Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Procrastinator Extraordinare

That would be me. Many would claim the right to that title, but it goes to me, I awarded it myself. I really really really really really really do put things off. I'm not just talking about doing the homework, or sweeping, or telling that person that thing you'd rather avoid but know you have to do it at some point and there's no getting out of it, I'm talking about everything. Even things that are not even all that bad, such a big deal or so much work.

I can't even reply to an email or a posting of something I'm interested in (job, role etc) right away. A simple case of saying hello I'm interested in this here are my details, the exact same thing I've written before so I don't have to really do any work for it. The result is that I get around to doing things too late, quite often, sometimes I just don't bother, I talk myself into saying "well, I won't get it anyway, and it's too late" etc etc. There are times it doesn't make much difference and I don't get the thing because I fuck it up at the meeting or I'm just not what they're looking for because well, I'm never what they're looking for but yanno.

And of course there are those things that are run by small companies, groups, bunch of people getting together to make a movie that are about as well run as my inner management group and when I send them an email just in time or giving myself a few days I end up not getting any reply because, well, they're only considerably more competent than I am, which isn't saying a lot. I think I just experienced one of these things.. couldn't just reply and say "hi, this is me I'm interested in this.. bla bla bla a few things about me" no, I had to leave it, put it off, go back the next day and completely forgot what it was that I had read that I should apply for, not find it, then remember what it was later on, look for it again, find it, say ok I'm bookmarking it this time I'll email later, I have a few days, then wait until the day before the last day they say to email, and write to them.

Most likely too late, and it's not a big deal it's something I wouldn't have gotten anyway because I'm sure they're not looking for someone like me and if they're not looking for anything in particular they'll take (they would have taken) one look at me and say "no, not that" but I'm just saying this is what I do and it illustrates why I'm worthy of the title. So there.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What a schmuck!

Australian expat and creationist dude Ken Ham, has called for an end to the US space program. Yes, I know what you're thinking.. (assuming you're a yank which you probably aren't because, well, anyway) you're thinking "who is this imposter who thinks he can tell us what to do with our superior science and stuff! We're the USA and we go to SPACE mother fuckers!

Yes, that is exactly what you said, assuming you are reading this, and  you are American.

So I'll answer the question. He, is Ken Ham, from Queensland, Australia, and he's this creationist dude, like I said. And he disapproves of the space program. Now, I'm sure there are many valid critiques of said program, some which I would probably agree with even, but the reason he gives, well, I'm not buying it. Basically it's because, assuming we find any aliens, which we won't, but if we do, they're going to hell.
That's it.

Now I don't think there is a hell, so obvs this doesn't convince me but what if it were true? That there is a god, there is a hell and all non earthlings, because only earthlings can be saved because, um, go to hell, because everyone who isn't saved goes to hell because, er.. well.. still. Is that a reason to not look for life on other planets? Or to go there for whatever other reasons they go there for? No, I mean, there may be reasons from the cost to, um, other reasons, but that any life you find will be surely going to hell, no, don't get it.

Of course, Mr Ham just doesn't like secular stuff in general, and that's probably what it's really about, “secularists are desperate to find life in outer space” as a part of their “rebellion against God in a desperate attempt to supposedly prove evolution.” he says.

Of course, there couldn't possibly be other reasons to want to exit the earth's atmosphere and discover what's out there, to visit other plants and possibly find other life I mean aliens! Fucking aliens dude how cool is that? Yes, I know the only purposes of going to space isn't to find life forms, and that any life we are at all likely to find will be more of the amoeba like kind, but that's still cool, I mean, pretty cool, if you're a scientist.

No, of course not, it's all about God, people don't believe in God, have lives that don't revolve around God, don't really think of God much one way or the other when they're not being confronted about it, because they're actively rejecting God because they're angry and they spend their entire lives doing things because of this rejection of God. And all those people who worship other gods or this God in a different way, same thing, a bit different but the same.

I was going to say some other clever stuff about how people generally think that other people think like them and most of us, myself included just as much if not more than everyone else does this, hey I just said it, well yeah, that. And that religious people, some, not all, but certainly Ken and his ilk, just plain don't believe in atheists. You tell them you're an atheist, that you don't believe in god, and they're like oh your'e angry at god, and you say no, I don't  believe in god, so they're all what did god or your parents or your teachers do to make you so angry at god and you reply, getting rather testy that no, you are not angry at god you do not think there is a god, and they say yeah, you're angry at him we've established that.. and you start growling and spell out that you do not believe in god this god guy they are speaking of you are not of the opinion that he exists at all, and they say.. oh, I get it, you just wanna do what you want and be bad and stuff, and when you were a kid something happened.. and then you start yelling.. perhaps you explain it again but it just does not compute. That's sort of what this guy's doing.

Monday, July 21, 2014


I never used to have problems upkeeping this blog thing here. I scoffed at those who started blogs and let them lie idle for weeks, months, years even. Not that I've been terribly prolific during all of my blogging career, but I always come back with something after about.. well no longer than.. well not too long whatever too long is.

Ok so I didn't scoff.. I just didn't, do that.

Now, I kind of am. I get it. Even I, who will write about anything, nothing, about writing about nothing, a very vague outline based on my boring life, the weather etc etc etc, has, well nothing to write about. What does one write about? Well.. this, I suppose.

I'm hoping I'll get that subjects thing back, I used to have subjects, long ago. I dimly recall.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Been quiet.

Well, here on this blog anyway, in general, for me, and in life. I don't know, not necessarily quiet, not particularly noisy, or busy either.

I've done stuff, I think. *tries to think of stuff*

Well I almost did some stuff but that didn't pan out. I am doing stuff next week, a film.. yes another, been pretty good for me so far this year, this will be the third. If I could only get more of them, and bigger ones, and other stuff going then things would be.. well better, but as they are they're not so bad.

Summer's back again briefly but I'm sure it will rain again at some point, not that that makes it not summer, just, a certain kind of summer.

I feel like there's more, but I can't think of it now.. lazy Saturday is here. Catch ya soon, maybe.