Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Before the red curtain.

It's weird, this movie making stuff. I can't even remember the morning, it seems so long ago. I'm sure something happened of note, but I can't recall what it was.

I remember the place. It was notable for being a lot more elegant than what we're used to, not saying a lot, considering we've been located in what pretty much amounts to a squat for a week, but this place is pretty nice, though it has a rather unimpressive entrance. I know some of what happened, shooting, waiting, listening, talking, being ignored, being in a small room with many people and lights on a very hot day. Sweaty. A lot of arguing and taking too much time for everything. I know that at one point the voices, the many voices, arguing, and talking at the same time became too numerous and loud that I had to leave the room.

Did a few scenes, not as many as were written down on the schedule, but did them. Lunch.. another scene and then I got roped into being in the midst of it all again. Just sitting, watching the performance, pretending I liked the song and the execution of. before a very Lynch esque red curtain. Many times. I had beer, so it was doable.. and I did a pretty good job, put some details and shit in there.. I kinda rocked this extra role, way more than my sucky job as a nurse last night.

It was quite fun overall.. one of the more enjoyable long stints of repeated takes of a scene in this whole gig.. though I already can't quite remember it clearly...

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