Sunday, December 23, 2012

Guess there will be a Christmas..

shit.. better get things ready.. not such a big deal, most of the orphans we host (yeah they're not literally orphans, they're just people who.. well, have other places to go on christmas but would rather come here, usually) would either rather be somewhere else it seems because they haven't contacted us, or are working.. or something. so, just the immed fam. Cooley will like that. Still stuff to do, haven't even put the tree up yet.. actually, don't really know where the tree is. And it's here again for another year. One woke up yesterday and found the world and all that happens year after year.. still going on. Yes I know.. I know, it's old news (if you even know what I'm referring to by this point) and no one's talking about that whole end of the world thing anymore but I like.. lost a day ok. I was completely out of commission all yesterday and I'm a bit behind. And I wasn't even hungover! Didn't drink anything.. well except for a tiny bit of sake but it was food poisoning that got me of all things. Well anyway.. feel better now and the world is still here and christmas is coming and it seems that everything is ok.. for now.

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