Thursday, December 20, 2012

You try to do something good...

So.. I was trying to get everything all really nicely cleaned up before Erik got back, partly because I'd turned the place into such a dump while I was here alone and partly because I'm just thoughtful and awesome like that. Among other things (many other things) I cleaned up the desk with the computer and all the accessories.. and I wanted to do it properly.. so I unplugged everything, and moved it all. you know, instead of just wiping around it like I usually do.. everything's sparkly clean and whatnot.. s I put everything back, plug everything back in get back on the computer and.. THE INTERNET DOESN'T WORK! It says it works.. but it doesn't do anything useful like.. connect to anything. So I try all this unplugging and replugging and restarting and all that bullshit, doesn't work. I go out or rather stay out in the pub downstairs cos they have wifi for the express purpose of getting online, and it doesn't work? I keep waiting and waiting, getting another beer and hanging out.. when the only reason I'm even there is to get online, no other reason at all.. can you imagine! Well.. the next day.. this is yesterday I get online for a bit, finally. Look up Erik's flight for he was due home, no useful information, try to find what the problem with the internet is and find nothing that helps, and some info about a meeting I hadn't previously bothered to jot down. Erik was due some time yesterday afternoon. while I was out, mostly waiting around for the guy meeting me to be ready, I was expecting a message from him, as he should be back in Prague now, that is if the flight was on time and it was that flight which I was skeptical of because when I looked it up it seemed to not exist.. but all the same I waited. Had the meeting, something about promotion so it seems I'm doing a bit of work just before NYE (if there is one) whatever it is. Still no Erik. I'm hoping that, he's come back but his phone is screwy so he's at home when I'm there. Come home, he's not here. Oh and the internet still doesn't work. So I sit here, hours go by, if he was on a different later flight, and the flight was late, and his phone is screwy then it explains it, but what are the chances of all that happening? And the internet still doesn't work though I manage to make it do a few things.. not including connecting to the sites I want to.. and I'd really like a way to get info now. Then he shows up, turns out he was on a different, later flight, the flight was late, and his phone was screwy. But he was home, so all good. Internet still not working, and we fiddle around with it in the eve.. getting closer but not managing to make it work.. at this point it didn't matter as much. Today I somehow managed to make it work. I just did, don't ask me how. And Erik is home and all seems fine. At least we got a day and a half now to hang out together, drink a bit, and be merry.

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