Monday, November 12, 2012

And for the most exciting news of the.. month.

Some goobers put a hole in our wall. Yeah. Didn't even leave the house, didn't do anything, barely spoke to anyone, but, something happened.

There we are, lying in bed in the morning when some worker dudes next door start making ungodly amounts of noise. And ungodly noises they were too. It started with hammering, then some drilling, then they hammered a bit more and then did a combination of both. It was some time before 8 when they started, and well.. needless to say things were already pretty vexing.

So we get up.. it's about time to and really, with that going on, you at least need to have a coffee.

Well to cut a not all that interesting and already too long story short, one of these dudes knocked a hole in the wall. I was first alerted to the fact by the cat running into the bedroom, eyes wide with terror after a particularly loud noise in for a particularly noisy work crew. I go into the kitchen, and there it is, hole in the wall, with rubble and shit on the floor. Thanks.

I alerted the dudes to the fact, through the wall, seeing as there was now a convenient little porthole to talk through.. and they tell me "yeah yeah, I know". And then of course they came over immediately apologizing and getting right down to fixing it.. oh wait, no they didn't, they ignored me after that. We called  the landlord, eh said he'd get on it.. and some hour or so later one of the guys came in and did a rudimentary fill in of the hole. Still looks like crap, but at least I didn't have to listen to them yammering after that.

And that's pretty much it. Next time something happens I'll be sure to write again.

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