Saturday, May 12, 2018

should I write, should i what?

well.. all this whining on the rare occasions i show up here without really giving details is getting old. Problem is, without doing that, what the hell do I write? I could go into details, maybe I have to, thing is, I don't want to, I really don't want to now. Because things are fucked, really really fucking fucked. I'd say I've descended into the depths of fuckedness but that would be inviting things to fall even further, because they can, they always can, and they usually do. Things is, it's not all that bad so if I go into details, not that it makes all that much difference once I've already declared that yes, things really are shit, whatever they are, but then I'll get all this (at least a bit of it from probably at least one person) seriously concerned and giving suggestions that a: I've thought of and b:e just aren't going to work because things, and I don't have to explain my reasons for everything and meanwhile not actually being able to help because in this case none of you are near enough and that's cool because I know most people just can't, so great, and I know you would all help if you could and already get points for that.. sorry, been a bit like that already and it's a tiny bit annoying and I know it's awful to complain about it because people really are just concerned and want to be helpful. So, I'm currently "between homes" which is kind of a pain, to put it Britishly, and my cats, which were getting a bit numerous and out of hand for anyone without a country estate anyway have gone to live somewhere else, and I miss them terribly. And my stuff is still on the stairs of my old building and taking time getting moved for general reasons which is really getting on my nerves. So that's how it is. I think I gave enough details there.