Sunday, December 30, 2012

all these people!

Poor kitty.. doesn't know where to go! So.. we've just started hosting a couple of couchsurfers, for the first time. It's a time of year where people do stuff, and this part of the world is particularly popular this time of the year.. new years and all that, so we had tons of request. At the moment.. 3 people sorta.. 2 people staying the night and one tomorrow, maybe the other one back.. not sure.. right now.. they're out, doing visitor type things, so it's rather quiet here and kitty has a bit of peace but, it's kind of strange. It's not guests who you know, its' not an official hotel/hostel type thing, it's something kind of in between and something kind of entirely different, so I'm not sure how you do this, really, but I think we're learning... early days. January will be slow so this is kind of a well.. crash course in it all, and then a break from it, I assume. Of course.. we've got our own things, for this festive party season.. last night went out to meet a few other of these surfer people, both hosts and guests, residents and visitors.. had drinks, talked, that sort of thing. And tomorrow night is Monday, and also NYE.. still figuring out the options there but I'm sure there will be booze and fireworks.

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