Sunday, July 01, 2012



Summer has certainly arrived.. in a big way. Right now it's raining, kinda heavy, maybe stormy.. fine with me,  just got in and missed the worst of it, though it may not have been so bad, as it's still pretty warm.. hot even.

Yesterday was certainly the hottest day of this year, and likely the hottest for quite a few years and of course it was a day of an outing out of the city, which involved a lot of walking to and from out destination, as well as around our destination. It was good though, a beautiful castle that was the residence of the man who got himself shot and started a war which changed the world.. Konopište.. if you want to be a bit more direct. Very nice, though the castle and grounds can probably be enjoyed more extensively on one of those days it's nice to walk around.. you know, some lovely gardens which a sweating couple was getting married in, nice, but very washed out in the light.. and way too hot to walk around, if we'd been able to..

Still, a very nice day, and a I learned a lot, something that sadly is not so typical of my weekends. The evening was better suited to walking and we tried it again after dark but the fatigue from earlier kept it to a minimum.

Today was cooler, particularly by the evening, and again met up with the same people for a walk around our own lovely city, from up on the hill where the castle is, down the hill, across the Charles Bridge with a few starts and stops because of some erratic rain.. and into a lovely pub just in time for it to get real heavy.

Well we still had to get home, and managed to run across the road to shelter, and then across again to a crowded tram which got us home in time for.. well, we didn't have far to go so didn't get too wet, but it either  is raining like it was or even heavier..

So that's it, my weekend complete with weather report. If anyone still was reading this blog, I guess that probably takes care of them.

Oh and there was a European cup final on this evening. I think Spain won.

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