Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Relatively easy come, even more easy go.

I almost had a job. Well I was closer to getting one than I have been for a long time, well.. since the last job I had. Not as close as the last almost job before the last job I had, which was only for one month.. (the job only lasted one month, I didn't fuck up and get fired or anything).. as I actually worked at that one, one full plus a bit shift, and got a job with them but somehow a change in management made them completely forget about me..

Anyway.. I saw a posting, answered it, actually got a reply, which is rare in itself, had a meeting, seemed to be going well.. went along on one of the tours to see what it was about for it is a tour guide job and.. well.. someone else got it, and there was only one position they had to give see.

So that's it for that.

At least the domicile is slowly being pieced back together, finally got the washing machine fixed, the hole in the wall is one step closer to being sealed properly, and a dude is fixing the water heater which got screwy again a few days ago.. well still heats water but the heater hasn't been working. Of course it's been a particularly cold couple of days, but the point is we're almost back to fully operational, that is if nothing else screws up before it's done which could take longer than this current visit and the 2 for the other issue.

Oh whatever.

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