawl out a blog post.. and have nothing to write about.. so I either don't bother or write anyway.. then there's the times that stuff happens.. that's real stuff! Happening!

Yes this is me I'm talking about.. stuff does happen to me sometimes, but of course when stuff happens one doesn't have so much time to write. Oh the dilemma!

So. the other day a long lost friend came back to us. He was expected.. sorta. He's been planning to come back for some time and kept telling us "a month from now".. the last info we got was that he was coming in 4 days and had a ticket.. or perhaps we just assumed the ticket thing.. whatever.

Anyway. It started off as a relatively uneventful day. I was hanging about, went up the hill to buy some stuff.. took my time coming back because I stopped to take a few self portraits and coming round on my street, just as I was going to buy a few breadrolls so I could take them home and finally have something to eat, as I was looking at a cute dog across the road, the dude with the dog looked like he was waving at me and coming towards me. I didn't recognize him at first but then I thought if this particular person that I haven't seen for years has grown his hair it could be him. Well it was. So we went for a drink.

We had another drink after the first drink. I told him that our friend was due back like.. today, or whenever and he'd had no idea.

A few more drinks were had, the dog bit me when I tried to pet her, a loud roar went up as the Czech Republic scored a goal in the hockey, freaking the dog out and making her spill his beer.. and then the messages started coming in. Or perhaps they'd already started by that stage, not entirely sure. First message was.. "coming on bus at hlavni nadrazi. 9 something". Now, as hlavni nadrazi is a train station we were mildly confused. Whatever, we planned to go and meet him.

So to cut a long story not short but leaving out not all but most of the completely unimportant and uninteresting details, later on we went to the train station, tried to figure out where the buses were. We received more info 3rd or 4th hand that there was track work so he had to change from a train to bus and.. well, we looked all around for where the buses were but didn't find them. We got a couple of beers and hung around the station until we were told.. quite politely that we weren't allowed to drink in there, so we went outside, taking the opportunity to look for the buses again. Didn't find them but got a phone call and it was him.

So we all went off and got drunk. That is those of us who weren't drunk already which I think is one person.. the rest of us got more drunk. I felt rather poorly all yesterday.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's the simple things..

Never let it be said that I'm a crotchety curmudgeon who not only is unable to find pleasure in anything, but will turn the seemingly most positive situations into hardship.

Well, I'm sure it would have been said if anyone paid enough attention to me to speak of me.. however...

Sometimes one can get delight from the tiniest of things, it's true. One in this instance being me. Especially after a few days of hardship.. that is, real hardship not the manufactured kind I mentioned already.

A few days ago I ran out of deodorant. The day before yesterday I squeezed the last shampoo out of the only bottle in the house.. well I'd been watering it down for a few days and using that and there was still a little left but it was mostly useless.. anyway, I took a shower, washing my hair with a tiny bit of watered down shampoo and some soap, got out, dried and hung about. Within seconds I felt like my underarms were stinking, and by the time my hair dried it felt all rubbery and a little greasy, like I hadn't washed it at all, like I hadn't even had a shower! It was horrid.

Yesterday we did a shop and along with other desirable thing like food that were needed, I purchased a brand new bottle of shampoo and deodorant. A while ago I showered, washed my hair and groomed in the usual way afterwards and I feel.. clean... like I really truly properly showered! It's really great. So see.. the little things, seemingly unimportant can make such a difference and brighten up your day.

Of course it requires you to (or at least it did in this case) to go through a major hardship beforehand.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Back to school...

It's Monday, so it's time to put your glasses on, polish the apple and get scholarly.. and stuff. That is if you're a student and yo have classes today. Some people just have to work.. and others (not entirely unlike me) are going to write a lazy blog post about words.

Today's word o' the day is:

majuscule: of letters written either as capitals or uncials.
Used in such contexts as...
The letter c is chiefly remarkable for the fact of there being two distinct majuscule forms, the more archaic of which is almost exclusively used to represent the numeral.
kay.. so what exactly is an uncial then? Let's look it up..
uncial: designating, written in, or pertaining to a form of majuscule writing having a curved or rounded shape and used chiefly in Greek and Latin manuscripts from about the 3rd to the 9th century a.d.

Well, it seems that majuscule is considered a spelling mistake, so maybe it isn't even a real word.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A parade.. and no rain!

It's raining today. Again. It didn't rain yesterday, strangely enough. Strange in the way that "it always rains when you least want it to" and yesterday I actually was out doing outdoor stuff.. joined a scheduled parade in fact.. and it was the perfect opportunity for a rainstorm especially since it's rained every other day for the past few weeks. It was overcast, and got cold when the wind blew and it was quite a windy day so there was cause for grumbling, but at least it didn't rain on our parade.. and yes the only reason for this post is to use that sentence.

The parade was the Veggie Parade, a celebration of animals and vegetarianism and veganism. Now.. in full disclosure I'm not actually a real official vegetarian with papers.. in fact I'm not at all really, but I sort of am a de facto vegetarian in that I haven't eaten meat in.. some time now.. living with a real life vegetarian with papers.

It was pleasant, though the weather wasn't.. as I mentioned already.. exactly ideal, but not being too hot was probably good. We walked up the hill, past people who usually gawked and smiled at us, with dogs barking and music playing.. got to a park where there was supposed to be music but it took so long to start and it was a bit cold so we left before the big events started, but we did see a pretty awesome dance performance which was real.. er.. interesting. Not exactly technically excellent, nor decipherable.. or... well let's just say the guy really really believed in what he was doing. It was kind of a you have to be there sort of thing.

Apart from that.. not much. It should have been a more exciting day but unfortunately I'm kind of a lightweight.

It rained today and I stayed in all day. It was actually a pretty cool day.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Because I haven't complained about this in a while..

It's a while since I've referenced one of my favourite subjects on this here blog.. a while being, since the last time I talked about it which isn't that long ago for people with like.. "interesting lives" and "stuff to write about".. but for me, it's been a while.

Dammit it won't stop raining! I mean, it stops, but it rains at least a bit almost every day, and though it's usually a mixture of sunshine and cloud we haven't returned to the days of.. that is the one or 2 days at the beginning of the month before it started primarily raining except for that day 2 weeks ago when it was really warm and looked like for once and for all it was going to be a lovely May.. and it cooled down considerably the next day and was overcast.

I really should do something about these run on sentences.

Point being. This May sucks. Weatherwise at least. I've had access to a computer for most of it which is actually more important to me if one were to be completely honest.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A year ago I was working on a movie.. student film of course.. nothing to fancy, but it was the one where everything took 3 times as long as it was supposed to and we were scheduled to start at 6-8 in the evening and actually started an hour to 2 hours late... exactly a year ago I showed up early.. about 4:30 and at this time was waiting in the flat for the crew to get their lighting and shit altogether.. after a series of mishaps including it getting light for a night scene I was able to come home around 4am.. good times.

I've been trying to remember my dreams. They're always weird so I'd like to record them so I try to think about them again once I've woken up and am in a lucid state.. I kept forgetting them though so I tried doing that.. and then re-remembering them again a bit later when I was a bit more woken up but I still forget most of them and the ones I remember I can only remember pieces of and I feel like the stuff I've forgotten is better. There was one that I wrote down in enough time.. or thought about and thought about again and then wrote down, so I have the basic gist on record. I generally have a vague view of it in my head if I can remember a bit of it.. so that sorta worked.

Otherwise.. not much. I hear that volcano went off again..

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm not so sure about this one...

Lazy boring dork day blogging today.. being Monday we're interested in TWOTD.. which is:

mugwump: mugwump: a person who is unable to make up his or her mind on an issue, esp. in politics.
Well.. there you go.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Inject a little colour into it...

About time I put up a photo.

Pretty colours.

This represents the springtime.. and the beautiful sunny weather we're enjoying/were enjoying/enjoyed for about 2 days last week before it started raining again and didn't really stop well today seems nice but we'll see how the weekend goes.

Ok, the situation is.

I'm online. Sorta.

So I'll be writing for the moment (however long that moment is.. 3 to ? days) if I have anything to write about.

I don't have anything to write about, so that's why I'm not writing now.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Not much to say..


It's been a while (for me, in my present mood) since I posted. I have reasons.. not much to say really being one. My only commenter and possibly reader being away, apparently and.. NO FUCKING COMP TO WRITE ON!

Ok.. technically there isn't "no comp" literally.. no comp at home, well a comp at home which won't go online or.. etc etc etc.. I've said this before too many times and it's getting old.

I've been jaunting up to a cafe for an hour's worth of online time, or to the various libraries around for a half hour's free online time and it's kind of annoying for many reasons that I won't go into in detailed point form right now but might at some point as this subject never seems to go away.

It's getting old. Way old. Tedious. I have stuff on 3 different computers now, 2 of them inaccessible and not much to do at home, not enough time to do everything I need to do or anything I want to do.. not enough time online that is..

Oh fuck it.. this subject bores me. Next!